It has been a bit “silent” from my “corner”- lately πŸ’œ

Hi ❣Its so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you πŸ’›

It has been a bit “silent” from my writing-“corner” lately 😊. All is fine,- and now I can tell you a bit about my last days, my last weeks.

One of my children has been at the hospital- for a week πŸ˜” ,- and I’m just a mammi ❀. So a “thing” like that effects me, a lot. Emotional. The feeling of being helpless, and not very useful for my child.

All is fine with my child now. It was an infection in the body, the hospital are still not sure the reason for the infection. But antibiotics intravenous did remove it. The results from different testes will my child get the answare at during this week.

My child is home now, and “back in business” again,- more and less 😊.

And,- it’s not important who of my three children it was. All three are equally important to me. I am equally concerned for all three. And I love all three equally and unconditional ❀. So thats why I today just reference to my child- it doesn’t matter who of my children it was. I will have the same worries for my child and children- no matter who of them something not to good in life happens to ❀.

And,- I m trying to find a “solution” for how to “promote” my art, my paintings,- special since I m an amateur in this area. And…I’m not sure how to do this, how to price my paitings for example (…or knit handbags or elf- socks πŸ˜‰….).

BTW,- You find my paitings under the category: My art for sales- ArtByLailaS 🎨 if you are interested to take a look 😊.

Im going to create a new Insta- account too- just for ny art 😊. Payment- method needs to be clare,- in case someone want to buy a paiting,- and how to “deliver” the paitings need to clear too. I have sent paitings to Texas/USA, China and Norway- and they all did arrived to the correct places 😊. So maybe just try that one first?

It’s a bit to organise with the paintings,- so I have used a bit time on that one too 😊. On my way,- but one step at the tims 😊. And it takes a bit time- more than I was award of 😊.

It’s just for me to try out, and learn under the process,- do some mistakes and learn a bit by them too 😊. Start in the “small” and see whats happen 😊.

And,- now I can tell you another thing πŸ˜‰. Because the correct instances are informed- it was a bit important to do that first 😊. But I have got a new job too , in a new company, closer to my home 😍. I feel so relive and happy,- and Im really looking forward to start in the new job 😍. It’s feels a bit like Im starting to breathing again 😊.

Less workinghours too (and yes, less payment too- but now I have the possibility to earn extra on writing, take a extra shift in the homenursery or even more students πŸ’› or…..if its really necessary … a couple of chats. I know it will demand a little from me- but thats fine. Im ready for that 😊. ) – But it also means a bit more time to the life- and to my things – the things I like to do 😊. A possibility to grow in different levels, areas and directions 😊. So I m happy and grateful for this opportunity πŸ’›.

It will still be a bit costumer- servicce on the phone in the new job,- but it will also be other and various taskes to do during the working-day,- not just the same over and over again 50 times pr day 😊.

So,- that was a bit what has happen and what I have doing the last week 😊. I havent forgot to write in my blog,- it was just a bit necessary to use a bit time on other “areas” in life thise days 😊. Thats the way it is, thats the way life is πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you πŸ’›. Thank you so much for dropping by today too, and for reading my blog πŸ’›.

See you soon 😊

I have some reasons to smile 😊. My child is well, I have done some paintings- planning,- well I see how that one goes,- but to make a plan is one step “on the road” anyway 🎨,- and there are some works- changes on the way too 😊……but ….just Β«in caseΒ» my mobile did Β«break=downΒ»….that was/ is not so fun 😦