Oppss… my mobile went up to “flames”πŸ“±πŸ”₯πŸ™„

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

My phone just went up to “flames” a couple of days ago πŸ”₯. Nja,- now I’m exaggerating a bit πŸ˜…. But one evening when I did charge my phone it’s actually started to burn in the charging unit πŸ™„. And there my phone did “past” out, totally. That was really not a part of my “capital-plan” πŸ˜”….and before Christmas too.

My plan was to try to save a bit money,- instead the opposite happen πŸ™„.

I should change to a cheaper mobile- and internet company. And also I did….for some few days πŸ˜…. The “new” company did told me that they could “deliver” fiber- net into my home 😊. Yeah 😊. And there was no plans for changing to a new mobile yet,- not at all.

The “appointment” for the fiber-transfer should happen at 10.00 in the morning. And since I’m living in a “locked” urbanization the techniques / fitter needed to call my so I could let him in. But….the evening before my mobile got really, really “hot” πŸ”₯,- and its burned in the charging- unit πŸ™„. What means ,- no phone, no possibility for the
techniques / fitter to call me. And then no possibility for fiber….

I did find the another “old” phone in my home,- the first phone I actually did buy here in Spain 😊. Started to charge it…..for hours. Well,- it’s probably a reason why I did stop using it and did buy a new one πŸ˜….

Solution,- texted my daughter from my iPad, in the middle of the night, and asked her if I just could borrow her phone just for the time when the techniques / fitter was going to call me.

I have a really great daughter πŸ₯°. She said yes 😊. So then it was to hurry over to her home next morning, before she went to work. Changing sim- card and ect. And right back home and wait for the call. The call the should give me fiber and a faster “working-from- home” days/ evenings😊.

Well,- as you maybe now,- the Spanish one are not always on time πŸ˜…. So it was just to be patient 😊.

He came, he did take a look,- and then he told me “no possibility, very difficult”. And,,- now, I just needed to keep my “old” and a bit expensive internet and mobile company instead.

“Oh my”! Couldn’t the company just told me that a bit before? When I did ask them? They actually told me that it was fiber and possible.

Then it was just “to run back”, littary, to the old company, with my biggest “please- smile” and ask to be their costumer again 😊. And also to ask for a new mobile- phone to “put” on “the top” of the ordinary mobile- and internet bill too πŸ™„.

All is fixed now. I still have my ordinary….and expensive internet. And a new phone.

I really need internet because of my extra homework I’m trying to do in the evenings. And- well ,- I don’t like new phones. I was also a bit surprise over how much of over “lifes” that actually are in this “mobile- phone”. How “dependent” we in so many ways are with the phone. That’s actually not to good. I can take the philosophy of it another day 😊.

I’m not one of them who need to “update” my phone “all the time”, to buy a new on every 6 or 12 months. My last one I did have for 4 years before it get to “hot” for it πŸ˜…. And I really don’t like new phones. “To get to know” the new phone- blΓ¦h πŸ™„. But I’m Samsung- fan,- so it’s normally that phones I buy,- then I at least “get to know” my phone a bit faster 😊.

I did like my old one, it had it’s own worn and cool style, in a way a little personality then this new mobile. Its just a fancy phone I’m actually a bit shamed of. Because its in a way to fancy for me, and to updated, and it has no personality- like my old one had 😊. It doesn’t “represent” “me” in away.

But I know all this “new” things on my new phone will be very useful after a while,- when I have learned to use it and them correctly 😊. And I know myself,- so I m going to do my best to take very well care of it, this new phone, that I’m at the moment think is very stupid πŸ˜…, -so its hopefully will last 4 years, like my old one 😊.

Do you have it like this? Don’t like “to get to know” a new phone? Or do you like to “research” one a new phone? 😊

Well,- that was a tiny bit from my last days πŸ˜…. “Focus phone and internet” so I m able to “do my online” work,,- when and wherever I want 😊. Its fixed, so I m able to work online, and then again be able to fix and pay “the bill” for this. A bit ironic, actually πŸ˜….

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for dropping by to day too,- and for reading my blog 🧑.

See you soon 😊

These “puppeteers” have become a “necessity” in our daily lives. I’m not the one to replace cell phones so often – but here’s a small “selection” of my phones for the last 6 years 😊 …. and my iPad ,, – not the latest “fashion” – but it works for my purposes 😊 ,- and that’s what’s important for me 😊.