Norrön winter party vs. Christmas parties in our time ðŸŽ‹ðŸŽŠ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you ,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡

This evening it’s Christmas- party at my job 🎊. I’m not always going to parties like this, but I’m going this evening. It can be a nice celebration, and for me, also a nice ending at my job, even I have one more week left before I “enter a new area” in my work- life and work- area 😊.

Christmas- parties can be different kind of parties, but parties like I’m going to this evening we normally call “julebord”- in Norwegian. Something that means “Christmas-table” if I translate it directly 😊. Direct translation is not always correct, but an tiny explanation does sometimes help a bit 😊.

“Christmas- table” is party and celebration for them over 18 and often the ones who are in a kind of job, or work- related parties around the Christmas-time. The job create a party for their employees with good food, Christmas- theme, good atmosphere …..and something good to drink. What means in general, different kinds of alcohol. But there are also soft non- alcohol drinks to get to if you want 🍷🥤.

The party, the food, the drinks are normally free. It’s in a way a party from your job to you, the employees. What means someone don’t just enjoy the good food, but also really enjoy the free drinks 🍸. Its nothing wrong with that, but for the ones who get a bit to much it can be a bit “unlucky” experience……special the day after , when “the mind comes back to business” again 🤯 🤭…..and you do remember you went a bit “bananas” at the party, and maybe even open your mouth a bit to much to your boss 🙄….or anyone else. It happens…..a lot for the Norwegian ones at parties like this 🤭.

This parties are not to much different from the norrön winterparties that the viking had long time ago around this time of the year 🥳. Even a lot are different too. We live in another time,- so yes, of course most of the things are different 😅. But it seems that “the way to party” it’s still very much the same for many 😉.

The Vikings and the farmers created big winterparties for their “employees”, with good food and a lots to drink. Strong mjød 🍻 . A special kind of beer.

It was a celebration to light a bit up the darkest time of the year as well as a celebration for the upcoming year and for good crops for the upcoming year too. It was also a celebration for harvest of this year’s crop, and last but not at least, – to keep all the evil spirits away during the wintertime.

And they could really celebrate when they first started 😅 🍻. It was not just good food and a lots of, lots of mjød, it was also a bit flirting “here and there” in “the corners”. Across the class divide in the farm community. Maids and farm gentlemen flirting in the hay, farm boys and housewives secretly hiding in corners ☺️.

When the Christian from southern Europe did try to Christian Norway it was not a easy work to do at all 😅. Strong big Vikings with a big believe in their norrön religion, Thor, Odin, Freya and some more Gods was a very important part of the Vikings believe and “lifestyle”. So they didn’t actually “embrace” and “welcome” a new religion, and new traditions 😅. They did like their parties and their traditions 😊. It was no room for anything else.

The Christian did try a couple of times before they manage to “squeeze” in the Christian religion together with the norrön traditions. So some of thise what we in Norway do think are “typical” Christmas- traditions are from the norrön winterparties and winter celebrations 😊. Like for example this a bit “to slightly damp” ( read- with a lots of alcohol 🍹) Christmas- parties arranged in these times.

I can tell you about other norrön traditions too,- put together with the Christian Christmas- traditions,- but I take some now and the during the Christmas- time we have in front of us 😊. Today it was just a tiny look at the traditional Norwegian Christmas- parties that in way are still celebrated a bit like the it was in the Norse- time in Norway 😊. Good food, bosses and employees eating around the same table, some flirting “here and there”, and a bit to much to drink for some souls too 🍻. Long story, short told 😊.

I’m looking forward to the Christmas-party with my job this evening 😊. I know it will be good food, good atmosphere, good drinks ( both with and without alcohol) and pleasant conversation with colleagues too. I’m not sure about the flirting yet 🤭 ,- but you never know,- maybe after a glass of wine I take the chance to flirt a bit 🤭……if I still remember how it was done 😅.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧡. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡.

See you soon 😊

A bit “viking- style” and Christmas- too 🎋. I’m on my way to “julebord”,- a Norwegian Christmas–party often celebrated in work- related “settings” around the Christmas-time 🥳.