Lucky me- I have got some nice Christmas decorations πŸ₯°

Hi ❣ it’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I have found some of the #Christmas- #decorations I have, and have been so lucky to got from other #Norwegian that so has been living here in #Spain, but moved back home to #Norway πŸ₯°.

I feel very, very #lucky and #grateful for that πŸ₯°. Then I can decorate my home for Christmas too 😊.

We have Christmas decorations, but all that are, unfortunately, still in Norway. And I have no idea when I can get it to Spain.

When I was living in Norway I was finish with all the Christmas- gifts at the 1. December, my children’s Advent calendar was ready too, and even our home was decorated for Christmas, except from the Christmas-tree πŸŽ„.

I did choose to do it this way because then I had more time to enjoy the time before Christmas together with my children and do #nice and #cozy Christmas- things together with them. Like #baking Christmas #cakes and #cookies, go into the city and look at different Christmas events there, be out in the #snow or just be home and enjoy the atmosphere 🧑. And I also saved a bit money when I was finish with all the Christmas- gifts before #December 😊.

After we moved to Spain it has been a bit different,- but okay,- maybe the changes are on the way to get a tiny bit the better and maybe with a bit more of the “old” Christmas- spirit I did have when I was living in Norway ? Just in a new and different way? 😊. I dont know.

They say #changes are #good,- but sometimes it seems to take a bit while before “the good” in the changes “shows up” 😊.

I hope this Christmas will be great for both my children and me, and also for the friends I have invited 😊. I’m at least going to do my very best for all of us so it will be a nice #celebration and Christmas- evening 😊. It’s days I’m not sure how I can or will manage it,- but isn’t the Christmas-time also a time for a bit #magic? Maybe something #magical happens? 🌟

It’s a bit Christmas- #atmosphere in my home now, and I like that 😍. This time, this year, it feels nice, good, in away.

Julegavetips til dame

The homemade caramels are finish, and maybe I’m baking some cakes or cookies this weekend too? And its felt good to use my focus on the decorations in my home today, and not to much in yesterday’s “event” 😊.

Some of the vegetables I need to the Christmas- dinner are already bought in, – because they are a bit difficult to get here in southern Spain. Like for example the kohlrabi. The Spanish ones here normally don’t eat kohlrabi. They give it as food to the animals, but in Norway we eat kohlrabi as a vegetable to the dinner. We even call it “the Norwegian orange” πŸ˜…. Because it’s healthy, tasty and have a bit vitamins C.

Julegavetips til barn

I hope I manage to create a good Christmas- atmosphere this year. I’m on my way, trying and have also created a bit Christmas- decorations around in my home thanks to some great people that’s gave away their Christmas- decorations to me πŸ₯°.

Have you started with the Christmas- decorations in your home? Do you have any special Christmas- decorations that means something special for you?

In Norway I have the Christmas- decorations my children did created to me when they was younger. They means something very special for me. I have it in a own box, actually. A box just for the Christmas- decorations from my children 🧑. And I have some #angles I really did like to decorated my home with too πŸ‘Ό.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

It’s starting to get a bit #Christmas- #atmosphere in my home now,- and that feels good 🧑. #Thanks to some #great #people I have been so #lucky and got some different nice, sweet and cozy Christmas- #decorations to #decorate my home for Christmas with πŸ₯°.