It’s like a knife being twisted around πŸ˜³

Hi❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I’m fine too,- today, and most of the days 😊. But sometimes, not very often anymore, I got an terribly #migraine 😳. And that’s feels like a sharpe knife being twisted around in my brain and head and down in my neck, – but only on the right side.

When I get this migraine I just know the day will be a bit destroyed…..sometimes a bit much destroyed, actually.

I can’t move my head, then it feels like the knife is twisted around even more. If I move my body, it’s the same, and I get really nausea too, and want to vomit. Fortunately, though, I am fortunately not throwing up. Because it’s one of the worst things I do – it almost feels like I’m dying. Vomiting and having migraines is like choosing between “two evils”.

With migraine the light is painful, the sounds are painful- it’s just best to be in bed, with the dark and silent and a couple of “painkillers” (tablets). And wait to it all goes away.

I was much bothered with migraine before, now I have it maybe 3 or 5 times a year. So I’m not going to #complain, just #explain 😊.

I got the migraine after the car-accident I was in when I was 18 years old. It was a bit serious car- accident, – the #seatbelt did actually #save my #life 🧑.

After the injuries, some nerves were cut off and then germinated a little wrong together, and then the cartilage has settled over them again which squeezes on it, therefore it also feels like a sharp knife twisted around the head, and down the neck.

And because I know why it is like this, I m not worried. I know it’s nothing #serious, its just incredible painful, but I know it will “past away”, and I know I will be fine again- the next day 😊.

I was on many #medical exams because of the pain, different scanning, and also different medical cures. Because, a few years after the car accident, I had migraines almost every single day 😳.

After a special medical cure, the pain subsides a lot, then I may have migraines only one to four times a month. And over time it has become less – in a way 😊.

When I did meet “the bump” I did still have migraine a couple of times every month, or maybe 4 times. Something that was and felt like “nothing” after have it twice or more a week 😊.

I’m also #allergic to dogs and cats,- btw. But that has never been a problem or challenge for me. My children had cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs when we lived on the prairie in Norway 😊. I know what to do when I’m around this animals so my face don’t swell up like a balloon πŸ˜….

But “the bump” had a dog, and this dog should “live” inside in our home like a human, also be with the food-table together with us. Well,- that became actually a #challenge with my allergy ( and my balloon- face ) πŸ˜….

“The bump” sent me to a #homeopath,- so this one should #fix a couple of things “inside” me. One thing was the allergy for his dog, an other thing was my #understanding for #relationships, and the third thing was my #heart πŸ™„.

“The bump” ment I didn’t understand how a relationship should be,- because I haven’t been in to many relationships after the divorce with my children’s dad, and I didn’t behave “lovely” enough for and to “the bump”.

I’m actually not sure what “the bump” ment,- but I did believe “the bump”, because it was a bit difficult to “please” “the bump”, so I thought it was because of me and my “behaver”, and that it actually was true- I didn’t understood what it ment to be in a relationship.

What I see and understand now is that I didn’t understood what it ment to be in a relationship with “the bump”. That’s a very big different πŸ˜….

I did a lots of mistakes in the relationship,- after “the bumps” opinion. And yes,- it was true,- I haven’t been in many relationships after the divorce. So I did think “the bump” was probably correct.

When it comes to my heart “the bump” ment I didn’t understand “love”, special not unconditional love (to “the bump”). “The bump” really did deserved “unconditional love”. And “the bump” was not even sure if I had a heart, and if I was so #lucky that I had a heart, it was felt up with a lots of black, empty hole πŸ˜”.

This needed also to be fixed- and the solution was hours and hours to an homeopath. Every Friday, after work and before the (my ) long shopping- round, for “the bump”, to get the correct food for the weekend – and that shopping- round was not just done in one store, that’s for sure πŸ™„,- I went to a homeopath. To be fixed !

Well,- the allergy didn’t go away, and about my understanding for relationships- obviously not since “the bump” just #dropped me off in Spain πŸ˜….

When it comes the unconditional love- well I think actually I do understand that “#concept” very well πŸ˜‰. The relation together with “the bump” did learn my that, and how and what unconditional love actually not are like– that’s for sure.

And I love my children unconditional ,- so yes- I know what #unconditionallove is and how it works- also in a #relationship 😊. And about my heart- I actually think my heart is #perfectly fine, and has been quite good all the time – but I didn’t know that at that time.

What the #homeopath actually did #fixed was my #migraine 😊.

One Friday when I was to the homeopath I had a terrible migraine. The homeopath used #acupuncture in my ear,- right ear. A lots of #needles,- well,- I’m not sure how many needles, but it felt like a lot πŸ˜….

Then the upcoming week I thought my head was going to #explode every single day. I have so much pain. I actually really did closely hate the homeopath that week. But still I went back for some more needles the week after. And suddenly the migraine in a way did “#disappeared”.

After that I have just had migraines a couple of times during the year, and not during the week or month any more 😊.

So the homeopath did fixed something- but the hours there, and the small pills under my pillow and also the pills I should take probably didn’t have any effect- on my understanding for relationships or the holes in my heart,- properly because it was not very much to fix in my heart or my understanding for relationships πŸ˜…. But the homeopath did “fixed” my migraine 😊.

The allergy- well it’s still there. But the needles and the acupuncture did really help me with my migraine- that’s for sure 😊. So something #good came out of all the homeopath’s hours 😊.

I believe in #alternative #medicine, and I use it too,- but I also have a tiny believe in the placebo- effect,- and I also use chemical medicine 😊. I use the nature, as well as chemical medicine. Sometimes it’s necessary to compensate with both, – sometimes the medicine from the nature is good enough 😊.

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Do you believe in alternative medicine? And have you tried #acupuncture? Or homeopathy? Or something else you can #reccomend? 😊

I have tried different things in different situations- sometimes with #good #effects other times not so good 😊. But acupuncture I do recommend to try for migraine 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

I wasn’t quite sure which photo would fit my #text today 😊. Since it is “interwoven” /( “brainds“) in both #migraine and #acupuncture, #relationship and holes in the #heart , and a couple of more things- “brainds” into the text…. intertwine to a kind of whole…. and somthing in a way also got “#fixed” too 😊. But not the “things” I actually went to the #homeopath for πŸ˜…. So then it became me with “#braids” then πŸ˜… …. and a Santa hat since it’s Christmas time πŸŽ„.