Christmas- celebration and traditions are changing πŸŽ„β˜€οΈ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s just 10 days to the Christmas- evening. The days goes so fast.

I think I just need to accept that the “#traditional” #Christmas- #celebration I was use to in #Norway is over,- but it’s great memories 😊. And I still can try to have some of the traditions for mine and me. That’s the way it is,- traditions are #changing,- always and in a tiny bit,- like the life it self are changing 😊. It’s just to #embrace the changes as best as possible 😊.

From Norway I’m use to family- dinner with grandparents/ my parents, my sisters and their families,- or together with my aunts and uncles. We was in general 10 or more around the dinner-table 😊. It was very #cozy 😊.

The Christmas- evening started at 17.00 when the church rang the Christmas “in” with the church- bells πŸ’’.

Sometimes we went to the #worship in the #church at 17.00, sometimes not. It depended a bit where the Christmas- evening was celebrated. If it was in my home, I didn’t go, – I did prepered the last for the Christmas- dinner. And to be honest, – the last years in Norway we didn’t go,- even when we was going to some other family members for dinner. The reason was- at this worship is was so filled up with people that it was in general difficult to find a seat as well as a parking space. It’s still a nice way to start the Christmas- with the worship,- but we can also watch it on TV if we want 😊.

The Christmas- dinner started with a prayer, a text from the Bible and a Christmas song. The #traditional #Christmas- #dinner where I’m from in Norway is something called “#pinnekjΓΈtt”. Directly translation will be ” stick meat” ,- or a better word is lamb ribs 😊. Because that what it is,- ribs from the lamb cooked in a bit special way. It’s served with different vegetables and it taste marvellous 😊.

Then it was desserte. Something called rice pudding served with cold, red juice sauce. I did like the sauce,- but not the pudding to much. But I did eat the pudding because it was hidden a almond in it. Whoever found / got the almond during the dessert meal was given a small gift 🎁.

After the Christmas- dinner it was time for clean up a bit, to make the table ready for some Christmas cakes later inn the evening. And then it was time for the #Christmasgifts giving, and all the gifts were under the #Christmastree πŸŽ„.

Normally it was one of the guests that readed up who the gift was to and from, and gave it to the correct person. When all this was finish it was time for some Christmas cakes πŸ₯¨.

My “challenge” the last 5 years has been that this traditions- gift- traditions, – has changed a bit after we moved to Spain,- and I haven’t been able to give to much Christmas- gifts during the last years for economic reasons. I like to give- I like to find, buy and give presents for my love ones 🧑. It gives me joy and happiness to give- I’m really enjoying to give presents to my love ones,- so not be able to do this has and is not a very good feeling for me,- and a bit difficult to embrace πŸ˜”. I’m shamed over the fact that that’s the way it is,- but it’s not to much to do with that- that’s the way it is and has been.

A Spanish salary goes in general just around to the monthly expenses,- and that’s it 😊. But we have had food on the table every day and a place we can call a home 🧑. In general there’s not very much left when the monthly experiences are payed. I’m not the only person or partner or mammi ( or daddy) in the world that have it this way. And that’s the way it is, – that’s a part of the life 🧑. Fun,- no,- but it’s a bit better for me to accept the situation and try to do the best of what I can do the best of 😊. And embrace what I can embrace instead 😊.

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It’s a bit hard economic to supports a family in one income in Spain- it was a bit better in Norway, the salary was a bit much higher, and even the experiences was higher too,- it was not even close like it has been and is here in the economic area. And its special hard when you are alone in the household for keeping “the wheels goes around” too,- with two- three teenagers that’s growing up and to support as well 😊. Anyway- that’s the way it also is 😊. But I’m not quite there yet,- where I fine to not be able to give Christmas gifts 😊. I can embrace that one an other day πŸ˜….

Some traditions I was use to has changed,- as the visit in the church Christmas afternoon and also the dessert 😊. This things did already changed in Norway 😊. I changed the rice pudding to something we call “Dronning Maud” pudding too for dessert at Christmas evening,- in English called “Queen Maud” pudding. Both my children and me wanted this change because we like this pudding so much better 😊. The almond also did “deasepered” from the pudding,- but I don’t remember why 😊.


My children has #celebrated every second Christmas evening together with their dad after the divorce. But I was never alone the Christmas evening when I did live in Norway- I was together with my family 😊.

The Christmas in 2013 was my first one alone- but as some of you know,- I did move that day 😊.

The Christmas in 2014 we did celebrate in the Norwegian sailor church in the area here. It was an okay and fine celebration. But still I choose to probably not go to that kind of celebration again. It’s a nice event,- but it was not a correct event for my children and me 😊.

The Christmas in 2015 my children and me, and a couple of their friends did celebrate the Christmas in my home. We didn’t have any traditional Norwegian Christmas- dinner that year, – but good meat with tasty sauce and fresh vegetables too,- and “Queen Maud” pudding for dessert, and some Norwegian homemade Christmas cakes and cookies when we did play some games together. Not very much Christmas- gifts under the three at that time either,- but still a very nice and cozy time together 😊.

The Christmas in 2016 I was alone again- and that one was a bit difficult. Not because I was alone, – but because of the availability of not be able to give any Christmas gifts to my love ones πŸ˜”. I didn’t do anything special this day- I did knitting, watch TV and eat a pizza,, and , yes I did cry a tear and two too 😊. But okay- #emotions are allowed 😊.

The Christmas in 2017 we – me and my children, did celebrate together with Natasja and her family,- and had a Danish Christmas- dinner. Pork ribs with crispy pork,- this is also a traditional Christmas- dinner in many places in Norway too,- and we are going to have this for dinner this year as well 😊. It was a #nice and #funny Christmas evening in 2017 together with #great people πŸ₯°.

The Christmas last year,- in 2018,- I again was alone- but it was #fine 😊. No tears this time,- my life it was it is,- #lifesituation is #changing,- and I’m starting to get use to it 😊.

This year, – the Christmas 2019 we are going to #celebrate in my home with #traditional, #Norwegian #Christmas- #food 😊. And we will be between 4 or 8 persons around the table 😊. There will, unfortunately, still be no gifts under the Christmas- three this year either,- but there will still be a really nice Christmas #celebration and Christmas- time with good, homemade food together with my children and great friends. My oldest son are not coming this Christmas, – he is going to celebrate together with his fiances family 😊. A natural changing when the children are growing up and #creating their own lifes 🧑.

My wish for this Christmas 2019 was to be able to take my children to a Christmas cruise in the Mediterranean as an Christmas gift. But that wish changed a bit, and early in the year too,- special since my work-situation this year has not been to much to brag about πŸ˜…. But maybe we can do that next year, the Christmas in 2020? Who knows? I don’t πŸ˜….

I’m #looking #forward for the Christmas- evening now,- so much more than I did 2 weeks ago πŸ₯°. I’m embracing the different changes in life as best as I can,- also when it comes to the Christmas- celebration and traditions 🧑. It’s going to be a nice and cozy celebration with some Norwegian homemade food traditions as well as just be spending a good time together with great people 🧑.

I hope you too have the possibility to look forward for the Christmas and the Christmas- traditions and celebrations,- even they maybe are changing a bit during the life and the different life- situations you are in 🧑.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

#Christmas- #celebrations and #traditions are #changing during the life and in different #lifesituations we are in 😊. Its not always easy to accept the different changes- but that’s what the #life is a bit about- changes and different traditions that’s changes too 🧑. The #keyword I think is to #embrace the changes as best as you/ me/ we can 🧑. It’s not always easy to embrace changes/ challenges- but when we manage to do it- it’s all feels a bit better πŸ₯°.