Online/ Offline 😳

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I’m seriously offline at the moment….on internet 😳. Really to bad for me because I have a bit work there I should do this last days- even a deadline on a writing job πŸ™„. So….I did feel a bit offline inside myself too πŸ™„.

And I have been missing you a bit as well,- miss to write a post now and then to share with you when I m in the “writing”-mood,- something I’m a bit into closely every day πŸ˜….

I’m not sure why I’m offline,- it just suddenly happens on Sunday between 12.00 and 13.00 in the daytime. The internet company I’m using has been here for a look too,- but……I’m in Spain- and thing takes a bit time sometimes….or actually long time.

The company did found out that there is a mistake somewhere,- and then did ask me to check out where πŸ˜…. Well,- that’s actually not my job,- that’s one of the reason why I pay the internet bills- so I have internet and so the company can fix things when something is wrong.

I have not any idea when I will get my internet back,- but at least I have got a kind of a “backup-plan” and two now. I can log on to my neighbour’s internet, but only on my phone for some reason no one of us did find out of why πŸ˜…. And I can “run” down to my daughter as well and borrow a bit internet and writing place and space there,- at least to do a bit writing tasks 😊. No one of the solutions are the best solutions when it comes to my work situation,- but a lots much better then non solution and no internet at all 😊.

And I really hope my computer/ laptop will manage to be moved around a bit now,- up and down from my home to my daughter’s πŸ˜…. Its not the newest version and it’s getting a bit “slow”,- it was actually the only laptop the thieves didn’t take πŸ˜… and I wonder why πŸ˜….

Its strang and a bit scary how much of our lifes that are “based” on internet now at days. And then I’m actually not thinking about the sosial media,- but like different information, the bank, pay the bills, get or give messages to families and friends, order something, – and last but really at least for me, and some more people around the world- the work! Our job are online- and if there are no online- there are no job, and if there are no job, there are no income 😳.

It’s not sSnapChat or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter I have been “missing” thise days,- it’s the possibility to work and write, – also writing posts,- and be in contact with my children and friends by using What’s Up. And be able to check my bank account, pay my bill’s, and do my online jobs.

Ironic- everytime I have been spoken to my internet company this week day send me a text where I should go online and give them points about what I did mean/ think for the help they gave me on the phone πŸ™„. Well,- a tiny bit difficult when I don’t have internet and that’s the reason I did call them πŸ˜….

I feel this last month has been a tiny “reflection” over how the 2018 has been for me. It has been sparkled up with some really nice and good things 😊,- but also then just “squeezed” me down a bit with not to good “happenings”. It’s a bit like,- when something goes well I can be pretty sure something else will goes wrong,- and probably a bit more then what went well πŸ˜…. Isn’t that typical? πŸ™„ πŸ˜…

Internet is not working in my home at the moment,- and it should not be a to big deal- but it’s actually is 😊. This has happen before,- and its “destroyes” a bit…..special when I have a bit work waiting for me there online- and now I have lost 5 evenings with work. 2- 3 hours every evening. Sounds maybe not to much, but for me it is a bit,- and also when it comes to my income….that I now have actually lost πŸ˜”.

Its not to much to do with that- except for try to work as much as I can the upcoming weekend in my daughter’s apartment when she are at work 😊. But it’s not sure I will be able to put in my brands into my posts now when I’m “working” in away half online πŸ˜…. Priority is important- how to use my time, and the internet use I have 😊. Anyway- so fare the brands I have in my posts haven’t been given my a kind of income yet either,- just some curious “click-click” 😊. So it will probably not be a “big deal” 😊.

Is this online development good? It does a lot of good, for many and in so many different areas – but is it good? πŸ€”

Is it good to be so dependence on the Internet? This is how many make money for the liveliest stay. That is how bills are paid. that’s how we read books, watch movies, communicate with each other. Order food, buy clothes and other things- and get them even delivered to our home. We read the news, from all over the world, closely even before the news has happen.

We don’t have to learn “everything” anymore – most of the are found on the internet. And what does that laziness really do with our heads, our brains when we don’t have to remember anything anymore? Not even a phone number? And what about all the different and not alway equal head influences that come from “all sides” via the internet? What does it do with us? πŸ€”

I like internet,- of course I do 😊. Its where one of my jobs is, and hobbies too,- and it gives me the possibility to write and post all over the world if I want. Even share my paintings when I m a bit more ready and in order for that 😊. At the same time internet scares me a bit. To be so depending on a system that locks most things around us and in our life if it collapses. what do we do then? where do we pay our bills? Or other everyday things that we don’t use. Are there any kind off “back-up” solutions if it all just “collapse” one day? πŸ€”

I’m just wondering, – because I, myself, was actually a bit surprise over how much of our daily life is “based” on internet and online now the last days when I haven’t have my own internet. And I don’t think we in general recognize this before we actually are offline for real 😊.

Anyway,- I need to admit its good to be a bit online,- and I m really looking forward to be back on online totally 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

I m actually a bit offline at the moment- and I dont like it to much πŸ˜”. But that’s because a part of my job are online πŸ™„. Are all the things we can do by internet good for us,- or does it makes us a bit lazy? πŸ€”