Some sparkling days in between πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Its actually more and less the internet line in my home that’s not “sparkling” in my life,- but it’s affects me a bit. I get a bit stressed about the work I should do,- but cant do. And then I get a bit stressed about the money I don’t earn. I don’t want to have it like that anymore, – with a lack of money,- and I try my best to don’t have it like that,- but still it comes,- in different forms and shapes sometimes πŸ˜…. I really don’t understand why.

But,- then it’s a bit important for me to try to focus on the sparkling in life instead 😊. Its not always easy- but there are some sparkling too β˜€οΈ. With that means ,- nice and good things to focus one 😊.

I did started in a new job last week,- and so fare so good. One of the program we are using remains me about when I was a teenager and at school πŸ˜…. Really not to updated,- but the job,- I like the job and I like the place, and I like the people I’m working together with 😊. There are no “babysitters”, and I feel a bit more “free and like an adult” in this job. It’s a bit silent on the line now,- but it’s okay. Special since I know I’m going to be alone on the line during the working days in Christmas.

There will be more to do at my job,- but the company I’m working for just moved the line to “Norway” last week. “To Norway” is a truth with modifications πŸ˜…. We are actually in Spain,- but speak Norwegian. So for the costumers it’s a bit like the line is in Norway 😊.

In general I also have a bit more energy after work now,- so it has been good to get my “line” in home “up and running” too 😊. I’m not sure that will happen during this Christmas- days πŸ™„. So my daughter will probably get some company by me know and then until my “line” is back 😊.

I got the meat we are going to have for Christmas dinner. I did picked it up on Sunday. That felt good to have it “in the house”. For me that was a bit “sparkling” too. To just know for the first time in Spain I have the Norwegian traditional Christmas- dinner rrady to put on the table πŸ₯°. Now it’s just a bit more vegetables and also to make the dessert. Then I’m ready for Christmas celebration together with two of my children and some friends. I think we are going to be 4 or 6 persons for dinner 😊.

I had a nice visit from a friend one evening this week 😊. I did work with this one in my last job 😊. It was great to see her again. Even it was just a bit more then a week since I did meet her,- it actually felt a bit longer. But probably because it has happen a bit in between, and also since I don’t meet her every day at work anymore 😊. But then we can meet after work and get a bit more quality time as friends instead of quantity time as friends at work.

And I got 5 kilos of orange from some neighbour’s of mine 🍊. So now its fresh, sweet, tasty and healthy orange juice every day 🍊.

Its just 4- 5 days since I was able to write some posts,- but its feels a bit like “forever” πŸ˜…. I like to post,- it gives me a bit sparkling in my life too,- even it’s not long posts or post with really important “information” ,- like this one πŸ˜….

I hope you had and have some “sparkling things” in your life too,- it doesn’t need to be anything “big” in your life,- sometimes a bag with some orange can bring a bit sparkling too 🍊😊. Its the focus that’s matters, – even it’s not always easy to focus on “the small sparklings” things in life, when you feel there are a big dark cloud over your head with “challenges”. But it helps a bit to try to change the focus now and then 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Fresh orange juice gives a bit sparkling in life,- and for the health as well 🍊. Its not easy to find the tiny small sparkling in the days or the life when it feels like there is a big dark cloud with challenges over the head 😳. But it helps a bit to look after the small sparkling in the days then 😊.

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