“Mamma Mia”- me and my daughter’s movie πŸ₯°

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

In between #baking and #working this weekend I did have a longer break and #watch the movie “#MammaMia”. I really like this movie,- it makes me #smile 😊. I like the #story, I like the #actors and I like the #music 🎡🎢

This is me and my daughter’s movie πŸ₯° I’m not sure how many times we have watch it,- and we are probably going to watch it a couple of more times too together 😊. I was very close to give her a call and ask her to come “home” to me and watch it together with me,- but she is busy this weekend with her work. It was actually the first time I did watch it without out her,- and it was a bit strange,- but I did still have a great time with watching it 😊. And I did still smile and #enjoyed it 😊.

We did even bought the CD to the movie so we could listen to the music it in the car πŸš— 🎢.

I have also a favourite together with my son in the middle, Fabian, – “Lilo and Stitch”,- and #Elvis. That was “our” music in the car, and “our movie together” at home,- and we did also have “our” own #CD in the car with music from the movie/ serie,- a CD with songs by Elvis The King πŸš™ 🎢.

Fabian also did like “The Teletubbies”,- and he like them so much that he had a teddy bear and a #costume he did wear as soon as he got the possibility. I don’t remember the name of his favourite at the moment, – but it was the red teletubbies that was his favourite. The Teletubbies he did watch at #home, and not always together with me.

Anyway,- “our” #cartoon together was “Lilo and Stitch”. It’s a tiny different between what he wanted to watch alone and what he really, really wanted to watch together with me. “Lilo and Stitch” was something that was very #important that the #mammi was watching too together with him πŸ₯°. And I did like the music to the cartoons,- the cartoons was okay too,- but the music was best for me as an adult 🎢🎡.

My oldest favourite that I was watching together with him was “Tom and Jerry”. He did really like “Tom and Jerry”, he could wake up 03.00 in the night and ask me about watching “Tom and Jerry”πŸ˜…. That didn’t happen- in the night we are sleeping. He was #laughing every time at the same things from the cartoons no matter how many times we did watch the #cartoons πŸ˜…. But there was not very much music to “#collect” from this cartoon- series πŸ€ 🐾. It was not so important for him any way. He was never “into” music either,- not in the same way me and the to youngest of my was and still are 😊. He just listen to what ever I was listen to 😊.

It’s so great to have this #memories, – with or without the music πŸ₯°.

It’s 3 and 3, 5 years between my children,- and a lots of things in “the technology industry and world” has happen between every of my children. My oldest did watch more VHS when he was a young little boy. And him and me did watch “Tom and Jerry” at VHS together πŸ₯°.

My son in the middle,- then it’s was very normal with the DVD. And we did watch DVD together,- but we was also at the #cinema and watch the movie “Lilo and Stitch”, but at that time it was my oldest, my son in the middle and me that was at the cinema together. The DVD at home was just my son in the middle and me. It was “our time” when we did watch “Lilo and Stitch” at home πŸ₯°.

And when my daughter was in the same age they could watch cartoons all the day at the television on different channels. So it was not so “#special” anymore to watch a #specific cartoon together. Maybe mainly because I didn’t have a clue anymore what, when and where to watch a cartoon series together with my children? They had actually more “control” over the cartoons on the TV then me πŸ˜….

That’s also one of the reason why the movie “Mamma Mia” became “our” movie, me and my daughter’s favourite movie together, because this was the first movie we did watch just us two together at the cinema. No big brothers wanted to join us at that time to this movie 😊. And of course we did buy the DVD so we could #enjoy it #together now and then at home too πŸ₯°. Just us two,- like I had enjoyed “alone- movie- time” together with my sons when they was small children too 😊.

As some of you already know,- I was “dropped off in #Spain” something that also means that all our things, me and my children’s things, was back there in #Norway and in the house I/ we did live together with “the bump”. Also the movie “Mamma Mia” was in that house. And we had a good movie- collection me and my children 😊. Because as you also maybe know or do remember,- in the weekends we, me and my children, when we did live together on the Prairie, had one evening with a movie or two, and another evening with playing Buzz together 😊.

Most of our things “the bump” put out in a garage so my two brothers in law could pick them up there. As you know,- I was in Spain, and had no contact with “the bump”,- but one of my sister and her partner did live very close by,- and could help me with collecting our stuff. And my brother in law contact “the bump” about our stuff so they could pick them up for me πŸ₯°. But “the bump” didn’t put it “all” in the garage ,- special not the things that had some kind of #value for me, and “the bump” knew what things that had some kind of value for me too πŸ™„. And one of those things was the DVD “Mamma Mia”. I got a lots of other movies back, but not this one. He couldn’t stand it when me and my daughter spent time together and watch the movie,- so just #imagine how happy I was on Friday- this Friday,- when I did find “Mamma Mia” on a DVD for #sale to 1,50 euro πŸ₯°. And of course I did bought it too 😁.

This movie is a bit more then just a movie for me and for us,- it’s also about #memories πŸ₯°. Good memories from our time at the Prairie πŸ₯°.

It was a couple of other things “The bump” couldn’t stand,- like when I was taking in the phone with my oldest son. At that time my oldest son was living and studying in the north north of Norway very fare away from our hometown in Norway. So it was easiest to be in contact by the phone,- this was just an #reflection on the sidelines of today’s #content in my #post – but at the same time it #belongs in a way. Because for me this movie “Mamma Mia ” has a kind of #sentimental value as well. Sentimental value for good memories,- and then it’s a bit #natural that some not to good memories are “popping up” too.

Anyway,- I’m so #happy that I did find this movie on Friday πŸ₯°. And it was so #great to watch it again too 😊.

Often when I watch a movie I can #recognize myself in the film’s content, action, #characters or other things, like maybe also ethic and moral too. This time,- I just enjoyed the movie, the music and all the good memories and #feelings it gave me πŸ₯°.

Of course I can recognize myself in some of the characters,- like the character to Meryl Streep in the movie,- single mammi, lack of money, try her best to “survive” in an other country and raise her child on her own too 😊. But at the same time,- it’s a couple of differences between her character in the movie and my life too 😊. But like I mention, – this time I just did enjoy the movie and the great feeling the story and the music gave me πŸ₯°.

So a movie can sometimes be a bit more then “just a movie”,- sometimes there are different memories and values around it too, from the daily life 😊. Like “Mamma Mia” has for me and my daughter, – it’s good memories, – it’s a bit “mammi and daughter- memories” πŸ₯°. And then this memories brings out other memories as well,- and for me, this time, it was actually mostly good memories together with my children πŸ₯°. And that feels and felt so #incredibly great 🧑. Special because not to good memories have a bad habit to drop by now and then too πŸ˜….

Do you have any favourite movie or movies? A movie or movies that brings and gives you a bit more then just a good story? 😊

I have more then one, – but today for me it was and is “Mamma Mia”,- and I’m still #smiling after watching it, and I’m feeling great 😊. I did even find the CD so I can listen to the music later today when I’m making the dessert for the Christmas- evening πŸ₯°.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

I really like this #movie, “#MammaMia”,- and it’s me and my daughter’s movie and one of our #favourite too πŸ₯°. I like the #story, I like the #actors and I like the #music,- and this time I even more like the #good #memories and the #great #feeling to watch this movie this weekend did gave me πŸ₯°. It makes and made me #smile 😊.