Christmas- cakes and cookies “delivery” πŸŽ„πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you,- this last day before Christmas πŸ’

All is fine here 😊. I’m more and less ready for tomorrow’s #celebration and I have also been “#delivered” Christmas cakes and cookies to my two youngest children today πŸ₯°. And tomorrow it’s a #Christmas visit to my oldest one with some homemade Christmas cakes and cookies too, – and a couple of “elf- socks” to both,- my son and his fiance πŸ₯°.

I’m actually so #lucky that I’m #working at the same place as my two youngest #children πŸ₯°. So it was a bit easy to give them the cakes and cookies today. I just did put them on their working- desks before they came to #work today 😊.

It’s not sure my children feel their are as lucky as I’m feeling about working at the same place as them πŸ˜…. But they “allowed” me to hug them when I see them,- so #hopefully they dont mind it to much to have their #mammi around in the building 😊.

We are anyway not working for the same company,- and not even always at the same time, or in the same “office” areal,- we are just in the same building 😊. I don’t even see them every day, – but when I do,- I always need to #kiss them a bit and give them a #hug 😊. They are probably so use to it, my hugging and kissing, that maybe they don’t even give it to much thoughts at all 😊.

I feel very lucky so have this #opportunity to be able to be so much “around” my children and still be able to have “my life” as well as they live their own life in their own places 😊. It’s not for everyone to have it like this when their children are young adults and growing up and “out of the home” 😊.

But I have also #learned something about being a mammi to young adults children that’s starts their life on their own lately. Something I didn’t gave to many thoughts around and about when I was young adult and started to live my life on my own,- and what probably my mammi did felt as well (even maybe my daddy did felt it too… ) 🧑. This feeling of being “useless” for my children, and that they in away don’t need me anymore.

Now I do #understand my mammi,- and the #feeling she must have had when I should “do it all on my own” when I was a young adult growing up and out from the home 😊. And I did even more understood it when I did started to ask her for some #advice again,- and understood how happy she actually was just because of some questions and daily advice I needed from her,- like for example “how I should tine up the swine-rib to Christmas ? In the fridge or at the kitchen counter?” 🧑. Or when I did send her the photo of the Dronning Maud pudding I did made yesterday 😊. A tiny little question and a tiny little photo that still gave my mammi the feeling that I need her in my life, and wanted to share a bit from my life with her 🧑. And of course I need her in my life- she is my mammi 🧑.

It’s the same for me when my children ask me for help or advice, or share a tiny bit with me from their life ,- I feel useful for them. They still do need me a bit in their young adult life 🧑. And I really, really #love to hear them #call me “mammi” ,- even they have done it all their life, and actually never called me anything else then “mammi” ,- its still like #music 🎡🎢 in my ears when I hear they say “mammi” to me πŸ₯°.

I think maybe I needed to be “there in my own life” as a mammi to young adults children who are starting their life on their own, before I do and did understand the “#mammiconcept” and different feelings about and around having grown up children.

And I also did get an other understanding for my mammi’s feelings too. It’s a bit different then having small children or teenagers in the home, then to have young adult children that not lives at home anymore. But it’s also difficult to understand “the concept” before you actually are there 😊.

I know that I’m going to “use” my mammi a bit more in my life- like ask her for different advice when I need it in my daily life 🧑. Or just tell her small daily happenings in my life with a photo or two. The “including” don’t even need to be “big and important”,- I just know that it still will give my mammi a feeling of being #involved and #included in my and our life 🧑. And I know that that’s a pretty good feeling to feel as a mammi,- because I know how it is for my self in the “mammi- concept” to young adults children now.

So a tiny easy advice to young adults children and to the parents to their parents too,- ask for a advice now and then, come with some questions, share a tiny bit of your life- it doesn’t take to much actually for a parent, a mammi and a daddy to feel included and involved in your life 😊. “We”/ the parents, just need a tiny bit of this feeling that we in a way are still “useful” and needed” in our children’s life, our grown up children 🧑. That makes us actually a bit happy as a parent to our adult children 😊.

I’m very #grateful for a lots of different things,- like be able to give and deliver Christmas cakes and cookies to my children, hug them and kiss them, and hear them call me “mammi” πŸ₯°. And I’m also grateful for starting a tiny bit to understand the “mammi- concept” to my young adults children who are growing up and out, and into their own adult life 🧑.

Like I did #mention,- I just still need to feel a bit “#useful” in their life,- and that’s actually so very easy to be, it’s just some tiny questions and asking for some small advice ,- and yes,- also still be able to kiss and hug them even they are young adults. And maybe even make and bake some Christmas cakes and cookies to them as well πŸ₯°.

Children or not, parents or not,- I hope you are looking forward to the Christmas- evening with #joy and #happiness πŸ’–.

And,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

The Christmas cakes and cookies are ready for “delivering” to my #children 😊. And slowly I do #understand a bit more about this “#mammiconcept” to young adults #children and still feel a bit “useful” as a #mammi in their #life 😊. Good thoughts to you all- this evening before Christmas πŸ’.