Some cozy TV- traditions in Norway around the Christmas- time πŸŽ„

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this Christmas- time 🧑

Christmas is #movietime πŸ“½. It can be at the #cinema or at #home,- but for many it’s anyway time for a good movie or three, or maybe even five πŸ˜€.

In Norway we have some “movies” we do watch on the TV at daytime the 24. December,- every year, year after year,- and they still do 😍. So you can really say it’s a “#tradition” closely for all the people who lives in #Norway. At least for the ones that’s have more and less been growing up in Norway 😊.

Two of my favourite TV- movies the 24. December in Norway was “Donald Duck and his friends” πŸ₯. It’s different short cartoons movies with mainly different “famous ” Walt Disney- figures. It’s of course Donald Duck, and it’s Pluto. It’s those three squirrels that’s destroys “everything” and it’s Bambi on the ice,- and a couple of more 😊. Oh,- I really did #enjoy watching this. They was so #sweet and #funny πŸ˜€.

When I was a child it’s was not #cartoons on the TV “all day long” and on different channels 😊. But the 24. December it was so much fun to watch at on the #television 😍. Just that was a bit like a tiny #Christmas 😊.

And then it was, and still is,- it’s just a couple of years since I did watch this one ,- “Tre nΓΈtter til Askepott” / “Three nuts to Cinderella” or “TΕ™i oΕ™iΕ‘ky pro Popelku”- the original title for this sweet #family- and in a way #fairytale- movie πŸ‘Έ. This one was also one of my #favourite of all 😍.

The movie is from 1973,- it actually came out in November 1973. It is a Soviet / Czech movie,- so the actors talk also this #language. And it’s on it’s own way about #Cinderella in the #castle, in the #snow, in the #forest,- and her not to good stepsister and stepmother, and of course #prince that’s looking for “his princess” πŸ‘‘. This Cinderella is a a tough rider and shooter – and she meet the prince in the forest.

One of the the servants of the castle got three #magic nuts on his nose when he went into to the city,- and he gives this magic nuts to Cinderella 🌰. And in those nuts it’s one an expensive outfit. A rider outfit, a ball gown and a wedding dress πŸ‘‘.


The movie is not dubbed, but instead, it’s a narrator who tells us the action as it unfolds in front of us on the TV screen, in Norwegian 😊. It’s actually a bit of the #charm with this movie this too, just not only the fairytale and story.

In Norway this movie has become a so big part of our #tradition, TV- traditions on the 24. December, that it’s actually stands a bit about about it in the #teachingbook I’m using to my #students that are #studying #Norwegian 😊.

Look at this- it’s from the teaching- book I’m using to my students in Norwegian πŸ“š.

Most of my Spanish students have never heard about this movie 😊. But it’s a very typical movie for us “Norwegian ones” the 24. December at the daytime- before the Christmas are being “ringed in” around 17.00 😊.

So then I need to tell my students a bit about the fairytale and story,- a story about #wishes and #believes, #hope and #magic 😊.

I need to admit that I was a bit #impressed when I saw this tiny little sentence in the teaching- book πŸ“š . But this movie has been a tradition on the Norwegian TV since 1975. And between 1975 and to 1994 it was sent now and then, but not always at the 24. December. From 1996 this movie has been sent every 24. December 😊.

If you have the #possibility to see it, or download it,- I hope you will do 😊. It’s a movie worth using 82 minutes of your time one. Its #culture and a very nice fairytale, it’s a good story and it is a Norwegian TV- tradition 😊. We Norwegian ones really #loves this movie 😍. And the tradition is still there in Norway even I haven’t watch the movie for a while 😊. I just show my students some clips from the movie when we have about traditions and cultures in Norway in our Norwegian #lessons πŸ“š.

We all do need a “touch” of magic and a nice fairytale now and then πŸ₯°.

There’s a lots of other great Christmas- movies too,- and some are traditions to watch before the Christmas, or in the Christmas- time, or maybe after the Christmas and before we “turn our noses” into a bright new year 🌟.

Do you have any movie- traditions during the Christmas- time ? Any favourite movies you “just need to see” every Christmas as a part of your traditions? πŸ“½ πŸŽ„.

I haven’t anyone special traditional Christmas movie or movies at the moment, – it’s at least 6 years since I did watch “Tre nΓΈtter til Askepott” / “Three nuts to Cinderella” or “TΕ™i oΕ™iΕ‘ky pro Popelku”- so it’s, unfortunately, not a tradition for me anymore,- but it was a really nice and #cozy Christmas- tradition on the television when I did #live in Norway πŸ₯°. But I do watch different others cozy and nice movies now during the Christmas- time πŸ“½.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. I hope you have a pleasant time during this Christmas- with or without a favourite movie πŸ“½. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

“Tre nΓΈtter til Askepott” / “Three nuts to Cinderella” or “TΕ™i oΕ™iΕ‘ky pro Popelku”- it’s a movie from 1973,- and a TV- #tradition on the Norwegian TV every 24. December at the daytime πŸ“½.. It’s a movie about a #Cinderella, and it’s about #fairytale and #wishes, #hopes and #dreams, and of course,- #magic- like the #Christmas- time are,- on it’s own way- #magical πŸ‘‘.