The New Years Celebration and Traditions …. πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you, – this last weekend in this year 🧑

Imagen that it’s already the last weekend in this year, this 2019 😊. My plan for this weekend is hopefully try to work a bit “here and there” πŸ˜…. Tomorrow I’m going to “bother” my oldest son and his fiance a bit. And then on Sunday I’m not sure yet where I can do a bit work 😊. Maybe “the work” will be painting instead? πŸŽ¨πŸ–Ό

And then it’s just a couple of days left for 2019 🎊. The time goes a bit fast sometimes πŸ™„. And I have some work I had in mind to be finish with before 1. January. That plan looks, unfortunately, at the moment not be able to go “through”.

I don’t have any special plans for the New Year evening and celebration this year (either). I have the day off from my job at the office, and hopefully the internet company has been visiting me too,- so I can do a bit work at my home- office instead 😊.

It’s some years since I actually had plans for this evening and had traditions connected to the New Year evening and celebration πŸŽ†.

When I was married and did lived in Norway we, me and my ex- husband, invited neighbours and friends to our home, and celebrate with good food, nice conversations and some fireworks around 24.00 πŸŽ‡. Then we did wish each other “A Happy New Year” with big, good hugs 😊.

The children was playing around after the dinner, inside the house, or outside in the snow, if there was any snow ❄ 😊. And they had something we called “sparklers” πŸŽ‡.

For food we normally did eat turkey, waldorf salad and different vegetables too, and homemade sauce as well. The dessert ranged in everything from rice pudding to Queen Maud pudding or ischemia of various kinds. We had small children together with us in the celebration, and then it was often ice cream for dessert 😊.

After the divorce I did travel together with my children every second new years evening. Because they did celebrate this evening together with me every second year, and the other every second together with their dad 😊.

Then we spent some days in London or Bremen, or rent a cabin in the Norwegian snow-capped mountain πŸ—». We normally did travel one or two days before 31. December. It depended a bit where we should travel. And we travel back to our home at the Prairie 1. or 2. January.

This was a really nice and cozy traditions together with my children at the new year- celebration πŸ₯°. The food depended a bit where we was celebrating 😊.

Then the children did grow up and started to celebrate The New Years evening together with their friends instead,- and natural enough 😊.

And every second new year evening when my children was together with their dad I in general didn’t celebrate the new year evening.

Our first New Years evening in Spain was in 2013 ( to the turn to 2014), and this one we did celebrate together with the Norwegian family that helped us out a bit when we was just “dropped off in Spain”, and also when we had the bugglery in the first apartment we did rent 😊. It was a nice and quiet celebration, and with not so much fireworks as we was used to in Norway πŸŽ†. The Norwegian ones loves fireworks at New Year πŸŽ†.

In a way the Spanish “New Year celebration” are more “big” around the 23. June at the beach here in Spain. The fireworks are just marvellous this evening and night. At new years evening it’s more just a tiny “touch” of fireworks 🧨.

But the Spanish ones have a tradition straight before 24.00 in the evening. Then they eat 12 small grapes, one grape for every month and for good luck for every month for the upcoming year πŸ‡. And when the time is 24.00 they cheers in a glass of cava, wish each other “A Happy New Year” and send up some fireworks as well.

Normally there are also kind of event with some entertainment at some of the “feria- and fiesta” places in the cities 😊.

There are some people around in this event and in the streets, – but not so many as I was use to in the town I was living close by in Norway. It felt like they have empty a bit houses and let the people out for a while between 23.00 and 01.00 😊.

Actually I haven’t to much more to tell about Norwegian or Spanish New Year Traditions. One of the reasons are because I didn’t celebrate it very much in Norway after the divorce,- just with trips and travels together with my children every second year. And after I moved to Spain I have just celebrate this one in 2013 😊. So I actually don’t have any traditions to this evening anymore. Or maybe I have a tiny one? πŸ˜‰ That’s to be home alone 😊. And I don’t mind,- I’m actually use to it 😊.

But that also means there are some “space” to maybe create some new traditions one day 😊.

Do you have any special plans or traditions connected to the New Years evening and celebration? 😊 I hope so,- it’s nice with some pleasant traditions to end the year with 😊.

I hope this last weekend in this year will bring you joy and happiness 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

I have actually don’t very much to tell you about my New Years Traditions and Celebration during the lasts years πŸŽ†. But I know it will be some colourful sparkling on the sky many places in the world this last evening in the year 😊 πŸŽ†. That’s a kind of tradition too 😊.