When the hormones take a “rollercoaster- trip” 🀯 πŸ›£

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

We human goes through different levels and stages in our life, and when we do think the body and the hormones have taken a bit “holiday”- then a new “rollercoaster-trip” starts in the body again 🀯. Or at least it can feels like that.

Women in general are a bit more “used” to this “rollercoaster- trips” then men, because most of us have actually in a tiny “touch” of this “jumping” hormones- trips every month for years. The men “just” needs to learn to deal with this trips,- something I think can’t be very easy for them to do always πŸ˜…. But they do, they are “hanging around” even when the woman can be both a bit “touchy” and unreasonable. Because yes, we women, can be both “touchy” and unreasonable around our periods πŸ˜‰. It’s not always easy to admit it,- but we get a bit more “sensitive” before or around the period- week. Many of us, most of us. But don’t even try to tell us that,- that the period are “troubling” around in our body,- then we can get even more unreasonable πŸ˜….

I do remember one day this summer when my daughter and me was at the pool and I was going for a swim. I had my period and used tampons because my plan was to swim, not just be at the pool and in the sun 🌞.

I did ask my daughter if the thread from the tampon was not visible, and did “hung and slung” on the back of my bikini panty. It was a bit difficult for me to check that, and I’m not very interested that “all and everyone” should know I had “my week” 😊. Its my week, not everyone else’s week πŸ˜‰, or at least we can choose to believe so. But “our week” can effect them around us…..so much that it becomes “everyone’s ” week πŸ˜….

Anyway,- Then my daughter answered me: “Oh, that explains everything!” 😳 What?? Hmm πŸ€”….and I thought I had been so nice and “smoothly” this time πŸ˜…. Obviously not πŸ˜….

I do think every time when I have my period that I need to remember to the next time why I get “suddenly” so “touchy”, so I can at least be “prepared”,- but for some strange reason I often forget that , this one,- “Hey, it’s the period that it’s on the way- relax!” πŸ™„,- and of course then do understand “everything” when I get the period. Then I do understand why I did react so “strange” and sometimes unreasonable in settings and situations that was not necessary to react like that at all 😊.

In the teenagers and when the puberty starts the hormones also starts to “dance”. They starts their own “rollercoaster- trip” that’s not easy for both the teenagers or the parents to follow. The puberty starts a place between the age of 11 year and 14 year.

When it “ends”? A place between 17 and 22 years. This can various from child to child, and also between girls and boys. The girls get into the puberty a bit earlier then the boys. But one thing is for sure,- the whole body and brain are doing a totally “renovation” for both boys and girls. As a parent it feels like the teenagers brain are on a serious big, long holiday 🏝. And the teenagers, – well they “know everything about everything” πŸ˜‰.

BTW,- I’m not sure if the puberty stops at 22 anymore. Its seems that for some it last much longer and at least over the age of 25 now at days πŸ˜‰. At least for some “souls” in the “sosial media” πŸ˜‰. Some can still behave like they are still in the puberty and their hormones are a bit to much “jumping Jack flash” πŸ™„.

Anyway,- after the puberty it comes some “silent” years for the body, the mind and the hormones for both men and women. The hormones are “relaxing” a bit, and don’t take this to much “turns and jumps” for a longer period 😊. Except from the monthly “periods- system” for girls/ women, and also if/ when the woman get pregnant. Then the hormones are “dancing” a bit more then “normal”, as well as after given birth 🎁.

And then we think this “hormones rollercoaster trip” is over 😊. We are not teenagers anymore, not in the puberty and all “the giving birth” is over too. It’s actullay just the monthly period left, but that’s fine. We,- both women and men are a bit use to this monthly “turns”, probably special the men that’s lives around and with a woman 😊. He is probably more use to the monthly period turns then the woman πŸ˜…. He needs to deal and handle them too, and that’s also in a bit different way then the unreasonable and “touchy” woman needs to do 😊.

Sometimes I think it can’t be easy to be a man and “handle” this monthly “ups and downs”, even they just last for a very few days.

Anyway,- its comes to a “Phuha”- we can relax a bit,- we think and believe πŸ˜‰. All this different “hormones- dancing” are a bit over 😊.

But,- nope,- then is the “menopause” and “the midlife crisis” are waiting “just around the corner”. For both men and women. And a new “hormones dance” are showing up, even more a “challenged ” “rollercoaster- trip” then the puberty was, then the pregnancy was, then the birth was and then the monthly period was 😳.

I’m not in the menopause yet,- or that’s actually a truth with modifications. Because my body have probably already very secretly started on the/ my menopause, but I, my head, my mind and a bit of my body just don’t know it yet 😊. But the egg- factory is slowly closing down, even I still have the period regular every month 🐣.

Menopause for women starts in general a place between the age of 45 and 55. For some before and for others later. And it can last in about 4 to 5 years, but the different and difficult symptoms and challenges in menopause don’t last for so long. They have their “tops” before they slowly gets down and in a way disappears. And life gets a bit easier again 😊.

One of the first sign for menopause is the period that slowly disappears. It means it’s not regular anymore, and after a while it’s stops.

So,- that’s why I know I’m still not straight with my head into the menopause yet,- because I still have the period regular. But of course this is also a bit different from woman to woman for different reasons.

Like I have mention before I’m a bit curious when it comes to both menopause and the midlife crisis. And I want to learn more about this and be able to write about it and share as well 😊. Because I know I’m going to be in this “hormones- dancing trip” too one day,- and I want to know what’s going “there”,- in my body and mind when I’m “there”, and also hopefully be able to share it with my readers too 😊.

I have done some research both on menopause and the midlife crisis,- and I have also asked some friends of my about this “fase”. Some are very “secretly” about this “fase and stage in their life” and dont tell me anything, others are a bit more willing to share 😊.

I have learned a bit, and still do learning a lot when I do my research,- but it helps even more to talk with someone that’s has been or are in the menopause. And now a couple of my female friends obviously have got their head, mind, body and hormones straight into the menopause, and they want to tell me, try to explain for me this for me,- “how this hormones- dance” are in different levels,- what’s happen when it comes to thoughts about the life, the body, the different changes and so on.

So I have in away got my own “research- objects” 😊,- before my head, mind, body and hormones are going to start the same terrible and very difficult “hormones dance” with my mind and body, a rollercoaster trip they haven’t imagine in their body/life/mind/ head/ mood 😳🀯. If I did understand them correctly πŸ€”. And it’s sounds actually a bit scary the whole thing,- this menopause and midlife crisis 😳.

Well, well,- I’m not going to continue with this today- the “mysterious” menopause and midlife crisis. The “new hormones dance” when it was actually time for a hormones break 😊. And it will probably be a bit more posts and textes about “The hormones- dancing” and hormones on a “rollercoaster- ride” ,- for both men and women over the age of 45 in the future 😊. I think it’s a bit important to write and share a bit about this subject actually 😊. Its different changes and challenges in this “hormones- age” too 😊. And some very strange behaviour in between πŸ˜…. Like an overribe teenage at puberty πŸ™„ πŸ˜….

And I’m “on my way with my head” straight into it myself, this “menopause” and strange, new “hormones dance” in life 😳. I have just not a clue when it is,- yet 😊. If I like it,- no not at all,- but I better be use to it,- the menopause will come even if I want or not 😊.

If you want to tell me or share a bit about yours experiences about menopause and/ or the midlife crisis for women or men,- you are very welcome to send me an email at:


I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Ready for some more “hormones dancing” in life after the puberty with teenagers, pregnancy and so on 😊? Well,- I m actually not ready for a new “hormones- dance” in my life 😊. But I try to learn a couple of the “new” “dancesteps in the new” ” hormones- dance” that’s are probably just “around the corner”,- so I can be a tiny bit prepared 😊.