When the life gets to hard, and the soul becomes a star πŸŒŸ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I really hope all is fine with you 🧑

(This post/ text is written in general- I know it will always be exceptions)

Christmas can be a difficult time for many people, and life in general as well. We all have “ups and downs” days, some harder to get through then others πŸ’œ.

Sometimes things in life can even be to hard and to much for different reasons,- or it’s just so much pain inside a soul that’s it’s difficult to just let it go, find the peace and the sunshine, – and its feels more like an relieve to let the soul go, and become a sparkling star on the sky instead 🌟.

The 25. December this year a Norwegian artist, painter and writer did choose to leave this life πŸ’œ.

He is not the first one that take this choice, and, unfortunately, he will not be the last one either πŸ’œ. And he is probably not the only one who did make a choice like this during this last days πŸ’œ.

I didn’t know him, I didn’t read his books or did visit any of his exhibitions. I did never meet him. I have never created up any special mind of him either. Not a good one, not a bad one.

But I did read about him now and then during the years in the norwegian media. Sometimes it was not to good, other times okay, and a couple of times there also was some good words about him, as person, as a man, as a father, his personality, his work.

The last days there has been a lots of good words about him in the Norwegian media. It is nice to read,- but I wonder,- did he heard some of this words when he did live? Or is this something we people do,- tell all the good stuff about a person, – after,- and not in the meantime? But after,- when theres no breath left,- and not in the meantime when there’s still some breath and sparks left in the body and in the soul? πŸ€”

I hope we do tell the people around us that we care 🧑. And I hope we can give a smile to a stranger 🧑. Some tiny and small acts can actually mean very much for someone 🧑.

And some tiny words to the “judgemental” ones in a situation like this:

I have been reading and heards words in settings around a suicide like “coward”, “selfish”, “easy solution” πŸ˜”.

We don’t know what kind of battles and fights a person has struggled with πŸ’œ.

I don’t think a person who choose suicide are cowerd or selfish, or it’s a easy solution. I think they have been carrying around with so much pain inside their self, in their mind, their heart and soul that it was just to much.

A pain that can be so incredibly difficult for someone that have never “been there” to understand. And the persons who can call someone that has ended their life for “coward”, “selfish” a easy solution”,- this person have not a clue, not a tiny little idea about how painful and how deep the darkness in the soul and mind can be. So,- please, – then it’s so much better to just say nothing at all. Just because of the lack of human and emotional “knowledge” a person have who can use words like this, and show, in a situation like this.

This pain can be so dark, so big and so painful that an other new day with this pain are to much more then they can do or handle. So please- don’t judge- we haven’t any idea about what kind of emotional- or life- situation the person was in πŸ’œ.

I don’t think it’s a easy solution to leave your children behind, friends and family. I don’t think it’s a selfish act- but it’s a really painful choice, at the same time- it feels like the only choice.

The only choice that can give peace, to let the pain go, to give a bit of rest.

So please- don’t call anyone that have taken their life for “coward”, ” selfish”, “a easy solution”. We don’t know how their pain was. We dont know why they did made a choice like that. We don’t know the reason, their “baggage”, their pain or dark thoughts. And, – there are actually a family and friends back after a suicide too,- they don’t need words like this about their loved ones they have lost πŸ’œ. Show the family and friends respect in a difficult time 🧑.

I can’t imagine how much pain a person can have carry around with when someone choose to leave their children- choose to let the life go,- but I can imagine it must be really hard and heavy to “carry”, really painful, and very difficult to share,- when someone choose to end their life.

And I want to say to the ones who are struggling with dark thoughts and a terrible pain inside you:

Please, please, please- talk with someone ❀.

I know it’s so incredibly difficult to tell someone “I can’t handle this life anymore”. But please- TRY 🧑.

Talk with someone. Someone you trust.

I know the thoughts about shame and “feeling stupid” can “drop up”, but try to give a shit in this thoughts- at least as good as you can.

I know it’s not easy,- I really do. But life can be a nice surprise too,- if you give it a chance, if you give yourself a chance 🧑.

I know it’s also hard to believe in good changes and nice days in life- because the dark and difficult days will still comes. I can’t lie to you about that. There will not always be sunshine. And that’s important to remember too. Unfortunately, – life is a bit like that. A bit dark with a bit thorns,- but also so shining and sparkling too ,- and worth to give it a try 🌟.

And in general it helps to talk with someone you trust- just talk, sort out a couple of different and difficult things and stuff, get a bit help to see a tiny solution here and there, or just be there and not talk at all. But just have someone around you. Call the mental health centre, call a friend or a totally stranger. It can helps too- a stranger.

I know it’s difficult to believe that life can be better, that the pain can disappear a bit, that there can be a tiny solution and two for the darkness you feel inside you, the emptiness or the heavy thoughts and feelings you are carrying around with. But,- you are actually not alone with thoughts like “I can’t handle this life anymore”,– even it can feel like that 🧑. So please, – talk with someone if you are struggling with different kinds of heavy thoughts about the life and living 🧑.

Today, this evening, my thoughts goes to every souls on the sky that are like a sparkling star,- where the battles and fights became to hard 🌟. And my thoughts goes to all that’s struggling with different difficult thoughts in life- please talk with someone 🧑 The life can be a nice surprise 🌟. And my thoughts goes to all and everyone that have lost someone in suicide 🧑.

A sparkling star for all the souls out there on the sky who the life becomes a to big battle to handle 🌟. A sparkling star to all the ones who are struggling with different kinds of difficult thoughts in life 🧑. A sparkling star for all the ones that have lost someone in suicide 🌟.