My “headlines” in Spain 😊 (so fare πŸ˜Š)

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Headlines in the news are often a bit dramatic so they get as much attention as possible 😊. A bit drama sells you know 😊.

My #headlines in #Spain are in general not very #dramatic at all,- and some of the dramatic headlines in my life from Spain you already do know 😊.

So today,- it will be more and less about “my good headlines in Spain” 😊. It is a bit important to focus on “the good headlines”,- for me at least, – because it’s more then enough “not to good headlines” to #choose by if we want 😊.

I feel I in a way have been #living to separate and different life,- one in #Norway and now another one in Spain. Then it’s also most natural for me to #focus on the life here in Spain in my #blog,- its here I’m now, also where my life is 😊.

In between this 2 life there’s a big, dark, heavy beam that separates them. The beam is the period with “the bump”.

“The bump” did effect my life very negative, both “the end” of my life in Norway as well as “the beginning” of my life in #Spain. The effects has been emotional, economic and challenged. But I don’t want “the bump” and “the bump”‘s acts and actions to effect me and my life anymore. It’s not easy,- but I hope I will #manage to do it when we now turn into a new year, even into a new 10 years 😊.

I did think I was going to be able to write and tell you a bit more about “the bump” and the time and the life with “the bump”, and how “it all” has effects me and my life,- but I’m not. And then it’s better “to let go”,- and hopefully I will #manage exactly that- “to let go” and “create” something new and good “out of it all” instead 😊. I need to admit that has been a bit #challenged,- but my goal is to change this now 😊.

So over to a “short cut” over my headlines in Spain (so fare 😊) :

Dropped of in Spain : (Aug 2013)

It was not a very pleasant experience to be just dropped off in Spain,- and it was, unfortunately, not just to take “a turn back to Norway ” either when I did “recognized” “the drop off”.

But,- I need to admit that is was probably the best to be just “dropped off here in Spain”,- because I’m not sure if I have managed to “move out” from that relationship from “the bump” on my own, if we had continue living in Norway. Not because it was so great,- but because of the totally opposite reasons. It was to difficult, and it was to difficult to manage the life, my life in that relationship πŸ˜”.


Sounds maybe strange,- because the life in Spain hasn’t actually been an easy “roadtrip” either,- but it has probably made me stronger 😊. And I have smile and laugh much more here then my last year in Norway,- that’s for sure 😊. And theres many different things I haven’t “experienced” if I haven’t been dropped off in Spain- that’s for sure too 😊.

The ECONOMI has been a #challenge,- for different #reasons,- and my toughest challenge indeed. The salary has, unfortunately, not been higher for every year I has been working here in Spain. It’s actually the opposite. The #salary and income has been lower and lower for every year,- even I have been working as much as I could. So the #economic has been my biggest challenge during this years here in Spain. “A negative headline”. And actually nothing to #brag about or put as a “good, big headline”,- but it has been a big part of the trip and travel in life so fare. But probably the “thing” I so fare can’t define as a “good and positive” thing. It is what it is,- and have on it’s own way #teach me a bit of and about the #life.

And when it comes to WORK I have done more different #work during the 6 years here in Spain then over the 20 gainfully employed I did in Norway. And I have #learned a lot,- by #working in different working- #situations as well as do different kind of work to “#survive”. Something that also means I have learned a bit about myself too 😊. And have a bit more to “put” on my resume, if I need that one day too 😊. And I have met so many great people in my different job- #relations,- both as a private teacher, in the homenursery, as a costumer consulent and as a writer, and a bit more 😊.

It was not the easiest thing in the world either, to find and build a HOME to my children and me in Spain either. The rental- situation is different here then from Norway. And the first year we did live in 3 different places before we find the fourth one,- the townhouse, the #home we are/ I’m #living in now 😊. So we has been #incredibly #lucky and been able to live in the same house and home for five years so fare πŸ₯°. And I hope it can be a couple of more years too. This is and feels so much like my home 🏑.

New FRIENDSHIP has also been #growing up this years in Spain 😊. I have met some #great #people, and some of them are become very, very good #friends too 😊.

And then it is my “kinderegg”, “my person”, – I have never met Natasja if I haven’t been “dropped off in Spain” πŸ₯°. Secretly I call her “my kinderegg”. Kinderegg, the real egg, the original ones with a in general a nice surprise inside, is one of my favourite chocolate 🍫. I did eat one kinderegg everyday when I was pregnant with my daughter πŸ˜…. I don’t eat so many here in Spain because they are a bit expensive,- but that’s not a problem, – there’s a lots of other good and tasty #chocolate I do eat instead 😊.

So why do I call Natasja for “my kinderegg”? Well,- like I told you,- kinderegg is one of my favourite chocolates. But only the original ones! 😊 She is very original- just one of a kind (like all of us actually are πŸ˜…). And she is sweet and mild as the with chocolate in the kinderegg, at the same time as she is totally honest and so directly as the dark chocolate in the kinderegg 😊. And, – she has always a nice surprise hidden somewhere,- it can be a physically or mentally surprise 😊. I’m not good to let people get to close “to me”,- bit she did.

So,- yes,- Natasja means something very #special for me πŸ₯°. It’s actually a bit difficult to explain, – but it’s not to important to #explain either 😊. She knows, and that’s actually the most #important for me 😊.

When that’s said – all my “new” friends I have met during the years in Spain, the people and persons I feel I can call friends, feel #comfortable to be together with, and feel comfortable to call friends, means something special for me,- just in a bit other way 🧑. And I haven’t met anyone of them either if I haven’t been “dropped off in Spain” 😊.

Then it’s my CHILDREN, –well,they will always be “the top headline in my life” no matter if I’m living in Spain, Norway or an other country ❀. And I’m so incredibly lucky to have them all 3 around me here in Spain. At the moment – we never know what the future will bring 🧑.

And we have had a lots of nice and pleasant GUESTS from Norway during this years 🌞. Friends that I had closely lost all the #contact with when we did live in Norway, I now have even more and better contact with them then before πŸ₯°. And some are coming once, twice or even three times for #visiting during a year 🧑. And my #FAMILY in Norway dropping by here in Spain now and then too,- and I really #love it when they do 🧑.

Writing, painting, blogging and work out/ exercising :

I did have a pleasant time with my #writing, #knitting and #painting before I met “the bump”. But the more and less 3 years we was together I closely didn’t use any time of my time on this things.

But after the time with “the bump” and “my life in Spain” started this has even given me more #joy and #happiness, a real “#timeout” then even before “the bump” “bumped” into my life 😊.

And,- the #blogging,- I can’t even #imagine that I should have done something like that before, in the relation with “the bump” 😊. Or have so much joy and happiness with exercising πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ. ( okay- the exercising has been a bit “low down” the 3 last months- but that’s going to change next year 😊. Then I’m “back on track” again😁).

So,- all in all I will and can say that it was probably the best for both me and my children to be “dropped off in Spain” 😊. #Life did #change a bit, and in a way to the better, but in a very strange way,- and there’s a lots of more place and space to many more pleasant, good, great and nice surprises and changes in life by choosing to moving forward 🧑.

I can and will not say that #moving to Spain, or be “dropped off in Spain” is the best that has happened to me and in my life so fare. I’m not there yet,- but maybe and hopefully I will be there and came there too one day πŸ₯°. What I can say,- it was the best to be dropped off in Spain then continue in a relationship I haven’t had the guts to end on my own in Norway, – that’s for sure.

What I also can say,- all in all,- so fare I like my “good headlines in my life in Spain” πŸ₯°. They have in their own way teach my a lot 😊.

What is yours favourite “headlines” in your life so fare? Is it a headline you never did excepted to come? 😊

I hope your headlines so fare are filled up with joy and happiness, and makes you smile when you think about them πŸ₯°.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

To be “dropped off in Spain ” is still not my #best #headline in my #life,- at the same time,- probably the best that could had happen to me at that time in my life 😊. I’m still not there where I can say “it was the best that have #happen to my in my life”. But it has so far been a very #pleasant #experience and “travel in life” with some very “#good headlines in” too 😊.