Thank you, and Good Bye 2019 πŸ§‘

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s soon time to say “Thank you and Goodbye” to #2019,- and make a big, great space to 2020 😊. And it’s feel good,- I’m ready to say “Thank you and Goodbye 2019”,- are you? 😊

I didn’t think I was going to say “Thank you”, – just “Goodbye” to this year,- but even it has been a #challenge year I still have so much to be Thankful for too 🧑. And it’s feel better to turn the #focus to the good things, and be #thankful for them, as well as see what the challenges also have has helped to make me be #grateful for this year that is soon over 😊.

It’s not many “topheadlines” to brag over this year πŸ˜…,- but there are “headlines” I’m still grateful for 🧑.

It’s not always easy to see “the #mission” to the different challenges we meet in #life,- and I need to admit that I don’t see some of the challenges I have met this year and what kind of “mission” they had or have. But probably they had and have a kind of mission 😊. Special if I choose to look at it in that way 😊.

I remember 1. January this year,- I was so ready to just “#embrace” “it all”,- and did actually “ask” the year and the #universe to” just bring it on”. I have regret that one a couple of times πŸ˜…. I didn’t mean it “that way” ,- sweetie πŸ˜…,- but okay,- I’m not going to be so #brave tomorrow that’s for sure. I’m going to take small steps, and just whisper easy and nicely “you are very #welcome #2020”,- and just start “moving slowly” and see what the year and life #brings me 😊. And then “embrace” “it” as best as I can 😊.

The first 6 months was very challenging when it comes to work and regular income. And I did a job I didn’t like very much at my home,- but I even like the thought of not have a home and food on the table less 😊. So I #manage to do “what I needed to do ” with a bit of help from the sideline 😊.

In April I was starting “to fall seriously apart”,- but Natasja and an other friend of my, independent from each other, but both lives in Spain, did put me and “glue” me “slowly” together again 🧑. Something I am very, very grateful for 🧑.

And I did starting #blogging #seriously and regular in April 😊. But not to much about “the falling apart”- part,- I did changed my focus as best as I could in my textes 😊. It was not always easy, – but I at least did try 😊. And I did manage to #expose my self more than I have #imagine I had the courage to do 😊.

ECCO Multi-Vent - 100% vanntett og pustende.

In July I got another job,- something I was very grateful for. I didn’t feel very comfortable in the new job,- but I was grateful for starting on and with something else then I did work with at my home 😊. And it was regular income and regular working hours. And this job gave me the possibility and the the #courage I needed to look for other and #new #opportunities, and also to send my resume to others companies again 😊. So the ice-cubes I did feel in my stomach every day and every time the phone ring at my last job slowly did melt and became to water,- and gave the possibility for something else to grow 😊.

This job teach me many things, both about my self, about different #possibility in life, making new #plans, and of course also about “the subject” I did work with, as a costumer support for 😊. I have already forgot a bit about that,- but that’s just because I was not interested in “the subject” at all,- I was just interested in a regular job with a regular income,a and get myself and my life “back on track” 😊. And I met some great people at this working place too,- and some are even become my #friends 😊.

ECCO Multi-Vent - 100% vanntett og pustende.

I actually did think that “this year- 2019” was the year I was going to #change my “#status” from “#single” to “have a boyfriend”, be in a “#relationship” πŸ˜…. But that didn’t happen, – and probably it should be that way too. I don’t have any expectations for a relationship and a boyfriend this year. Not yet at least. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a boyfriend, meet someone special and be in a relationship,- it just mean that I’m not going to “run” after someone. I’m not going to use my time one some that don’t want to use their time with or on me,- or don’t “see” the “concept” “me” 😊. But you never know what tomorrow will bring,- thing can change, – we all have been learned that after some years of #living 😊.

My daughter moved out this autumn, and suddenly I did live on my own for the first time for 25 years 😊. I’m not sure how to “embrace” that new concept in my life yet either,- but I will probably find my way,- little by little, step by step 😊. It’s still very, very new for me to just have the #responsibility for only and just me 😊.

We and I have had lots of great guests this year too, – but the “topheadline” here are when my #family did come in October πŸ₯°. It was so incredible good and great to see my mammi again, my youngest sister and two of my nieces πŸ₯°.

I got a new job this December, and have already been working in my new job for closely 2 weeks now. I have had the responsibility for “the line in Norway” totally on my own the last week. That feels a bit scary, but also very good that they, the #company Im working for actually see the #value in my and my #knowledge 😊. I’m not just grateful for this job, but Im also #happy in it πŸ₯°.

“The bump” suddenly and surprising did contacted me after 6 years of “silence”. I’m not sure what “the bump” wanted, except from “to drink a coffee” together with me. I didn’t answer “the bump”. I don’t have anything to say to “the bump”,- special not good things. And I did try to remember some “bright lights” from that relationship,- it’s a couple of small ones,- but all in all,- I did find out that from now on I want to manage my life without to much “remembering” and “memorizing” the time with “the bump” anymore. It did #effect me,-yes,- but I don’t need to let it effects me anymore 😊. It is what it is,- it was what it was 😊.

#Health, is a “fresh product”, both #physical and #mental that’s for sure, and something I really have recognized in different forms, shapes and areas this year 😊. The health needs to be taken care of as a fresh product too,- both physical and mental. It’s not always easy, – but as older I get as more important it is to take care of the physical health with different kinds of exercises 😊. And the mental health too,- it’s not always easy “to turn the focus”,- but as more I do “exercise” on this one too, as better and brighter my mind becomes,- and my life as well 😊.

I’m not looking forward to start with the workout and exercises again. I have been a bit lazy the last 3 months. I know it will be hard 😳,- but I also know it will be worth it πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ 😊. The health is a fresh product,- both physical and mental,- and needs to be taken care of like that too 😊. (Its good that most fresh product has a “best before date”, and just not an “expired on date” date,- then it’s always a possibility to use the fresh products wisely, you know 😊 )

I don’t take the chance to think, believe or say “this year” going to better then the last year,- I have done that a couple of times- it didn’t work out very well πŸ˜…. But I’m looking forward to a new year, new possibility, new opportunities and new experiences,- and get a bit more knowledge as well 🧑.

And I’m not going to eat this 12 grapes either- it didn’t help that one either for “a great new year”, like ” the best one so fare and ever” πŸ˜…. Besides, I just stuck the grapes to my throat πŸ˜…,- you have to swallow one and one grape so fast before the clock turns to 24.00, and a new year is starting πŸ˜….

Im not going to ask you any questions about your 2019 today,- but I hope you can look back at 2019 with a lots new experiences, with thankfulness, happiness and joy 🧑.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. This last day in 2019 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

#Thankyou #2019 😊,- for the #good #times and for the different “#lessons in #life” 🧑. I still dont understand them all,- but they had and have probably a good #mission 😊. Goodbye 2019,- it was actually #great to #meet you,- but it’s also #good to #leave you #behind 😊.