Welcome you dear and unknown 2020 🧑 🎊 πŸŒŸ

Happy New Year,- I hope you had a marvellous start on 2020 🧑

Imagen that,- we have now turn into a new year, and the magic number is 2020 πŸŽ†,- and it is a lots of magic in front of us too 🎊.

The hours, days, weeks and months are in front of us like blank canvas – so let’s color it with happy colors to the best of our ability 🧑.

I have no idea what this year will bring me,- at the same time I actually do know a couple of things about 2020, and what I can except me from this bright new year 😊 ,- and I’m looking forward to meet 2020 🌞.

I know it will be some changes,- but I have no idea what kind of changes it will be. But what I do know it’s always a change or two in life 😊. And I hope this will be some good and positive once πŸ’›.

I know it will be some challenges,- but I don’t know what kind of challenges that will shows up. The best is to just try to handle them as best as possible when they’re showing up. It will probably not always be easy,- but that’s a part of life too. So it’s a bit good to try to be an realistic optimist 😊. Challenges will come,- that’s also for sure 😊. But I hope there will be very few of them, and that they are a bit nice and kind too 😊.

There will be a lots of new knowledge as well 😊. I know I’m going to have more training in my new job in a couple of weeks,- learn more, get more knowledge and get more responsibility.

There will also be new knowledge to learn about myself, about my life, about the days, and different experiences I meet “on my way” 😊.

And probably there will be a bit more Spanish knowledge in my life too this year, – at least in the language area, I hope πŸ“š.

There will comes a lots of different opportunities, as well as possibilities, together with new experiences 😊. I dont know what kind yet,- just know it will comes 😊. And there will shows up some nice surprises too,- even I have not a clue what they are at the moment 😊.

And there will be a lots of great moments and many good memories πŸ₯°.

I also know there will come a couple of friends from Norway to visit me as we during this year 😊.

That’s what I know about 2020,- and that’s actually quite a bit, – at the same time so little and so secretively πŸ’›.

There will be colours and new blank canvas. There will be tears and happiness, smile and laughter 😊.

There will be plans that are changing, – there will be dreams, hopes and wishes too. And there will be different kinds of goals to reach,- some small and some bigger one 🧑.

Yes, – 2020 is a year I’m looking forward to meet,- and it’s a bit to look forward tooπŸ₯°. I think it will be a nice year πŸ’›. A year with some unexpected changes and some different challenges. A year with new knowledge and some unopened opportunities and possibilities. A year with different plans and goals, dreams, wishes and hope, and different new experiences too. A year with many great moments and a lots of good memories 🧑. That’s what I know about 2020 😊.

Do you have anything special to look forward to in 2020? 😊

Maybe some special changes on the way, or challenges you know will drop by? Or new knowledge and exacting opportunities, new possibility in one or an other way, or some different plans you are going to do? 😊

I hope you are looking forward to meet 2020 with all the nice surprises the year will give you 🧑.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. I hope your first day in this year is amazing 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

I wish you all a Happy New Year with a touch of the colours from Spain the 1. January 2020 🧑. It’s a total blank canvas lying there in front of us here, – so let’s color it in happy colors to the best of our ability 🧑. I have no idea what colours that will be used in my life, but I know a bit what I can expect from 2020,- do your? 😊.