Our beautiful and powerful earth 🌏 ….and the earth’s own natural cycles β³

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧑 ….even our earth is struggling a bit 🌏.

I have “always” like #science,- or at least after I did started at school and learn a bit about science then πŸ“š. And I became more and more #curious about this #fascinating #subject and #topic πŸ₯°. So I started #studying science when I was older, and have study science a bit more than stands on my resume too,- just because it’s #interesting me and fascinating me. The science subjects are so big,- it’s geography, physics, chemistry, biologic, human biology and a bit more then that too 😊.

I’m not going to boring you today with a lots of and a long “science- lesson” 😊. I’m just going to “throw out” some thoughts and questions with a tiny touch of facts into …. and a tiny touch of realistic too … maybe 😊.

And I’m not going to defuse what’s happen and going around in our world and on our earth when it comes to the #climatecrisis and all the different #climatecatastrophe,- but ……

We human think we are so “incredibly #clever”,- so clever that we actually have #created a lots of things and stuffs and “gadgetry” to help “us”, for just us and only to give “us- human” a better and #easier #life,- yepsi- we human are pretty selfish that way- it’s very much about “us” πŸ˜”. We over-produce and over-consume.

And now all our things, stuff and “gadgetry” are going to destroy our #beautiful, #powerful and #colourful #earth. What’s so clever about that? πŸ€”

We created our life and world so it could be easier for us,- and what do we have now? πŸ€” It’s actually not so easy at all, with all this different climate catastrophe and #changes around in the world.

I’m not better the anyone else, – I do like my easy #solution mobil, and my easy solution internet and work from my home (when I have the internet πŸ˜…), and I like my car, and my home and so on.

But are all this, “our” things, stuff, “gadgetey” and “creative” ideas now going to #destroy our earth? πŸ€”

In one way,- yes, but,- in an other way, -not so much, but still a bit.

Because all our creative things, stuffs and “gadgetry” is “#speeding” up a #natural process and cycles our earth are going through, and have been through a couple of times already 🌏. Have you ever thought about that?

The earth has a natural cycles too, as we human has our natural cycles, the different animals has a cycles, the plants, the nature, the universe.

That’s can be what’s happen in all this climate crisis and different climate catastrophes around in the world and on the earth. It’s can be a natural and new ice- period/ #iceage that’s are on the way,- it’s just a bit “earlier” then “planned” because of “all our” things, stuffs and “gadgetry” has really “speeding” up the process. Our over-produce and over-consume, our garbage.

Because around every 10.000 year the earth goes through a new ice- period, ice- age, and before this happen the climate are changing “here and there and everywhere”. But for 10.000 years ago we wasn’t here to “#discover and #explore” or even #share when a new ice- period/ ice age was “on the way”.

Some have probably heard, learned or read about “#Pangea”? The periode and time when all the continents “hang together”. Well,- it didn’t actually “just” took a couple of years for the Pangea to change and split #continents …..

I don’t mean to be “rude” or “noise- wise”, or a “betterwisser” or anything like that. I’m agree about the fact that we need to take more #care about our lovely, colourful and powerful earth 🧑. But we can’t stop a new ice- period/ ice age,- it will come what ever we are doing. But maybe we can slow it a bit down instead of speeding it up like we have done during the last 100- 1000 years? πŸ€” And “help” “the earth to do it in a bit more on it’s #own natural way” ? πŸ€”

Maybe we need to see the climate changes, the climate crisis, the climate challenges and the different climate catastrophe in a different way? Start thinking a bit differently about it all? πŸ€” I’m just asking ….

We create a lots of drama over something we actually have done and still are doing and still are going to continue doing …. with the earth and with our consumption. Because we human like to “consumption” a lost of different things in a lots of different ways. And in the middle of all this we in general forget what’s the meaning was and is with the term “sustainable development”.

And by the way,- since we human are so “clever” why can’t we find something, a #solution that slow down the #process a bit- so its goes more into the natural earth cycles? Insted of “speeding” it up like we are doing now? πŸ€”

I mean we have been able to create so much other strange, stupid, wise, good, bad, useless and useful things- why can’t we create a bit more useful for the earth’s natural process then? πŸ€”

I have my thoughts about those teenagers too, that’s have school strikes and “fights” for the environment. I’m not sure what they did “win” in their “fights”,- but what I do know is that they want to have and use their mobile phones,- and not that once that was made in 2015 πŸ˜‰. And have they taken a really good look at their own “environment” and “consumption” ,- like new clothes and other “necessary things and stuff they just “need” to have ? πŸ€” And,- for example after their tiny school strikes- why are there so much garbage after them? πŸ€” Did anything really come out of school strikes, or a tiny sailing trips across the ocean? πŸ€”

And what about this “travel over the big ocean” in a sailboat made of #plastic, with a #raincoat made of #oil and a #fancy $mobil in the hand? I’m still not sure what was achieved, besides big headlines. Was it because of their own self-satisfaction? πŸ€” Or were there any visible and noticeable changes in the climate that I haven’t brought yet? πŸ€”

And of course, – It is an indescribable tragedy with all firebreaks raging in Australia πŸ”₯ πŸ’”. It’s scary when we dont have the control…. over the nature … and the earth … πŸ˜₯.

It is also a tragedy with long and severe periods of drought elsewhere, and floods with precipitation in even other places in the world πŸ˜”. Or all the others unexpected climate changes around in the world ….

But,- all this has happen before ,- maybe in a bit different way then now at days ,- because we human still are “speeding up” a natural earth- process …. but it did happen for maybe around 8- 9000 years ago. And for more and less 20.000 years ago, and 35.000 years ago …. and so on …. It’s just that,- at that time there was no #online #media, media #coverage that could cover, #enlighten and #inform everyone else what is #happening on the other side of the #globe in a second. Now we can, and now we do,- and it so scary, and it’s so much #information to get in over us.

I do not mean to be critical or cynical, cold or without feelings for what is happening with the various climate changes of climate disasters.

I don’t mean to be a lecturer or a “besserwisser”. But climate change and climate disasters have happened about every 10,000 years, and a new ice age has experienced about every 10,000. A couple of times ….

The difference now is that we humans have accelerated this process with all of our bad habits, and we live in an age where all information that happens on the other side of the globe is shared and informed in a matter of seconds. That was not exactly like that 10,000 years ago.

“Our” “time- age” is about 2020 year, but we have been here a little bit longer than that. And we humans are one of the “last” “animal species” that crawled into the crust many ages ago. It’s a lots of changes in the world, with the climate since that time.

So what to do in “the #process” ? Do the best of it- help where we can help, protect where we can protect, prevent where we can prevent. Take as good care we are able to do for our lovely, colourful and powerful earth 🌏 🧑.

I haven’t any “#solutions on the table”. I just do my best in my daily life with #recycling in my home and at my work, do as best as I can with not be a to big “user” and #consumer.

Well,- that’s was just some “#thoughts” in the evening, with different questions and some #reflections, with a tiny touch of some facts about the subject and theme “our lovely, colourful and powerful earth”, natural processes, – and how we have messed and “speeded” it all up with our big “consum” of different stuff and things, garbage and bad habits. And now we on top of the get a tiny bit “panic”,- or not ? πŸ€”

It’s all made by us, for us, to make our life easier in so many different ways, – and slowly at the same time and so suddenly all our “easy habits” creates a bit big, different and difficult challenges for us.

Well,- I think I stop here for today,- even it’s a important subject,- and I could probably even “write me more away” 😊.

So I just say today as I always do,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Our #lovely, #colourful and #powerful #earth 🌏. The earth has also it’s own #natural #cycles, and “goes” in and out of different #iceages ❄. But we human have probably helped a bit out to “speed up” the #process to a new ice age with all our “#habits” and “#consum” of over “all the things we just need to have”.