A dry month,- “a month for healthy “drying out” ” 😊 πŸ·

Hi ❣ Its so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine with you 🧑

First time I did heard about “a dry month” or like they call it in Norway, – “a white month” ,- I actually didn’t know what is was πŸ˜…. A month with snow or what? πŸ˜…

I actually needed to ask a friend of my what it was πŸ˜…. And, of course, I did get a good explanation too 😊. And I knew what it was,- the “name” was just “knew” for me at that time. It’s just a periode without any kind, or as little as possible, alcohol, so the body can get a break as well as a bit time to recover a bit 😊.

I’m reading a bit about “a dry/ white” month in the media now at days. It’s special a bit focus on and in the media, at least in the Norwegian media, and in different contexts after the Christmas- season πŸŽ„.

For some strange reasons its not so much about “dry or white months” after the Easter or after a long summer holiday πŸ€”. I think the alcohol consum for some people is/can be a bit “high” in those seasons too 🍸.

But in the Christmas- time, at least in Norway, the food can be a bit more “heavy” with calories and different kinds of fat, then maybe it is during the Easter and summer- season? And,- it’s a bit “heavy combination” for a body to “consume and take care of” all this food as well as the alcohol at the same time.

The combination of both can be a bit “heavy work” for the body’s different organs as well. That’s not a secret. And it’s not a secret that alcohol contains a very good doze of calories too. And as older we get as more “work and time” need our body to consume all the calories it gets,- that’s in the alcohol as well. (Its one of this “bad habits” with getting older,- some things getting slower,- and other things are “speeding up”- like the kilos πŸ™„ ).

During the Easter and summer holiday maybe it’s not “consumed” so much food with a lots of “fat and calories” as in the Christmas- time? πŸ€” But,- at the same time,- the body should probably had a “timeout” from alcohol after a Easter and Summer holiday season too 😊. Because it’s still a good doze of a calories that’s been “consumed” in the drinking- process during this seasons.

In some periods in my life I’m losing weight,- and I don’t like losing weight πŸ™„. And I did find out that one of the “fastest” way for me to put on weight again ( as well as regular exercises does for me), or try to keep the weight a bit “stable” is to drink a bit of alcohol. I have always struggled with putting on weight,- and unfortunately for me, not the opposite- loose weight,- it is a very easy process for me to loose weight πŸ˜”.

I do drink a box, glass or a small bottle of beer now and then in this periods where I’m losing weight, just because I know I get a good “doze” of calories then, and I don’t loose to much weight either 🍺. It’s calories my body need. But,- I often take a beer without any alcohol in,- it’s still good enough with the calories my body need in a “stressing” situations ( and of course I do eat food too) 😊. I don’t like to lose weight,- not yet …. but I have no idea how that will be when I’m a bit older then I’m now (understand it as menopause 😳).

Because one thing is for sure, the menopause and “the midlife crisis”,- the different changes in both a woman’s and a man’s body are changing after turned 45,- and so does the “weight- and kilo” – process too. The hormones slows down, the kilos speeds up.

I haven’t been focus very much on “a dry or white” month for my body or health (or mind) very much. Because I have both weeks and months without drinking any alcohol 😊. It’s different reasons why I’m not drinking to much alcohol,- not every evening, every weekend or every month,- and I’m going come back to that in some other textes where the subject is “alcohol” 😊.

With that means,- I have this “dry or white” weeks or months a bit “now and then” during a year 😊. But I really do understand the focus in the media about why it’s important with “dry or white” months, for the health and body focus,- and also when it comes to losing weight. It’s a bit like “drying out” both the different dioxide from the body after a while with a lots of alcohol, as well as “drying out” some kilos for those who want to loose some weight.

The body actually need a break, “a timeout” now and then too, to actually just recover a bit,- even it can be “fun”, “relaxing”, “social”, “because I deserve a glass of wine” and so on to drink and enjoy alcohol. But maybe the body and the organs also just need a bit “relaxing and resting- time”, “deserve” a “timeout” from the calories-consum that’s are in the alcohol? The “heavy work”? 😊

I think it’s “relaxing” and cozy with a glass of wine or three now and then, and I like the taste of a good glass of wine as well, – so don’t misunderstand me 😊. This is not a text about “teaching” in health and alcohol, – just some small thoughts about health and alcohol, losing weight and don’t consume calories someone don’t want to have 😊. And just let the body have a bit “recovery time” now and then. It’s just my thoughts and opinions.

That’s also why I did mention that I actually drink a glass of beer when I’m losing weight,- because then the kilos “still stays on a bit” 😊. Alcohol is calories. A lots of calories. So,- if someone want to loose a bit weight it can be a good idea to drop the glass of wine or three for a tiny while. And at the same time give the body a possibility to recover a bit too after a Christmas- time ( or Easter or summer holiday) with a lots of good food and some extra glasses of alcohol as well 😊.

A “dry/ white” week or month now and then have a very good effect on the health, the body’s different organs and the “losing-weight” process too 😊. As older we get, special when we have turned 45 and up,- the calories, the weight get a bit more heavy to remove from the body, and it’s actually doesn’t help to “just” eat healthy if there’s no healthy drinking too 😊. Some can say that a glass of wine during the day is healthy, – and yes,- absolutely, – a glass of wine,- but not three, special if we are counting calories too 😊. And thinking a bit about the health and the different organs in our body.

It’s actually doesn’t help to loose weight with just to eat an apple and then drink two glasses of wine at the same time. The calories are then still there,- in the two glasses of wine. So if someone really want to loose weight,- then also take a tiny look at the calories that’s been drinking 😊. Just a suggestion to loose weight a bit faster then eating an apple and still drink two glasses of wine 😊. And yes,- also,- a “dry” week or two, or even a month will not just change the weight, but also the health 😊. And of course, – exercises too,- but that was not the “main” subject today 😊.

So,- all in all,- I think this focus on a “dry/ white” week or two or even a month is a good idea,- for the health in general as well as for those who want to loose a bit weight too 😊.

Or what do you think about this? A “dry periode” from alcohol for some weeks or a month? Do you think it will have a healthy effect? Also in the “losing weight process” ?

I just let it be with this,- and wish all the ones that are “going” for “a dry/ white ” periode all the best- it’s for the best- for the body- for a while 😊.

And say as I normally say,- I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

A #colourful basket full of empty #calories, and in this #context it’s literally a #basket full of empty calories/ bottles 😊. But the #bottles has at the same time, one time, been filled up with a lots of calories 😊. A “dry/ white period” can be a #good #idea for the #health as well as when it comes to the #focus of #losing #weight 😊. And as older we get,- something slows down and other things speeds up 😊.