An other painting is finish πŸ–Ό (“Even in the darkest the lights are “sharpest” “πŸ•―)

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑.

When I’m #painting, or “work with something #creative”,- I’m not just painting/ working on one painting, or work with one product at the same time. Normally I work with two, three or even maybe four or five different “creative things” in the same period. One of the mainly reasons for this is because I’m in general use #oil-based painting, and it takes a bit time for the painting to dry 🎨. And I can’t just wait,- I’m a bit impatient …. I’m a bit #impatient when it comes to myself in general …. πŸ˜…,- and I like and “need” to have a couple of “#art- products” to work with so I can work with one when I’m waiting for the next one to be ready “to work a bit more with” 😊.

Also if, or more correctly,- when I want to “make” different #structures and use different #colours #combinations as in a way “goes a bit into each other”,- the oil-based painting needs to be not to wet and not to dry either 😊. And then I need to have something else to do in the meantime when I’m waiting 🎨.

Let me put it this way,- in general I’m not bored that much or so often πŸ˜…. Its closely “always” something to do,- or something I can do 😊. Paint, knit, clean the home πŸ˜…, wash some clothes, make som food or bake some cakes, or write a text and three 😊 ….and probably a bit more I don’t remember at the moment 😊.

In general I don’t paint “#dark” paintings. The painting can be “dark” when I’m #starting at the painting, the #colours too,- because I’m in a “dark corner, moody or don’t have the best day in my life” when I’m starting at the painting, – but little by little it’s closely like my #paintbrushes brush away “the darkness”, my “not to good mood”,- and the colours slowly changes to more #brighter colours 🎨.

But during the time between Christmas and the New Year evening I did started on a bit “dark” painting. The reason was probably because of a Norwegian artists and writer that choose to end his life during this time. I don’t know how he had “it inside himself, in the soul, his thoughts or challenges in life”,- but I do know how it feels “when the life gets a bit to much, and it’s fells to difficult to find solutions and to just move on and continue”.

So then this painting “Even in the darkest the lights are “sharpest” ” was createdπŸ•―. Because for some reasons, – no matter how dark it is,- it’s just needs a tiny little light to bright up the darkness,- and even the tiny little light can shine so clear with all the darkness around,- and it’s still the light you hopefully will see best. At least that was in away my “feelings” and imagination when this painting became a painting 😊. Difficult to explain, – but hopefully you do understand a bit of what I mean ? 😊 At least,- maybe when you take a tiny look at the painting 😊.

I have created a #Instagramaccount where I’m putting out my different paintings, and some other creative things,- and you are very welcome to drop by and take a look if you want 😊

The account name is : ArtByLailaS_

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. I hope there’s a lots of brightness in your life πŸ•―. And ,- Thank you so much for dropping by my #blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

“Even in the darkest the lights are “sharpest” ” ,- my last #painting are finish to my #creative #collection at #Instagram 🎨. You will find more “#art by me” and with more #information about the paintings at my Instagram account: ArtByLailaS_ 😊. I wish you a #bright and #joyful #weekend 😊🧑.