What to choose? πŸ’ƒ What to ware? πŸ‘—πŸ‘ 

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Today, this evening, I’m going to a #Wintergalla at my job πŸ‘—β„. I’m really looking forward to that,- and I also feel very #lucky,- because it’s just 6 weeks since I was on an #elegant Christmas party with my last job πŸŽ„.

#Imagen that,- two elegant parties in so short time is not “normal” for me,- so this going to be fun 😊.

But as most #women when we are going “to dress up” I’m wondering a bit about what to wear this evening πŸ‘—.

Not because I’m going to buy any new dresses, or because I have no dresses to #choose between. It’s actually just because I have some very nice and elegant dresses to choose between πŸ₯°. And I m not sure with one to choose 😊.

Oh,- I really like dresses,- and in general I have one nice dress from closely every country I have been visiting 😊. I did write closely ☺️,- so it’s not from all the countries I have been visiting 😊. And I also have a couple of dresses I did get when I was “walking down on the #catwalk” at different places in Norway some (many) years ago 😊.

Oh,- I did really like that, – to walk on the catwalk 😍. Just because I could ware beautiful wedding dresses, elegant galla dresses, sexy party dresses and very nice prome dresses πŸ₯°.

So,- that’s why I’m not going to buy any new dress for this evening, I have enough to choose between in my own closet 😊.

I have always like to be dressed up in nice and elegant #dresses πŸ‘—. My mammi always said that I was born in the wrong #century πŸ˜…,- and in the wrong family too πŸ˜…. I should probably been born into an “#environment” where I could have been using dresses a bit more often then I was “able” to and wanted to do in Norway 😊.

But one thing is for sure,- I’m not born into the wrong family πŸ₯°. My family up there in Norway are very #perfect just the way they are 🧑. It was and still are a great family, and a perfectly fine place to grow up in πŸ₯°. So in that “case” my mammi was a bit wrong,- but when it comes to the century she ment I should been born in,- I actually don’t know if she was wrong or correct πŸ˜….

I think she ment I should have been living at a castle in the 1700 or something like that. Probably in the #Baroque period or something πŸ˜…. And who knows,- maybe I even did πŸ˜‰.

Anyway,- I’m really looking forward to the Winter Galla this evening,- and I’m really looking forward to “dress myself up” in a nice and #elegant #dress too πŸ₯°. And I’m really looking forward to meet my colleagues “outside” from the office as well 😊. I like my colleagues at work, so I think it be really nice to meet the “outside” too 😊.

But witch one of my dresses should I choose to this party πŸ€”? It’s actually one of my few #luxury “problems” πŸ˜…,- and in one way, I do #enjoy to have this luxury “problem” 😊. It’s good to have one of them in between the daily life πŸ₯°.

It’s also days like this I miss to live together with my daughter πŸ₯°,- and of course other days too 😊. But it was a very good help to ask her for some “dress- advice” now and then 😊.

I know I need to have closed shoes this evening,- and that one is already “chosen” πŸ‘ . And I know I can’t have a to much summer dress,- it’s cold, and it’s going to be cold,- and even we are going to be inside at the Winter Galla,- the hotel where the #galla is, is close, very close to the beach. So it can be a bit “fresh” 😊.

I have already found four different dresses I’m going to try on,- and then just see witch one I do feel most #comfortable and at the same time elegant in 😊.

Maybe I show you a photo tomorrow? Witch dress it became? I’m still not “best friends” with this photo- stick or what the name was again,- and I’m not the best one to take this “selfies” either πŸ˜…. But I’m at least going to try 😊.

I hope you have something nice and fun to look forward to this Saturday,- even it maybe are not a Winter Galla, – but hopefully something else fun 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

It’s #WinterGalla at my job this evening ❄, – and I’m just a woman with closely the same “what to ware- #challenge” many women have when it comes to “dressing up” πŸ‘—. And in this “case” it’s one of my very few “#luxury problems” in my daily life,- I have a lots of #nice and #elegant #dresses to #choose between πŸ₯°. “#Feelinglucky” πŸ₯°.