Trying to find a balance sheet in the everyday life πŸ˜Šβ³

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s not always so easy to find a #balance sheet in the #everyday life,- and it’s not always as easy as it may sound either😊. One thing is the written word or the plans and #imagination about how things and #plans should be working out, an other thing is to do it in practice 😊.

Even it’s just me now at days,- and not like just for some few years ago,- when I should try to find a balance sheet in the everyday life with three children as well, that’s also in their own way had a everyday life with school, friends and different interests on their “time off” 😊. I did manage that one in a #mysterious way when we was four in the home,- so I will probably #manage it this time too,- to find a balance in my daily life and my #routines when it’s just me πŸ˜….

I haven’t been able to find “my routines and #rhythm” in my everyday life yet πŸ˜…. It’s obviously not just so easy to “trun off” to be a mammi and to “turn on” to just be me πŸ˜…. But like I have mention before, – the person I’m not very patient with is my self. So I also need a doze of #patience with my self,- at least try to learn to be patient with my self 😊.

It’s also this,- thing in life can #change in one second,- but it takes a bit more then one second to be able to #learn to live with the different changes in life 😊. Like for me now at days,’ to learn to just be me 😊.

At the moment I need find an balance between #working at the office and do my different work tasks at my home. And also do some workout and exercises as well as “squeeze” in a bit #socializing 😊. Sounds very easy? πŸ˜… There should also be time for blogging as well as painting, and a bit baking or making some food too,- and even maybe a bit dating- if I’m lucky to meet someone that worth using any dating- time on,- and to learn Spanish- that’s also one of my “goals” this year 😊.

It’s actually not to bad, I do think I have a plan, idea and an #imagination about how I want it “all” to be, and how to get it “all” to work together 😊. And when I in general #enjoying what I’m doing both when it comes to the work at the office as well as in my home,- it’s not the biggest “#challenge” in the world to “put the rest” together as well,- it just take a bit time πŸ˜…. I’m just a tiny bit “delated” with “all and everything”,- but I’m getting use to it,- I at least choose to think and believe so πŸ˜….

It’s just that I’m, – as you probably already know, – I am very late with my work from my home (very) – because my internet has been to much “on- off” during December and also a bit in January. So,- this month I just need to find a balance between my work at the office and my work at my home so I in one or another way will manage to at least reach my economic minimum goals for January 😊.

My focus actually just need to be home “fishing” for income,- just a bit more hours then my plan was in December for January πŸ˜…. And it will also mostly be that this month the main focus will be working and writing, painting, – and maybe a tiny, tiny bit space for socializing – but just maybe and just a tiny bit 😊.

So,- then the balance sheet for “the rest of my stuff, things and plans” just need to wait until February 😊. I need to admit I’m not to happy about that – but it’s better to just except “the #situation” and do the very best of it 😊.

It’s not going to be to bad to find the balance sheet in my daily life and routines when I have, hopefully, reach my working- goals and income for January 😊. I know that the 31. January at around 24.00 in the evening 😊.

I’m working every second week from the morning and every second week in the afternoon at the office. And there will be “place and space” when we turns to February for more of my others plans,- like working out and socializing, and hopefully studies too 😊. Plans are “#created” to be able to change,- and changes, – well they will always “shows up” small or big. It’s just to “learn to handle them ” in some or another way” 😊.

Salget er i gang! Mengder av sko til reduserte priser!

I just know that I need to have an #functional balance sheet between my work at the office and my work at my home, and in my life in general, – and special have “it”, the balance “up and running” as good as possible before the holiday guests are coming from Norway during the Spring, Summer and Autumn 😊.

Salget er i gang! Mengder av sko til reduserte priser.

The daily routines and the daily rhythms have a habit to change a bit when it’s guests here,- and then it’s a bit important for me to have them in a so good balance that I will come easily back into my own routines when the guests travels back to Norway again 😊.

And I like to have routines in my life too, my working- life as well as a bit in my everyday life too. It’s easier for me to “handle” changes then, as well as have changes and get back in good routines again 😊. Things has also been a bit to much “out of balance” in my life for a while,- I’m a bit more relaxed when I have a balance sheet to keep up with, – but that’s also are changeable 😊. And,- it’s sound probably strange,- but I’m actually also a bit more spontaneous when I have a balance sheet in my life 😊.

I don’t know about you – do you like to have routines in your working- situations, and your everyday life? A balance sheet that have place and space for changes? 😊 Or it’s not that so important for you? In case,- why or why not? 😊

We are all different, – and what suits for some, don’t suits others 😊. But,- my “needs” for a kind of balance sheets is a bit important for me both in my work as well in my everyday life 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by #myblog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

I like to have a kind of #balance sheet in my #working- #situation as well as my #everyday #life 😊. For me its easier to “handle” different #changes if there are a kind of balance as well 😊. What about you? Do you like balance, – or just “take it all as it comes”? 😊