Rome was not build in one day β›² 😊,- just a reminder to my self πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like that 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I’m following different kinds of blogs with different topics, subjects and themes around the whole world 😊. It’s food and family, it’s photos and travelling, it’s makeup and different kinds of art, its work and it’s religion, it’s spirituality, it’s relationship, it’s about music,- or even how to write a blog – but most of all it’s all about the life, – when it comes to the end,- the daily life in some or another way to the different bloggers I’m following ( or influencers,- if you prefer to call it that 😊).

I do learn a lot about writing a blog when I’m following others writers,- as well as I also do learn a lot about different other things and stuff too 😊. I like that,- and in a strange way the writers I’m following in a way became my friends, – friends without communication, – if you do understand what I mean? In one way I get to know then,- in an other not 😊.

But it takes time to build up an blog the way I want my blog to be 😊. In the beginning I did stressed a lot about finding a topic, a subject or a theme. But I’m a bit more “compact” then just one theme, subject or topic 😊. I have different kinds of subjects I want to write about,- and now I need to learn how to “sew them together into a kind of whole”,- the way it suits me 😊,- and of course my readers too 😊.

And I’m not quite there anymore, where I’m stressing around to find a my specific topic, theme and subject. I see and learn step by step, little by little both with my own writing process as well as to read other writers/ bloggers textes 😊. And little by little, step by step “my blog” is “growing up” the way I wanted it to be 😊. And to be “me and my life” with the different “topics, subjects and themes” that are important for me 😊. So little by little, step by step I’m trying to build up my blog, in my way with ,- well,- my topics that’s best for me, the subjects that’s interesting me and the themes that’s important for me, – in my life 😊.

Today it’s 9 months since I took the chance to really “put” myself and my post “out there” online for “all and everyone”. It has been a process and at are still a process and a project to build. I’m still fare away from where I want to be in the “blogging- world”,- at the same time I’m very surprised over how long I actually also in a way have become 😊.

But it is like I mention in the beginning of this post,- “Rome was not build in one day”,- and a blog is not either just build in one day ,- or mostly like a lots of things in life,- it’s not build in one day- it takes a bit time to learn and to build, – and to learn how to build 😊.

I need to do this blogging in my way, find my way to “deliver” my themes, my thoughts, my subjects, my experiences, my topics and my life 😊. It’s a lots of good advice to follow how to be a good blogger. But what is a good blogger? Is it about likes? Comments? Followers? Or readers? Is it about sales? Or is it about how I do feel with my product? My blog? 😊

It’s probably a combination, and its probably also a bit about what the writers want to achieve with their blog. And I think different writers want different things with their blog,- it’s not “all” that want to be an “influencer”. And, unfortunately, in my ears the word “influencer” sounds a bit negative, – but I think that’s probably because what I have see/ read in this “blogging- world”. That an “influencer” in many situations are an not to good influencer for their, often, young readers. And with that in my mind,- I don’t have a very big wish to be an influencer, – I just want to be an online writer on my own platform with readers who like my textes and the content in my posts 😊.

For me,- it’s about writing because I do like to write. But it’s also about “stuff and things” in life and in the world,- as well as about my interests, hobbies, my life 😊. But why do I want to share it “online”? Still because I like to write, and for a writer it’s a compliment to have readers, someone that want to read your texts. And, yes,- it’s because I think I have something “to tell” now and then too,- not always, but still sometimes 😊. And yes,- again,- of course I also wish and want to earn some money on my brands, the brands I have in my blog 😊.

But like I said, – “Rome was not build in one day”,- my blog will not be built in 9 months,- I have still a bit to go to be where I want to be in “the blog- world” 😊. It’s not always just about the posts and texts either, – but also to learn the different new systems. And,- the blog-platform I’m using has just changed some “settings”,- and now I need to try to learn a bit about them too πŸ˜…. I should wish I had my own IT- guy at the moment. One that just could fix “everything” technology in my blog for me, the way I want it to be. But unfortunately I don’t have that – or maybe it’s a good thing? Then I learn a bit more 😊. But,- I did manage to delete half of my post today just because I’m not sure how things are in function at the moment πŸ˜….

But like it take me a bit time to learn how to use the new system at my blog-platform, – it’s more and less with most of the things in life,- we need to learn and we need to in some or another way also build 😊. And both takes time,- sometimes less time, other times a bit longer time 😊. It’s like with Rome, – it didn’t became a so marvellous place in just one day 😊. It was step by step, stone by stone β›².

I’m not just “building” my blog,- I’m also trying to build a new life, in a “new” country, and a new lifestyle, and get to know my self,- without having a daily responsibility for anyone else then my self ,- and it all takes a bit time 😊.

Are you “building” something special in your life at the moment? In case,- what? And how do you do it? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Like a blank canvas needs to get the colours for creating a picture and painting, it still takes a bit time to create the picture. We also need to use time when we ate building something in our lifes, and colours it all up with our different experiences too 🎨.

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