I’m not ready for this at all, – to be honest πŸ’™

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

My oldest son is going to move in to me for a couple of weeks, – and to be honest, – I’m not ready for this- at all πŸ˜….

I have been living on my own for around 3 1/2 month now,- and not even close to find my life routines yet , or even close to the lifestyle I wish and want to have in my life πŸ˜…. And I have starting to actually be very fine and comfortable with living on my own too 😊. And I like to have no one else to take care of, have any responsibility for or take or pay some attention to then myself at the moment 😊. And that doesn’t feels to bad at all any longer 😊. But of course that will change when he is moving in,- and of course I do say yes to him as well, he is my child, my son, he is my first child. actually the one who in a way “made” me to a mammi, gave me my first experience as a mammi 🧑 – but still I’m not a tiny little bit of ready for this “change” in my life. Live together with my oldest son for a while.

And if you think I’m “delivering” my son now,- I don’t do that at all 😊. He knows I’m like “zero” ready for this πŸ˜…. Probably he is not to much ready either for moving in back to his mammi in the age of 25 😊. But as mammi you do what you can and need to do for your children πŸ’™. Ready or not 😊.

And of course I will help him to have a place to stay and live, sleep and eat when he is looking for something else 😊. The plan is that he and a friend of him are going to find something together,- but that’s not done in a “zip”. I know that 😊.

They also did mention another plan for me to day too,- and I was not to much “trilled” over that one either πŸ˜…. Oh my,- I’m a very difficult mammi 😳.

But he is an young adult man and it is his life πŸ’›. And he need to find his “way” in life,- even that’s not sure is the way I wanted or do wish for him. At the same time,- I want him to be happy in his life πŸ’š. And hopefully,- his “backpack” are filled up with a bit of “good stuff”, good “raising”- stuff from me. Like taking care of him self, survive, be honest, work, pay the different expenses, make food, be happy, be nice, be gentle and hopefully a bit more then that too 😊.

Their plan, my son and his friend, is to build one Van each,- or not built it, but buy one Van each and decorate them as a kind of a home,- and drive around “here and there and every where” on an kind of life- adventure 😳. “Gulp”,- said the mammi heart then 😳. Oh my,- I didn’t like that though very much either.

At the same time,- I know he is an “entertainer”,- and I know he likes to travel and drive. I know he is an “adventurer” as well, and also an “explorer” too. And maybe this is something that he needs to do,- for him self together with a friend? What do I know? I just know my heart skipped a beat and two with worries. But that’s also because I know him,- he can be a bit “thoughtless” and a bit “clumsy” too. And not always think everything very good through before he handles πŸ™„. He is a very clever young man, and have some good and wise knowledge up there in his brain,- but sometimes he forgot to use it πŸ™„. At the same time,- don’t we all do that now and then? And my heart also skipped a beat and two because I’m a mammi, his mammi,- and I’m just worried something not to good can happen to him “there on the roads”. And I’m not there.

He has the “streaming” and he has some other online work from home, so he can actually work more and less “wherever” in the world he want as long as he have internet,- and I know it will probably be fine. It will probably go well,- but still there’s a “gulp” inside me 😳 just a bit like this 😳. And it’s just this,- “I’m just a mammi, and I’m his mammi” πŸ’™.

On the other hand, – it’s not sure anything of this “roadtrip” will happen,- even I actually do think so. When he had got something on his mind,- he goes for it. But, – that means it can be a bit more then a “couple of weeks” living with me. Special if they are going to decorate this cars to in a decent, safe, practical and good way too 😳. I think that will take a bit much more than a couple of weeks to be honest πŸ™„.

At the same time,- I get the possibility to use the “mammi- tactics” and maybe get him away from that Van- though, travel and adventure trips idea. On the other hand,- will that be correct for me to do? Wouldn’t that actually be a bit selfish? Because if I do,- I actually just do it more and less for myself to just “know” where he is, and that all is okay with him. Have a kind of “control” over him, – and that’s not correct either.

Because, – yes,- of course I’m worried, worried something not to good can happen to him on this trip and on this adventure. At the same time, – I can’t protect him for and from “the life”,- and I think this is important for him too,- this planned Van- adventure. At least to just have the dream. Maybe it will happen, – this adventure and travel in a Van,- maybe not. But when it all comes down to the end,- it’s his life, his choices , his dream,- all I can to is to be here for him. Love him, and support him as best as I can πŸ’™. Give him some advice,- and hope he will listen to them and use them as well 😊.

On the other hand, – I did actually raise this “entertainer, explorer and adventurer”- young man. He was just 6 weeks old when he was on his first travel together with me. And I have travel with this 3 children in my car with a tent in the bagasje “here and there” in Norway on holiday- trips. As well as we have travel around in Europe too, visit different countries, met different cultures. So in on way, I did “teach” him “adventure” and the journey and fun with travelling and “exploring”.

Anyway,- one thing at the time,- my son is moving in to me next week,- and I’m not ready for that at all,- and will probably not be it either πŸ˜…. That’s a part of me “growing up” as a parent, and a part of getting ready to learn to live my life πŸ˜…. It will probably be okay,- good to have him a bit around me,- at the same time,- not the possibility to use the “time out button” when I want 😊.

What have you done in a situation like this, – used your “mammi or daddy tactic”,- and worked for another solution then travel around in a self- build Van? Or,- just wish your child the best and crossed fingers for the best too? 😊 And motivated your child to “go for his/ hers dreams”?

I know what I’m going to do,- even my mammi heart skipping a beat and two ❀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Me – a mammi for 3 great young adult children, – but even they are young adults and are living their own life it’s not “everything” I’m ready for 😊. At the same time,- I’m not “ready” to go back an be not just me anymore either πŸ˜….

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