It is ❄, πŸ’§, 🌨, 🌩, ⚑,- it is actually a lots of weather at the same time πŸ˜….

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧑

All is fine with me,- but it’s a lots of “weather” “going on” in the area at the moment 😳. I actually can’t sleep very well during the nights because of all the noise 🧨, and the cold ❄. It’s snowing, it’s raining, it’s hailing, it’s thundering and it’s lightning,- closely at the same time 🌨 🌩.

In one way I’m a bit happy all this weather happens in general in the nights at the moment, because it has been a very big challenge to go to work on my feet πŸ₯Ύ. I’m actually not sure if I should use a swimming suit or a or life jacket πŸ˜…. One has been to cold, the other one to big and to difficult as a traing, workout and exercise- jacket πŸ˜…. On the other hand, – probably the most safety one,- and yeah,- also in away a kind of “exercise”- muscles exercises πŸ˜…, but probably a bit uncomfortable.

Look,- I have got my own swimming pool in my patio πŸ˜….

I’m use to all this rain, storms and the wind, even the thunder and lightning during the wintertime here in South of Spain,- but not “all” at the same time πŸ˜…. And its actually the first time I have seen and felt hails here where I’m living. In Norway I was use to it, but here it’s the first time I “meet” hails on my steps ,- literally 🌨.

Not the best photo, – taken during this night,- and it can looks like rain,- but it is actually hails 🌨.

And the temperature,- well it’s actually not even close to minus degrees (Celsius). If feels like that, but it is not 🌑. And in my home,- in my livingroom it was even colder then outside,- so during the last days I needed to put on the heater.  And just let the heater stay on. If not,- it’s “never” going to be warm in my livingroom πŸ˜…. And I do my “work from home” in my livingroom so it’s necessary with some heat. And to my work sitting infront of a computer and work in 10 degrees was closely impossible ,- even with two blankets pulled around me πŸ˜….

Yes,- you did read correctly,- it was 10 degrees in my livingroom, and it takes a bit time to “heat up” a a brick house without any insulation in the walls 🏚. Belive you me πŸ˜…. And my plan was to save a bit electricity πŸ˜…. Well,- I can forget about that for some days 😊. The heater just need to stay on now 24/7 so it’s a tiny bit heat in the home at least 😊.

The temperature this morning, – earlybird morning πŸ˜… 🐦. And it’s even my day of- at the office- not in my homejob 😊. But,’ my plan was not to wake up so early today βš‘πŸ˜….

Normally I use gas heater, because it heats up the home much faster and in more room at the same time,- but my gas is out of the box now. Not in Spain πŸ˜…,- just mine.  I have to buy another one next week. I can’t buy a new one before I get my salary 😊.

And all this thunder 🌩. That can be a bit noise when you try to sleep πŸ’€. And the lightning,- well it just lightning up my bedroom “all the time” πŸ˜….

The lightning is marvellous and fascinating to look at 😊. Ps- not my photo,- just borrowed from online 😊.

For the first time when I has been living in Spain I needed to use a pyjamas during the night. In general my Norwegian winter duvet filled up with soft and warm duve has manage to keep me warm during the winter nights in Spain so fare,- but not this night πŸ˜…. I also did put my Norwegian lamb skin in my bed so it became very warm, comfortable and cozy,- it was actually just the noisy weather that kept me awake and not the cold ❄.

All this weather at the same time is not very usual in this part of Spain during the wintertime,- and it’s fascinate me a bit,- even it’s a bit noisy to sleep in πŸ˜….

The houses here in South of Spain are not built for weather like this. Brick houses with no isolation can be very cold, and also a bit “damped” during the winter too. But the wintertime last maybe 2- 3 months and then it’s starting to be a bit better 🌞. So during 12 months it’s more good weather then it is at the moment 😊. I’m very happy I’m use to the cold and snow from Norway so I know a bit about how to keep “things” warm and as try as possible,- like inside the house/ home, clothes and not at least how to dress me up 😊. Well,- I’m not very “elegant” dressed up” at the moment ,- I look a bit like a Michelin figure,- but okay,- I’m at least a bit warm 😊.

That’s also why I prefer to not have any holiday guests during this time,- because I know my Norwegian friends and family not quite do understand how “cold and damped” it can be, and how long the skeleton take to be thawed up after a cold, windy and wet day.  And it is actually a bit uncomfortable to have guests during this time,- my home is not built for it. I’m not built for it either πŸ˜…,- to be a nice hostess during the wintertime πŸ˜…. I have more than enough with myself, my freezen cold skeleton and try to move as best as I can dressed up like an Michelin figure πŸ˜….

Its planning, how to dress, when to wash clothes, what to wash. Because I can’t wash it all,- it’s just the most necessary and important one. And the clothes need dried inside, not outside in the rain πŸ˜….  And really, a dryer is absolutely unnecessary here 9 months in 1 year.  But drying clothes inside has to be planned a little, because of the ” water damping” in both the walls of the home and the clothes themselves.  It is not “just only” to stay in rooms for long periods of time with a lot of ” water damp” in. It’s actually a bit “planning” for very easy and normal daily things in the wintertime here South of Spain, – so I prefer to just make plans and take care for myself during this time ,and not be a hostess on top of that πŸ˜….

Well,- I think I let my day starts 😊. I have some textes I need to correct during this weekend πŸ“œ. And my son is moving in too, so Ineed to be a bit mammi,- and ups, – his friend as well is moving in 😳. Just in case πŸ˜…

I hope it’s a bit more stable weather where you are,- and that you don’t need to dress up like a Michelin figure, – its warm, but not very comfy to move around,- and not very elegant either πŸ˜…. (Ps- I have told you before- I’m a bit vain πŸ‘—,- so to be dressed up like an Michelin figure is not “me”,- but I prefer that more than to be freezing cold πŸ˜…)

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊.

Hails on my doorsteps 🌨. Still not the best photo,- but still a kind of photo “documentation” 😊

A lots of weather during this night, and a bit difficult to sleep,- even I did my bed very warm and comfy 😊. Hails on my doorsteps is very unusual, and it’s the first time during this 6 years in Spain I see that 🌨.

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