“The best age … what kind of age is that?” πŸ€”

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I hear and read that “the age” I’m getting closer to,- pluss/minus a couple of years is “the best age”. More and less around the 50’s. But what does that mean? What does it mean to be in “the best age”? Because I don’t quite feel I’m closer to “my best age” in my life,- and the 40′ so fare has not been “the best years in my life” to be honest πŸ˜…. So,- can it, hopefully, be better? πŸ€” Maybe things changing a bit when you have turned the 50’s, and then are closer into “the best age”? πŸ€” Or it this “saying” just a kind of “comfort” because in the 50’s you are more and less “in the middle in your the life”? Halfway of the life … in away …

And how can the 50’s be better, or “the best age”? In the 50’s when the hormones really are starting “a rollercoaster” for both men and women in their bodies and minds. Because, in this period in life, is when “the midlife crisis” and “the menopause” are dropping by. So,- What so good about that? πŸ€” It doesn’t sounds very “best” to have a hormones rollercoaster running around in the body and mind, to be honest 😊.

“Every age has it’s own charm” is a sweet saying we use in general to children and teenagers,- but I think this saying can be used to every age, period and fases we humane are going through in life 😊. All ages has it’s own charm,- I have just no experiences to the charming ages I have in front of me,- like the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’sπŸ˜….

The children has their own charm, the teenagers too, and the 20’s,- yes, a charming age that as well,- even it seems that many people in the 20’s actually think they have “all the wisdom in the world”πŸ˜…,- but still don’t have live through the 30’s or 40’s yet πŸ˜‰.

The 30’s are more relaxed with their own charm, but still a bit “besserwisser” πŸ˜‰. Then it’s the 40’s and “all” the thinking about “the life” is starting. Like “What have I achieved, and different expectations of my own life and life situation?” Because I’m actually not the only one in the “end of” 40’s that have this thoughts. There are some “souls of us out” there with thoughts like this 😊. And this thoughts are not always charming, or feels good to have. They don’t feel like “the best” always 😊.

In the 50’s the life should be more simple, relaxing and a bit “easy going”,- and the life situation should been in away “solved”. Or at least the society expectations can feel, be and experience like that. I know- because I feel exactly like that,- just in the really “opposite direction” πŸ˜…. There’s not much “solved” out or “easy going”,- that’s for sure πŸ˜….

The children, if you have some, are getting young adults and manage their life more and less own their own. The house is closely payed down, your job is safe, the economy is stable and also the partnership or relationship are maybe stable and joyful too. And maybe there also are some grandchildren as well in the family? The life is yours in a way now,- in the 50’s. You have more and less just the responsibility for your self and your life, and the life situation should be a bit “comfortable” too. And that’s why I think “the 50’s” is been referred to as “the best age”. But – for many this is not the way it is, it’s not the best age,- it can be challenging to not have manage “the society expectations” when you have turned 50. And then it doesn’t feels like the “best age”. You feel a bit more like an “failure”. And on top of that,- the challenge menopause and different things that happens in life around the “midlife crisis”. Sounds not like “the best age” if I put it that way.

The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,- well, like I did mention,- I haven’t been there yet πŸ˜…- so I can’t write to much about this ages with my own personal and private experiences. I can only use the different impressions I have of these age groups,- by conversations and by my own meeting of this “age- groups”, and by working for and with people in this ages, as well as be together with family and friends in this ages 😊. Most of them seems very relaxed about their ages, even a bit happy too,- and in away it seems that they are in their “best age” in their own way 😊. In general 😊.

I think every age is “the best” in it’s own way, and that it also depends on the different persons different expertations in life and their life situations. Also their own definition and understanding of “the best” and “age” 😊.

My own experience is that I enjoyed being 10 years old and playing in the forest with my friends, or fishing in the ocean together with my daddy 🎏. St that point it felt that to be 10 years old was the best thin ever πŸ˜…. But I really enjoyed to be in the 20’s too. I became a mammi and also got my second education πŸ“š. It was not to bad that either 😊. It was not to bad in the 30’s either, busy, but not to bad at all. A lost of new experiences and knowledge in life and about my self 😊. I have “struggled” a bit with the 40’s – as some of you know πŸ˜…,- but there’s still a couple of more years left to be in the 40’s for me,- so maybe this “age- period” still can be “not to bad” after all? Who knows – I don’t. But I’m “on the case” and working on it 😊. Then we see in a couple of years “there in the future” somewhere 😊. Life can have and give some nice surprises now and then πŸ₯°.

Every age has it’s own challenges that we need to live and learn through and by. It’s charming to be 10 years old and a lots of good thing in that age, as well as someone in the 90’s can be really charming as well, in their own way 😊. And I think someone in the 90’s feel lucky too, special if they are healthy too😊.

I don’t know what the best age is 😊. The 50’s can be a good ages if you feel comfortable and happy in your life and life situation. At the same time its different challenged changes that’s happen in the body and the mind in this age. And those seems not “to good”,- but it’s probably a part of “turning 50” 😊.

I think the reference to the best age in the 50’s is used because of the expectation from your self as well as the society around you and this “where you should be in life” in this age. At the same time it seems like a “comfy” thing to say – because the 50’s is halfway to 100 😳. I also think the 50’s is reference to “the best age” because you have more and different life experiences than when you was 20 or 30 or 40 😊. Hopefully a bit wiser, and eith a bit more knowledge, and it’s easier to “give a bit more shit” in not to important things and stuff 😊. But what do I know? This is just my thoughts and questions about “what is the best age?” , “what does it mean to be in the best age?” and “why is the 50’s in many situations referenced as the best age”? πŸ€” 😊

What do you think? What does “the best age” actually mean? For you, or your general understanding of the “saying”. Is it a kind of “comfort” because we are getting older? So fare,- I don’t know what “my best age” is or would be 😊. I think every age has something “best” in it in it’s own way πŸ₯°.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊.

What is “the best age”? Haven’t every “age” it’s own charm and own way “to be best” in? 😊

What is the best age? What kind of age is that? How define “the best age”? Or have every age something “best” in it? I just wonder …. 😊

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