Mother’s Day in Norway πŸ’–

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine and you 🧑

Today is The Mother’s Day in Norway. The day that was created for celebration all the good mammi’s 🧑. It’s different days in different countries, and it hasn’t always been easy to follow up when the Norwegian Mother’s Day was after we did move to Spain. Not because my mammi doesn’t deserve to be celebrated or remember- because she does- so absolutely πŸ’–. But because in Spain the Mother’s day is celebrated the first Sunday in May, and in UK it’s celebrated around the 3. Sunday in March.

In the stores it’s there are advertising and offers on various gifts that you can buy for Mother’s Day.  But these commercials show up in March and the end of May, not in February as I’m used to from Norway. Why the advertising “shows up” in March and May it’s very natural. We live in Spain and there are also lots of people from UK that’s lives here. Well,- at the moment. What will happen after Brexit I don’t know. So,- then it’s very natural that the advertising shows up around the celebration of this mother’s day.

The first time I did see this in the stores I was a bit confused, – because, to be honest, I thought “everyone” did celebrate mother’s day in February. I haven’t put to much energy to learn about the Mother’s day. It was just in away a natural part of my Norwegian traditions,- and I didn’t think it was different in other countries. And I’m not sure why there are different dates to celebrate Mother’s day in different countries. But okay,- that’s the way it is. It’s not a Holyday of any kind,- it is more like a yearly event and familyday. And in Norway this event and familyday is the second Sunday in February,- and when we did live in Norway we visit my mammi and did bring with some flowers or chocolate. And when I was a child I created cards to my mammi 🎁.

Now at days it’s more and more people in Norway that are not celebrating the Mother’s day, – and the reasons are the different family- situations in our society. But still there is a mammi somewhere ? If not they haven’t been born πŸ€”. But on the other hand,- it’s not every mammi (or daddy either) that deserves a celebration from their kids either. But,- My mammi does deserve a kind of celebration πŸ’–. So I’m going send her a nice text later today 😊. It is a bit difficult to just “drop by” with a hug and some flowers when we live in Spain and she lives in Norway 😊.

I am the first born child of my mom, and after me two daughters came along πŸ₯°. My two sisters 😍. My dad was travelling very much with his work in period, and then she had the daily responsibilities for us,- first “just” two daughters for a while, because my youngest sister was born when I was 7 years and my sister was 5.

My mammi have teach my a lot πŸ’–. She did teach me to be a mammi, even also my oldest son has “teach” me a bit about that, since he in his own way “made” me a mammi when he was born πŸ’™.

I haven’t use all the things my mammi did raise me up with, because I needed to find my own way to be a mammi for my children πŸ₯°. But she did teach me and raised me with a lots of “good stuff” so I have used when I became a mammi myself and raised my children. We are all different,- and a child is not born with any “recipe”,- unfortunately,- so there will be a bit “mistakes” under the “raising- process”. A bit “trying and” doing” to find the best way for your child and the best way for you to be a mammi for your child as well 😊. And how to be a mammi ? I think my way to be a mammi for my children are not necessarily correct for an other mammi to be a mammi for her’s children 😊. But some good advices on the “mammi- road” is always good to get,- and then use them in the way that’s best for both the mammi and the child 😊. But one thing is for sure in the raising process, – love, – the unconditional love ❀.

My mammi has teach me ethic and moral, distinguish between right and wrong, both in life, in social contexts and in society. She did sing good night songs to me, songs that I continued to sing to my children when it was bedtime 🎡🎢. She did teach me how to cook and bake, and knit too 😊. Some very useful knowledge to have, and a knowledge I enjoy to be able to do and use 😊. And she hold my hand when I gave birth to my first child, her first grandchild,- my oldest son πŸ’–. So she was actually the first one who welcome him to the world, before I got him in my arms πŸ₯°.

I’m raised up with the Christian religion, in the Lutheran church. My mammi was raised up with that one too. And I have found very much comfort in the religion even I don’t practices it like my mammi does. And also even I did choose to not raise my children in the same religious way I was raised. But I have use a lot from my religion when I did raise my children, at the same time I have let them choose their own beliefs ❀.

To be a mammi, and to have a mammi, – it’s two different “concepts” at the same time so familiar 😊. In general it’s all about the unconditional love in different ways and forms ❀. It is not all and everyone that are so lucky as I’m, – I both have a great mammi, and I’m a mammi myself- how great I’m as a mammi it’s up to my children to decide 😊. No one else 😊. I’m not anyone else mammi then theirs πŸ₯°.

Me and my children doesn’t “celebrate” mother’s day (or father’s day),- and the reason are very simple. We actually forget it,- not because its worth to forget,- but we just forget it. It’s not any other reasons. And to be honest,- as a mammi I actually don’t care very much about this Mother’s day, – because I feel my children during the whole year shows me that they care about me, like me, even love me a bit πŸ₯°. I get hugs and kisses, nice words and different kinds of good attention through everyday life and year 🧑 so I as a mammi for my 3 children I actually don’t need one Mother’s day during the year, – becauseI have so many already πŸ₯°. And I really hope my mammi knows that too,- that I care about her every day during the year, and that she actually deserves more than just one day to know she has done a perfect job as my mammi ❀. Because when it comes to my mammi it’s up to me to “decide” how good mammi she has been for me,- and I couldn’t have any other mammi then her. I’m very grateful for that my mammi became my mammi ❀🌹.

I know I’m very lucky to both have my mammi and to be a mammi myself ❀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by the blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

A red rose to every good mammi and for her unconditional love for her child or children ❀

Today it’s Mother’s Day in Norway 🌹. And I know I’m very lucky to both have my mammi and to be a mammi myself ❀. I have a lot to be grateful for ❀🌹❀. For My mammi and for my children that’s “created” me to a mammi 🌹.

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