It was “a bom trip” to Malaga today πŸ™„

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊. I hope all is fine and you 🧑

I’m okay,- like you know it’s some busy days around me at the moment 😊 ,- and today I was on a “bom trop” to Malaga before my job πŸ™„. It’s not very fun when that’s happen,- special when you are “running after the watch ” and also was early to just reach the appointment πŸ˜… for exactly avoid “running after the watch”πŸ•›β³. But okay,- that’s life 😊.

Today and during this week I have the afternoon shift at my job,- or … it can look like I need to take the mornings shifts this week instead, because one of my colleagues can’t work at the moment. I’m not not quite ready for that,- I have already made my teaching classes for this week and my online shifts out from my normal job πŸ˜…. Well,- I may need to change them now. Remember I told you,- I don’t know what this 2020 will brings, but I know there will be changes and challenges and different new experiences too 😊.

So what did I do on a “bom trip” to Malaga early this morning? To be honest, – I don’t understand it myself πŸ˜….

I’m trying to close down my autonomo. I have tried it for a while now and that’s not a easy case- that’s for sure πŸ™„. An autonomo is the same as self employed. I did registered me as an self employed the summer of 2018. Reason was to work as a freelancer writer and teacher, and to do an honest work and pay my taxes. And it all went very well until January 2019. At that point there was not very much writing job to get, or students to teach, unfortunately. I had 2 students pr week. Two hour pr week. Not enough to pay the bills.

Now I have a working contract and pay my taxes through my job,- and I don’t want to pay also taxes as an self employed anymore, special when I don’t need to do it. It’s to much for my salary “to handle with” πŸ’°. And I don’t need it anymore, to pay my sos.sec on my own to “safety” my health and pension 😊.

To be an autonomo or self employed in Spain is a bit different then from Norway. It’s very easy to start, but a shit to close down πŸ™„. And it’s taxes and expenses “here and there and every where” πŸ™„. And no one seems to know exactly what and how or where I should go to close down my autonomo either. You can say I’m being send a bit around πŸ˜…. I have been in Fuengerola and Benalmadena, and today, early this morning to Malaga. Next time it should be to the tax office in Torremollinos they told me, and then back again to the sos.sec office in Benalmadena πŸ™„. I’m shown from office to office, but its always the wrong offices- of course. Or more correctly,- in general I just get the half correct and half wrong information.

I can really understand why people “put money under the table” , get paid in black money here in Spain. It’s actually more expensive to be honest. It’s a bit “corruption” here,- something the government in Spain are trying to change, but then the government needs to change more different things. I’m not going to go into that today, to use my time on politician,- that’s for sure 😊. BTW it’s “corruption” in Norway too. But its “hidden” a bit better and differently then here in Spain. I think it’s a bit “corruption” in most countries in one or another way πŸ’±.

My day today started with that I was waiting for my car. My oldest son and his friend, for some reasons I don’t understand, did decided to start moving the rest of their stuff in the middle of the night πŸ™„. I needed my car 07.30, sharp, this morning so I could reach the train and the appointment in Malaga,- and also with a bit good time. Because I was also not quite sure where the office was. I had my Google maps ready too. “Mrs. Google maps” has been good to have here in Spain, special when I was working in the home nursery and did try to find the patients 😊. But “she” was not very useful today, that’s for sure too πŸ™„. Well,- I did get my car back 07.00,- phu. I was a bit nervous when the time was close by 07 00, even I knew my son still had 30 minutes left πŸ˜…. But I have told you before, long time ago in another post, that my oldest has a bit challenge to come on the correct time now and then, but, when that’s said,- it was much worse when he was a child.

I did reach the train 😊,- but of course the train got technical problems this morning πŸ˜…. So it didn’t went very fare,- and then it was to wait for a new train, a train without any technical problems 🚞. My 45 minutes for avoid “running after the watch” in Malaga suddenly became to just 5 minutes when I did arrived to Malaga πŸ•°. I did have a tiny bit clue where the office I should visit was,- but in case and because of the time I put on “Mrs. Google maps “. It’s good to have “her” telling me the “wrong direction” or “right direction”. And in general “she” is nearly always correct about the directions too,- except from today,- of course πŸ™„. I have seriously no idea why “she” did tell me a so totally not correct direction today, of all the days she could choose πŸ€”. But she did for some reasons send me in the opposite direction today. Me and “Mrs. Google maps” are not very good friends today. Well,- I’m not a very good friend with “her” at least πŸ™„.

I should have followed the maps and my instincts from the beginning of today instead. Of course, again,- I didn’t reach my appointment, 5 minutes can go really fast sometimesπŸ˜… ,- even I did find the office on my own to the end ! And even the Spanish ones are totally find with “being to late” (you know maΓ±ana maΓ±ana) it’s obviously not so much okay for them that I was to late to my appointment today πŸ™„. And I was actually not me that was “to late” either, – it was the train and Mrs. Google maps ” that put me in this “to late” situation today 😊. Well, well,- now I need to “struggle” through this online page again, in Spanish, and find a new appointment. Obviously this time in Torremollinos πŸ˜…. And I thought I was going to be finish with that today πŸ˜….

I have no idea why “someone” over my, over there in the sky or something like that wanted me to not reach my appointment today πŸ€”. I did “everything” correct. Had all my papers with me, had put in one extra hour to have time enough, had prepared and readed the map and put “Mrs. Google maps ” ready….but still I didn’t manage it,- and it was in a way not because of me, myself and a bad planning 😊. I can promise you I felt a bit “confused” then πŸ˜…. In away,- what was the point of this trip to Malaga today? What just happen today in a way? Because”Mission was not completed”,- and if I have knew I could have slept a bit longer this morning too 😊. I was working to 01 00 last night and up with the birds today at 06 15 πŸ˜….

But,- I really did reach my job today πŸ˜…, I normally do. But today I had more then enough time 😊. I don’t like to be to late to work or any other appointments 😊. And I’m very happy for that I had more then enough time today at my job, because it has been a busy day. Lots of phone calls, emails and banners that’s needed to be translate to Norwegian 😊. The day went fast 😊. It was all in all a good day,- even with a “bom- trip” to Malaga and with the “mission close down my autonomo” is still “not complete yet” 😊. Now it’s just time for “timeout” and relax, and prepare my self for a new “close down my autonomo” appointment to another day 😊. So I let this “bluemonday” be coloured with some other colours in this evening 😊.

I’m going to manage to close down my autonomo, I just don’t know when. Hopefully as soon as possible. Because in general I do manage what I have “put” into my mind and made differents decisions to do,- it just takes a bit time…. very ofte to much time after my mind to get things done when I want them to be done πŸ˜…… and for some reasons I’m not sure why it is like that. But I do manage it more and less most of what I have decided to do, and my goals to reach, it just not happen at that time I want to have it “done” 😊. If you understand what I mean?

I hope you have had an excellent day and an great start on this week 😊. But not with to much “bom- trips” in one or another way 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

A statue close to the train station in Malaga,- and a very good description of what I did feel this morning πŸ˜….

I felt a bit like this statue early this morning when I was in Malaga, and my trip was a “bom trip”, and my “mission is still not completed” 😊. The statue is a very good description of me this morning πŸ˜…. A bit confused πŸ˜…. What just happen and why? 😊

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