A tiny “art challenge” from my daughter 😊 πŸŽ¨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Some days ago I did ask my daughter if she had some empty winebottles,- because I haven’t anyone left 😊. I did use my empty winebottles to paint on some weeks ago, and it hasn’t been very much wine in the home after that 😊. And I want to try to paint a bit more on winebottles,- it was difficult, but also very fun 😊.

I did think that maybe my daughter did have a couple of empty winebottles,- she is a bit younger then me, and it is a bit more “party” in her home than mine 😊. Here it is job, work, goals to reach, – and then … soon it is time to use some good quality time on great friends and maybe share a bottle of wine or two 😊.

My daughter didn’t have any empty winebottles either, but she gave me a tiny “art bottle challenge” instead, – and gave me a couple of coca cola glassbottles to paint on πŸ₯ƒ. I’m not sure how to do that, or what to paint πŸ˜…. When I think about coca cola glassbottles I think about a tiny bit “luxury” in the daily life to drink coca cola from a glassbottle, and the tasty drink coca cola, and of all the things to think about when I think about coca cola in a glassbottle,- I actually think about Santa Claus πŸŽ…. But I’m not in the “mood” for painting any Christmas- things or snow. But you never know,- maybe it’s a bit snow that will decorate this bottles after all? 😊 ❄

But challenge is recived and taken, I just need to let the imagination and inspiration “come over” me before I start painting 🎨. Hopefully it doesn’t takes to long time,- it’s a bit boring to just watch this empty glassbottles from coca cola standing there and waiting for something creative to happen πŸ˜….

My daughter is also painting,- and I really like her paintings. She paint differently from me, like I do paint differently from my dad 🎨 😊. And the difference are a good thing is 😊. I can’t paint like either my dad or my daughter, – I can only paint like “me”. So we are actually three generations with mini amateurs painters and artists from the same family (of course,- since there was 3 generations of “artists” 😊), that use the colours, canvas, brushes, inspiration and imagination differently, at the same time it’s art, our private and personal art, with our own touch, one of a kind art 🎨.

My daughter did paint this 4 years ago and she did gave it to me πŸ₯°. It is in our livingroom, on the wall where I have my creative corner 😊.

My oldest son have also painted a pretty cool painting to me many years ago. It’s, unfortunately, in Norway,- but I did also had that painting on my wall in the livingroomwhen we did live in Norway 😊. And hopefully I can have it on my wall again one day πŸ₯°. I just need to get our things and stuff from Norway and down here to Spain first 😊. He did paint a copy, his own “understandig” of famous painting “Scream” /”Skrik” by Edward Munch 😱. It so cool,- Im looking forward to both put it on my wall again and also show it to you one day 😊.

And my dad’s paintings,- I think most of them are gorgeous. It is special on kind of painting he did paint I really did and still does like. It’s something with the atmosphere in those paintings, the colours, and they are in away both powerful and peaceful at the same time 😊. A bit like my dad in a way 😊.

My dad paint this in 1989,- and he has different kinds of paintings with this atmosphere in,- but with different colours and motives. This kinds of paintings are one of my favourite paintings to my dad 😊.

Well,- I have a challenge to work with at the moment,- in the meantime I can finish some of my other paintings on my canvas first,- and wait for the imagination and inspiration to “take me on a flow” over this coca cola glass bottles 😊. I did have an imagination and inspiration for some paintings on winebottles, but I can’t use them on this glassbottles 😊. So that inspiration I can “hide away” for a tiny little while 😊. At least until I have shared one of my own winebottles I have in my home with someone, and get a empty winebottles or two to paint on 😊. Suddenly a winebottle give me a nice and fun time two times or more,- not just to drink the wine together with some good friends,- but also to create something fun on after 😊.

Have you got any nice, small challenges this day? Challenges that are fun to do? Like my daughter’s challenge to me? 😊

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Challenge “received” and “taken” from my daughter,- I just need to find the imagination and inspiration for some paintings on coca cola glassbottles 😊. And in the meantime, – Do you want to take a tiny look at a painting my daughter has created? Or my dad? They are both in my post πŸ’š.

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