Different energies create different atmospheres πŸ§‘

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

We are all surrounded by different energies all the time. We get, gives and create different energies, and the different energies also create different atmospheres around us and the people we are surrounded with and by πŸ’š. We all are in our own way energies.

I’m not going to have a big lecture about energies on different levels today, but energies fascinate me. So it will be a bit about energies that people gives and gets from each other in today’s post 😊.

Most of us have heard the expression about being at “wavelength”/ be at the same frequenc with someone. It didn’t sound as good in English that in Norwegian πŸ˜…. But it was the best translation I could find,- from Norwegian to English,- so I hope you understand what I mean? 😊. We also feel connected to other people as well as attractive in different ways and levels 😊. This is also a kind of energies 😊. Some energies connect a bit better then others, and some people are even more sensitive for different energy and energy level that’s people “gives” or sending out 😊. I know I can be a bit to much sensitive when it comes to energies and atmosphere now and then. And I’m not sure it’s always a good thing.

We have energy from the world of physics, and quantum physics, we have electromagnetic waves and the colorful aura surrounds each individual on different and at different levels. We have sound waves, vibrations and frequencies. And last but not at least,- the thought’s power, the power of our thoughts. I’m not going to write very much about “the thought’s power” today,- that’s a interesting text for another day 😊.

Physics’ definition of energy is the ability to do work, and where work comes from as a separate force used over a period or stretch.  Energetics can never get lost, disappear or rise, – energy is there all the time.  And, – energy always comes from an energy source. Like food, sun or water, oil, gasoline, even a good night sleep. And energy source can also be a human being in it’s own way 😊.

I dont know about you,- but I can get really empty and tired by some people’s energies, at the same time as other people can give me a lots of energy and excess 🌞. Do you have it like that?

I don’t say that these people that in away give me a tired and emptiness of energy are bad people. Not at all,- we just don’t connect in a good way, we are probably on different frequencies, and sends out different signals and vibrations. And I don’t know if my energies I’m sending out are good or bad either, but in general I’m trying to send out good vibrations and energies to the people around me. It’s is not always easy, but in general it’s actually have a positive effect and creates the most positive atmosphere too 😊.

My oldest son friend’s and his energies are not very good “connected” with my energies. I feel really tired and feel very empty with him around me. He is a nice young man, and haven’t done me anything harm. But there’s something about and with his and my energies that’s not “connected” in a good way for me. Maybe he do feel the same about me as well,- I actually don’t know. But it’s a gloomy, in away a bit “dark” and heavy atmosphere in my home when he is here,- and I get really tired and feel so empty. And, probably when I feel it that way too the atmosphere in my home gets even a bit more “gloomy” because I feel empty and tired.

I don’t know him very well, and he doesn’t know me very well either. We talk normal to each other, and there’s no conflicted conversation between us at all. But obviously his and my energies are not a very good match for me. I can’t answer for him,- he can feel actually the same way for me and my energies as I do with me around him.

My oldest son can also take a bit from my energies, but in a bit different way. My oldest son talk a lot, and he is not always the best “listener”. And he can take a bit “space and place” too 😊, but still not emptying my energies at the same way and level as his friend. Probably because he is my son πŸ’™.

I don’t mean to write anything bad about my son or his friend,- but during the last weeks I have just notice the different energy level in my home and the different atmosphere in my home when there are different people around . I have notice this many times before too, but even better now when I have been living on my own for a while. The atmosphere in my home is changing when it comes to who that are in my home. Of course that also have something with me to do,- that the “energy connection” and the frequencies we are on are different. And then the atmosphere becomes different too.

I remember when my daughter did moved out, I did just not missed her, but I also did miss her energies, the atmosphere that was surround by her 🧑. I could feel her energies even when she was just in her bedroom and not in the kitchen or livingroom toghether with me 🧑.

And there’s not secret that some people empty other people’s for more energies, then the opposite. I have friends I really like to spend my time together with, at the same time as I know we can’t “stay together forever” because it will empty me a bit, my energy level. And like I mention,- people can feel the same with my energies too. I’m emptying them a bit as well.

It’s energies of different kinds and ways around us all the time, and we gives our energies to the people we are surround by. That’s the way it is, and that’s also thecreason why I think we connected better with some than others because our energies level and frequencies are more similar then together with others 😊. And then we create a kind of atmosphere together with our different energies.

I think most of us have good energies around us, we just use them differently and then also create different atmosphere around us 😊.

Have you for example went into a room or a house and felt good and just wanted to be there? Or the opposite? Wanted to leave as soon as possible just because of the energies and atmosphere? I have a lots of times, both wanted to stay or wanted to leave. It’s the same with people, some you can hang around with for a long time, and some you feel it’s good enough to be polite to 😊.

Well,- that was a tiny bit of my thoughts about the energies and the atmosphere in my home at the moment 😊. Not bad, just empty, tired and a tiny bit “gloomy”, still also touched up with my oldest son good smiles and his talking 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Energy comes in different forms, areas and shapes. Water is one energy source, humans an other 🌞

Different energies creates different atmospheres. Have you ever felt that someone “using” your energy? Or went into a room and just felt for staying there because it was felt up with good energies? 😊. Energies is not just good or bad,- they are “connections”, attraction, “vibrations”, frequencies and so much more,- and can create different atmosphere and feelings from person to person 🧑.

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