I really do like my job πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I feel so lucky because I really do like my job πŸ₯°. My job is not my life, I’m working for my living, but it’s feels so good to really like my job, and what I’m doing for my living ☎️. It’s not for everyone to have it like this, – and I know,- because it’s just a couple of months ago I, in my own way, did struggle with not enjoying my job,- even I was grateful for having a job at that time, and was starting again to be able to pay my expenses, I was not happy, just grateful πŸ’°.

I’m still working on a customer service senter, and I’m still receiving phonecalls from customers,- but it’s still so different. The atmosphere in the office in general is more different, more lighter 🌞, and like I did mention in an other post,- the atmosphere around you, or at least for me, is important for feeling good 😊. It’s important for me to have a light, a bit relaxed and happy atmosphere 🌞. And I feel I have it like that where Im working now.

The customer I’m dealing with are different and more happy too, and my colleagues are also a bit “lighter”and more “easy going”,- maybe because of the atmosphere and environment we are working in? One thing take and gives the other 😊.

The products I’m working with are also different, and I also have a totally different interest for this products too πŸ‘—. The products really interesting me,- and I like the products too 😊. Of course,- because I’m just a woman πŸ‘—πŸ˜Š. And,- last but not at least,- I feel my knowledge are useful, I feel I’m useful in my job, and I also learning something new every day, and I do different takes every day. Not the same over and over again 😊. It is not like feeling being in the movie “The Groundhog day” 😊. It’s various work, and various working days, at the same time stable and in it’s on way predictably as well 😊.

It’s different “acceptance and concept” that’s create an atmosphere as well as the job and the people who are doing the job 😊. It was a lots of great people at my other job too,- but the atmosphere was a bit more “darker in the mood” and a bit more “gloomy”,- if I can use that word. Some of my colleagues at the other office I still do miss a bit, and some I’m so lucky that I still have contact with too 😊. They was not “dark” or “gloomy”,- it was the working environment and atmosphere that felt a bit like that “over there” in the other job. And I really did feel grateful for that job, but I didn’t feel happy and lucky in my job. That’s a different for me,- now I feel both happy, lucky and grateful for my job 😊. Even on busy days it’s great to be at my job and do my work 😊.

It has been some busy weeks lately both home and in my job, and I has been very tired,- but still felt well in away and in general 😊. That’s a good feeling to have 😊.

I also feel lucky with my new online job I do from my home now 😊. Its different from what I have done before, and what I actually needed to do for being able to have a place to live and have food on the table. Now I don’t need to “sexting” anymore to get the “wheels goes around”. “Sexting” is actually a word I did find up,- it’s “chatting” online, its actually just texting about sex …. with men …. πŸ™„. I didn’t like that job, but I did need an income. And in life we sometimes needs to do things we don’t like to get what we need, like and want in life. And the ones that needs to judge me for doing a job like that, because I know there’s some souls that have a tiny need for that,- I hope they think two and three times about why they feel for judging me, and also think two and three times about what they have done in my livingsituation, the economic situation and lifesituation to get money for paying for the different expenses there are in life. Like food and a place to live, and for me at that time, also supporting my youngest child. In my mind there’s no room or space for judging me,- but I know there always will be some “besserwisser souls” and some with a bit “smaller” sight on things and stuffs in life 😊. All in all,- its probably tells more about them then me 😊.

In my online job now, my new one, I work together with a team that does different kinds of healthcare support. It’s still chatting online, but the questions I get are more about different accpect health in different areas in life,- then both issues dealing with mental, social, physical and metal health at various levels.  And I have a fixed work schedule, fixed hours, even a fixed salary. The working hours have been a little hard in February for me, because I have evening shifts until 24.00 or 01.00, – and I’m starting to get a little too old to have such late bedtime 5 nights a week πŸ˜…. In March my working- schedule will be a bit better for me and my bedtime πŸ˜…,- and I’m looking forward to that 😊. But the job I’m doing online is fine,- I feel both grateful and lucky for that one too 😊. But my favourite job is still at the office in the phone with the customer and with different tasks to do during the days,- and my dream job,- I’m still working to “get and have” that one πŸ₯°. And I still do some writing, but it has been a bit difficult to focus on that when my son and his friend are living here,- I need a bit more “silent” around me for doing the writing 😊.

When that’s said,- the first job I hope I can quite after a while, when I’m a couple of more steps closer to my dream job and a couple of more steps closer to having the economy the way I want is my online job 😊.

I also still have some students,- so I can keep up my teaching too πŸ“š. I like that as well 😊. My students have some goals with the language, and they are working hard, and I see progress with their studying both before and after every lessons 😊.

So yes, I do like what I’m doing and working with at the moment, even I hope I can and will be able to cut a bit down in some works after a while 😊. And,- yes,- I’m “on my way” to reach some of my goals in life,- step by step, slowly, – and in the meantime I’m so lucky that I have some jobs and works that both gives me happiness, joy and I’m feeling grateful for πŸ₯°. Its hard work to reach goals,- but its also a saying/ expression that says “Easy comes, easy goes”,- and I actually do believe in that 😊. It’s better to work hard for a while and try to build up something stronger and stable 😊. Then loose it all in a “swipp” for lazy work and fast solutions πŸ˜”. I choose to believe I will manage my “goals” but it’s not always easy to keep up the “belive”, but I’m trying my best,- and can’t do so much more then that 😊.

Yes,- I feel really lucky, happy and grateful in my working- situations, even I get tired and even it’s busy and long days πŸ₯°. My job is still not my life,- I’m working with that one,- but it’s a so great feeling to like what I’m doing for my living πŸ₯°.

I really hope you are feeling the same for your job and your work in life 😊. I hope you feel happy, lucky and grateful for the job you have and the job you are doing πŸ₯°.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

My private products- but still an illusion and illustration of my job, and the products I’m working with 😊.

I like my job, even my job is not my life 😊. I’m very happy, lucky and feeling grateful for my job,- and my jobs as well 😊. I’m working with customers and products that I like to work with, as well as products that’s interesting me too, and I like the company and the concept I’m working for 😊. I’m lucky, happy and grateful 😊.

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