Art in process, and “flow on hold” 😊 πŸŽ¨

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I’m not finish with any kind of art this week, but I have some different art- products that are under production and process 🎨. It’s not always easy to make time for “all and everything” during a week,- special when I’m also sharing my time in my home with two young men. My oldest son and his friend 😊. And it has also been some busy weeks at work lately,- but my colleague is coming back to work tomorrow, on Monday, after mostly three weeks away 😊. It will be great to have her back, and good to see her again too 😊 And, – then I also don’t need to “work for two”, like I have done more and less the three last weeks now 😊.

I have also my 25 % online job from my home,- and two young men that’s run in and out, up and down during the days 😊…. and nights as well πŸ™„. I actually haven’t had very much time on my own the last three weeks 😊. It’s someone around me nearly all the time when I home 😊. But everything works out for a while, and as long as I know its just for a while as well. This is not a situation that will be “forever”, just maybe a couple of more weeks 😊. And that’s good 😊.

I need “my time” when I both are painting and writing. With that means,- I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m painting or writing 🎨. Even my children are one of my biggest inspiration source πŸ₯° when it comes to painting as well as working with and for to reach my different goals, I actually like to have this “inspiration source” a bit on a distance too 😊. Sound maybe strange,- but that’s the way it is for me 😊. I don’t like to be interrupted to much when I’m in “the colours” or “letters”, in my “imagination and inspiration”. It’s like “the flow” I’m in, just disappears with different kinds of interruptions, and it’s not always easy to “get it back”, get “the flow” back again after being interrupted a couple of times “on the road”. I know it can be difficult for others to understand this “in the flow” thing ,- but “the flow is what the flow is”. And I like to use and be in “my flow” in peace when I’m in “my flow” and not to be interrupted to much πŸ₯°. And to “be in the flow” is also a process and a part of my process for creating something 😊.

I’m not sure if my different products will be finish next week or in two weeks. But it’s doesn’t matter,- it’s not a rush to be finish actually,- it’s just good to use the “creativity, flow, inspiration and imagination ” when it’s “there” 😊. And I do miss more “my own time” then I miss to be finish with some of my “art- products” now 😊. On the other hand,- my time is when I’m “flowing” away in the colours or letters 😊.

What I’m very sure of is that when the “boy’s” has moved out I’m going to be alone with out any other kind of interruptions or be at sosial settings, except from when I’m job at the office, for a week πŸ˜…. I’m going to be a little hermit and cave dweller a little week then πŸ₯°. To just get my own energies back, get my own routines and my own daily rhythm back on track again, and find “my flow” again too 😊. I actually get a bit irritating when I have no time on my own,- but I’m trying as best as I can to just keep the irritation for myself ( just share a bit with you 😊). Because I know why I get irritated,- I miss “my own time” and at the moment there’s not very much space for that, that’s just the way it is 😊.

As long as I can remember I have had this “need” for some time on my own. Some time just for myself. When I became a mammi and my children was small children I did get “my time” in the evenings after I had put them to bed πŸ›. And when they became older and did stayed up longer in the evenings I did take “my time” early in the mornings when they was sleeping 😴. Some time on my own, is so important for me, that I easily did get up at 05.00 in the morning to just have one hour for just myself before the children did wake up πŸ₯°.

After my children has been growing up and moving out I have got “my time” whenever I wanted and needed it,- and that was a “luxury” I was not use to, but it was one of my first “routines” I did learn to live with and really enjoy after starting to live on my own without any children to have the responsibility for- just the responsibility for me and myself πŸ₯°. I really started to enjoy this luxury, to use my time whenever I wanted to enjoy “my time” this autumn 2019 when my last child, my daughter did moved out πŸ₯°. Well, well,- it’s just a couple of more weeks and I have that “luxury” back in my life again, and can be in “my own flow” again too πŸ₯°.

Do you have it like that sometimes? A need to just be alone? Do your own stuff and things without any kind of interruptions? “Fuel up” with your own energies on your own way and in your own time? In case,- what do you do then? 😊 I m just going to be home when “my time” is back again, and do whatever I want to do,- and turn of the sound on my phone 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Different kinds of art under “production and process” this week 🎨😊

It’s not very much time I have “on my own” in my home at the moment 😊. So to be in “the flow” is not a very easy “process” when there is different kinds of interruptions around me 😊. But there’s still some kind of art that’s under “production and process” 🎨,- but just not finish yet 😊. And, soon I will get “my flow” back again too, my own “time- luxury” or “luxury- time” 😊.

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