My “umbrella- art” is not art anymore πŸŒ‚ πŸ˜…

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

It’s actually still more and less like summertime here in South of Spain 🌞. But the few weeks when the winter was ” blowing and snowing” “around the corners” it was still strong enough to “blow away my umbrella-art” at my roof on my at my patio πŸ˜…. So today I did get some help from my oldest son and his friend to remove all the umbrellas, or more correctly, what was left from the umbrellas on the roof outside at my patio πŸŒ‚.

It was actually pretty cool before the winter- storms got a big “grip” on the umbrellas 🌬 β˜‚οΈ. And then, now, after the winter- storms, it was not been very cool at all πŸ˜…. It’s looked a bit like a kind of garbage on the roof instead of “umbrella- art” covering for the sun,- and they didn’t manage to cover very much for the sun any more either 🌞.

My oldest son and his friend are removing what’s left from the umbrellas on the “roof” 😊.

I need to find another solution for to cover for the sun,- and this time it will be a very easy solution too πŸ˜…. Not something that takes a lots of work, to put up or take down, or to let my “creativety, inspiration and imagination” “run away” with me πŸ˜…,- but something easy to put up, but that still both covers for the sun as well as creating a cozy and nice atmosphere outside in my patio 😊. I’m using the patio so much during the summertime that I like to have a cozy and relaxing atmosphere around me outside there as well as other places where I’m spending a lots of my time 😊.

After the short, but hard winter- storm this winter my umbrella art on the roof are not art any more 😊

I have two patios,- one for more like a eating- area, and the other one for more like a outside livingroom- area. I use the first one to eat my breakfast outside, or other meal during the summertime, as well as barbecue together with my children, family and friends. And I have a cozy atmosphere there too 😊. But I’m using the other patio more,-the one that was my “umbrellas- art” patio. That one is more and less like a outside livingroom 9- 10 months during the year, and then it needs to have a good solution for covering for the sun😊. And even the sun is so nice it’s important to have a kind of cover over the patio. If not,- there will be no possibility for staying outside, it will be to hot 🌞. And I have already stayed inside so many years during a summertime when I was living in Norway,- now I will use the summertime outside as much as possible 😊. I like to be outdoors and outside during the summer, – and all my family and friends that’s visiting me during the summertime like to be outside as well 😊

So this year it will be something so easy a pavilion β›Ί,- and I think that will be a nice, good and cozy solution 😊. I will show you when it’s on place in a couple of weeks 😊.

It’s felt good to remove the destroyed umbrellas today, and it was a perfect timing to use to young men for helping me as well. So they could be useful for something when they are staying here 😊. By the way,- my son and his friend are going on a viewing at a finca far out in the countryside, on Wednesday.  I hope they can rent it.  It will be a perfect place for their animals to stay there, and a perfect place for them to build on their motorhome plans. And,- I’m perfectly fine for me to get my home back again,- and my life too 😊.

Anyway,- today has been a bit practical working day at home, for making my out places/ patio more ready for the summertime 😊. I’m looking forward to its finish in a couple of weeks 😊.

I hope your weekend so fare had been nice,- with or without any practical work 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑

See you soon 😊

A sunny working day today, outside in my patio with good help from my son and his friend 😊.

This Saturday has been a practical working-day with removing my destroyed “umbrellas art” at my patio 😊. And with good help from my oldest son and his friend the patio sloely again getting ready for enjoying the summertime 🌞.

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