Turquoise for strength, courage and protection πŸ₯°

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I have my own “believe” in the power of stones, minerals and crystals,- at the same time I’m not very good to use my “believe” in the power from stones, minerals and crystals can have for both the body and the mind. I’m more a mind- believer when in comes to the power they can have, but I also know both stones, minerals and crystals are use as and under a physical healing- process πŸ’Ž.

I think there is a reason for why stones, minerals and crystals has been used under and in different processes in life for thousands of years, and in several different cultures and traditions.  The Indians are known for their use of various stones, minerals in crystals, the same is the East, but in different ways. I don’t think one way is more correct then the other, it’s just different. This believes in the power of stones, minerals and crystals are still used in different forms, areas and processes in life,- and I think it is a reason for that 🧑.

In Norway I have a small coffin with various stones, minerals and crystals.  The reason for that is because I have, for many years, been interested in this topic, as well as geography / geology.  I hope I will have the opportunity to pick up my coffin in Norway one day and take it with me to Spain πŸ₯°. And in this little casket there are also stones, minerals and crystals that I got from my dad. He has worked in many honors in tunnels and mountains in Norway, and collected stones, minerals and crystals for me.  Another good reason for me to bring my coffin down to Spain πŸ₯°.

I was born in the Aquarius zodiac, and according to this zodiac sign amethyst is “my” stone and crystal. Amethyst stands for faith, spirit and hope.  It should provide protection, tranquility and more energy.  The stone will help change, raise awareness, help make decisions and give clearer dreams. Amethyst should also help to understand that there is something more about us and strengthen the spiritual feeling.

My amethyst ring ny mammi gave me many, many years ago ❀. It’s need to be both fixed and the stone needs to fresh up a bit 😊.

My mammi gave my a ring with an amethyst stone in, many, many years ago. When I was a teenager. This ring is made of silver, and unfortunatel it broke some years ago. But before it broke I did use it every day for, I don’t know how many years I have had that ring in my finger, 10 years, 20 years? It’s not strange that it broke- it has been very well used πŸ₯°. This ring mean and ment a lot for me,- and one day I will fix it so I can start using it again πŸ₯°. Unfortunately it’s not the first thing on my “economic to do list” to fix,- but hopefully I will get there one day. I’m working on it 😊. Working on it to be able to do the different things that are on my “economic to do list” 😊. That’s also one of the reasons why I’m working so hard and so much 😊.

Last week Millie was sleeping over in my home, just for one night. She is moving back to Spain, but she and my son in the middle will not have any relationship anymore. They live their own lifes now,- but still she is a tiny bit “mine”,- and I’m helping her with the things I can help her with πŸ₯°. And yesterday she did dropped by my home with a lovely present to me from her self and her mammi πŸ₯°. I got some beautiful nickels and earrings, and also a bracelet made with turquoise stones πŸ₯°. I’m actually not sure why I did get this beautiful present from them,- but it made me really happy and grateful 🧑.

First time someone gave me a form of turquoise stones was my oldest son when he was about 12 years old.  It was a jewelery necklace that I, of course, still have and that I have used on various occasions.  That time I got it because we lived on the Prairie, and turquoise is a stone the Indians used a lot.  And I got it because I’m his mum, and because he knows I’ve always been fascinated by Native American beliefs, culture, and spiritual attributes.

Turquoise gift to me from my oldest son when he was around 12 years old,- of course this is not “the real deal turquoise”, at the same it is- because its given to me from my son πŸ’™

Before we moved to Spain, and when we still did lived at our Prairie I was member in a book and accessories called Energica. It was, and probably still is, a club with different and various spiritual things, books and stuff. And I got a little dream catcher as a nickles, from the club. Or to be honest,- I don’t remember if I did buy it or got it,- but I did bring it with me to Spain. And I have it on my night- table close to my bed πŸŒ™πŸŒŸ. This dream catcher nickles has also turquoise stones πŸ₯°. Maybe it can catch the “bad” dreams and let my good ones flow? And give me strength, courage and protection ? 😊 I, in my own way do believe that,- at the same time, – I haven’t been very good to use my “spiritual or religious” beliefs the lasts years. I need to be much better to do that πŸ’›.

My dream catcher nickles that I have on my night- table close to my bed πŸ₯°. Because I, in my own way, have a kind of belief in this,- I have just not been very good to focus on my belief during the lasts years πŸ’›.

Some years ago I was a norwegian teacher for a young boy. He was around 7 years when I started to teach him Norwegian, and I did teach him closely every Sunday for two years. He was a charming little boy,- and when I had my last Norwegian lesson together with him he gave me a beautiful present, that he had chosen on his own for me πŸ₯°. He was so very proud because it was his first jewelry present he has chosen totally on his own, and it was to me πŸ₯°. That was a nickles and a couple of earrings with turquoise stones πŸ₯°. I know he did choose it because he really did like them,- but I have been thinking a bit if “someone” or “something” did help him choose those stones? Because turquoise has also a mission and meaning when it comes to the believe in the power of stones, minerals and crystals πŸ’Ž.

Look at this lovely nickles and earrings with turquoise stones I did get from my little young, Norwegian student some years ago πŸ₯°.

Jewelry with turquoise stones is found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 3000 years before the spring season count.  The stone was placed in the burial chamber as protection for the deceased on its journey to “the other side”.  The stone has also been used by the Persians, Aztecs and Indians.  Pray as jewelery and as protective ornaments on weapons and implements.

The Aztecs and Indians also used the turquoise stone as protection and to achieve happiness.  In the Christianity story of Adam and Eve, the turquoise stone stands for dignity, chastity and intrigue.  And in the Middle Ages, the turquoise stone was used to prepare restitution for illness, and to bestow upon the one who carried the stone wealth, honor and wisdom.

In its entirety, the turquoise stone stands for consciousness, natural power and healing.  The shine of the stone should have a soothing radiation, and is a stone of friendship.  The stone should be a master healer, and both balance, heal, provide strength and vitality.  It should increase self-awareness and one’s financial position.  It will bring together cohesion, love and inner strength.

And I did get this marvellous gift from Millie and her mammi yesterday ❀. A bracelet with turquoise stones πŸ“Ώ. But I actually got a bit more too πŸ₯°. Two beautiful nickles and two lovely couple or earrings to use when I was going to a date πŸ₯°. At least that was Millie told me,- and I’m probably going to use some of it next time I’m going to a date 😊. Just because she told me πŸ₯°,- and just because I actually maybe have a tiny little date to meet as well πŸ˜‰. But that one, the date I will tell you about another day πŸ˜‰.

Do you believe in the power of stones, minerals and crystals? In case,- some special stones, minerals or crystals? Have you any positive experience with using stones, minerals and crystals? In case, what? And are there any you recommend more then others? 😊

I know I’m going to be much better to use my belief in the power of stones,minerals and crystals πŸ₯°.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

The gift I did get from Millie and her mammi πŸ₯°. Look at this,- its beautiful πŸ₯°.

I’m so incredibly grateful, lucky and happy ❀. I got a gift yesterday from two people that means something special for me in my life πŸ₯°. A gift that means more for me that I think they actually know πŸ₯°. A gift with powerful stones as well as a gift for using on a sweet date πŸ˜‰. I’m very grateful for this incredible gift. Thank you so much ❀. And it’s more about this powerful stones in my post 😊.

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