A cozy memory: Snowflakes and a glassbottle with cocoa cola β„πŸ₯€

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Yesterday evening I was finish with the first “bottle- challenge” I got from my daughter some weeks ago,- and it became a kind of memory, as well as a kind of art 🎨. Even my oldest son told me he got a “flashback” to our time at our Prairie when he did see my painted coca cola glass bottle,- and for me that was a really nice compliment πŸ₯°.

Like I told you,- when I got the “bottle- challenge” from my daughter, I did “saw” snowflakes, wintertime, Christmas, Santa Claus and just sweet memories together with my children at the bottles, – and it was a bit difficult to just let that kind of memories “go” πŸ₯°.

The “bottle challenge” from my daughter was to try to paint something on 3 coca cola glass bottles. Three different motives, one on each bottle. And for us, to drink coca cola from glass bottles was and still is a tiny little luxury 😊. Coca cola from glass bottles are more expensive, and taste a tiny bit different and better then from a plastic bottle. It is a different tast between coca cola from glassbottles and from plastic bottles or metal boxes. That’s just the way it is 😊.

My memory, when I did paint this coca cola glass bottle yesterday, did take me back in time to the first time my children “meet” Santa Claus at a shopping centre close by our Prairie in Norway 😊. It was snow, wintertime and close to Christmas. The coca cola Santa Claus with his big long coca cola trailer was visiting the shopping centre, and had both sales on coca cola at glass bottles as well as there was a possibility for the children to sit on his knee, get a photo together with Santa Claus and maybe even whisper a tiny little Christmas wish in his ear πŸŽ….

We did buy this coca cola luxury for the Christmas-time, and my children did sit on Santa’s knee. My oldest son was very brave and just a big smile, my son in the middle was a bit worried, and my daughter didn’t want to go to Santa Claus at all in the beginning. She hardly did take a look at him,- but at the same tim she was very curious on this strange man 😊. So after a while she also took the chance to sit at Santa’s knee with her yellow tuck well placed in the mouth 😊. I think my children could has been around 9, 6 and 3 years old at that time.

I got three so nice and sweet photos of my children together with Santa Claus,- and the boys talked about it for a long time after 😊. I remember I did use that photos as Christmas card that year 😊. I still have the photos,- but they are, unfortunately, like many of our things and stuff, still in Norway. I hope I can show them to you one day. My oldest son was just a big, big smile, my son in the middle a bit sceptical and didn’t smile very much, and my daughter,- it is just her big eyes and a yellow tuck that shows on the photo 😊.

It’s actually a very “daily” memorie,- a memory with not to much “happenings” in, but still a memory we all do remember with joy and happiness πŸ₯°. It is our memory,- and I m so grateful for having a lots of different memories like this together with my children ❀.

My painted cocoa cola glass bottle- that brought a very nice and cozy memory back for both me and my oldest son πŸŽ…

I hope you have memories like this with your close one, even it’s children, sisters and brothers, parents or grandparents, or good friends πŸ’›. Small daily memories without to much “happenings” in,- but still so much joy and happiness 🧑. It’s so good to carry memories like this I the heart ❀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

My coca cola glass bottle covered with snowflakes and memories πŸ₯° – you can find a bit more info about the bottle or other kinds of my art at my Instagram @artbylailas_

One of the coca cola glass bottles I got as a “painting challenge” from my daughter is finish 😊. And on it’s own way did remind me about snowflakes, my children, Christmas and Santa Claus,- as well as the painted glassbottle gave my oldest son a good “flashback” memory too πŸ₯°.

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