Today it is “Dia de Andalusia ” πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŒž

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Today it is a Holyday in Andalucia, the the region of Spain that I live in. It’s silent and most of the shops and stores are closed. I’m working, even I live in Andalucia, but that’s because I’m working for a German company with Norwegian customers, and follows the Norwegian holidays in relation to holidays at work πŸ‡§πŸ‡».

Some like to read about history, other don’t. With that means, some will find this text boring, others not 😊. I like to learn a bit about the history, because it’s the history that’s create the present as well as the future 😊. And I also have been living in Andalucia for a while now, so I think it’s a bit important to know a bit about this region’s history as well 😊.

Spain has 17 regions and each of these 17 regions each has its own local holiday.  This means that February 28 is not a holiday in all of Spain, but only in Andalucia. It’s a lots if different holydays in Spain, national, regional, local and also just for the different cities and towns. There can be a Holyday in the town I’m living, but not in the town close by me. It depends what kind of Holyday it is 😊.

February 28, in line with the other 16 local holidays in the remaining regions, in Spain, a mark and reminder that each region was taken up as its own region. Each region also has its own flag. This has been the case since the last Spanish Constitution was passed in 1978. Spain was dictatorship until five until 1975, and had its first free elections in 1977.

Andalucia’s symbol of the regional day is a person named Blas Infante.  He was born in 1855 in a small village near Estepona.  He studied politics and worked as a notary, and not least was very involved in the rights of people living in the region.  He spent most of his life in Seville and Cordoba.  He is reckoned in several circles as Andalucia’s father.  He worked very hard to make Andalucia work well, and then with arguments and starting point that if Andalucia worked well the rest of Spain would work well too 🌞.

Blas Infante justified this, among other things, with the importance of the region, the size of Andalucia, the population and not least the important industry.  The industry that was once a part of this was replaced by the tourism industry.  He fought for the workers’ rights, he felt Andalusian and he was very proud of the Andalusian character.

Unfortunately, Blas Onfante was executed on 11 August 1936 by Franco’s troops.  Franco was a guy who did not like the individual so badly he wanted all of Spain under his leadership, and two strong distances to the division of regions of the country.

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It was today’s little history lesson on why February 28th is a local holiday in all of Andalusia, but not in all of Spain.

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Park de la Miel in Arroyo de la Miel 🌞

Today it’s a tiny little history lesson on why February 28th is a local holiday in all of Andalusia, but not in all of Spain.Today is a local Holyday in all of the region Andalucia, but not in all of Spain 🌞. So my text today is just a tiny little “history lesson” about why it is that way 😊. I wish you a all a great day 🌞.

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