Thank you February, and welcome March πŸ’›

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧑

Then February is over and I can say thank you February for a nice, good and busy month with different experiences, happenings in life, changes and challenges ,- not to many, not to big, not to challenged to handle 😊. Like the life in general is ,- most of the time πŸ’›.

A challenge don’t need to be something negative, it’s can be something that just need a bit extra energy and effort to get through or manage 😊. Experiences are different “lessons”, and are in general not negative either 😊. It is about to learn something new, something that also in general, is a good thing. It can be about the life, your self, others or maybe something practical or, – about anything, actually 😊. And changes are changes, – small or big ones. A change it’s either nothing negative, it can just feel like that in the beginning because it is something new and different 😊.

My February has mainly just been very busy with work, being a mammi for my oldest son,- and then also live together with a couple of “new roommates” 😊. But also some few experiences, happenings, changes and challenges 😊. But not to much or to many of that ones this month,- and I m very Thankful for that 😊.

It has been, and still are, a challenge and change to live together with two young adults men that lives a other life then me, with others daily routines too, and also have different “habits” then myself. But one of this young men is my child, my oldest son,- and I do everything I can for my children even it means changes in my life, challenges in my life, or “put my life on hold” ❀.

The changes and challenges is not “hard or bad”, not as long as I know it will change back again to my own “normal” life again 😊. But everyone, every parent, that have young adults children that moving in to their home again know exactly how this is. The changes and challenges in your own mature adult life where you have created your own life, “needs”, routines, rhythm and habits without any children around you anymore 😊. So I’m not going to use a lots of time to “explain” this changes and challenges,- we parents that have or had “experience” them know how it is, the rest haven’t a tiny clue about how this changes and challenges are, to be honest 😊.

I have experienced in February that I really like to live alone, and I work so much better in my home when I’m alone, both with “house-stuff” like “cleaning the home” , as well as my “work from home”, and to “be creative” as well,- and I like to use my time, my life the way I want to use it,- not the way others are trying to tell me how to use it 😊. I like to use this new “freedom” called “my life and my time” as an mature adult woman,- and I really experienced how much I do like it when my oldest son moved into my home again 😊. I did knew this already about myself, but a tiny reminder about “how I’m” in different areas in life are in general not to bad to get now and then 😊.

February has not been a very social month for me, at the same time it has. I have more and less people around me 24/7 at the moment πŸ˜…. But I haven’t spent very much time together with my friends (or myself) . I haven’t had the energy to use to much time to my friends, I have choose to used my energy at my work and my oldest son 😊. And I can see that it was a clever thing to do too,- to use my energies at my son as well as my work πŸ’›. My son was a bit “heartbroken” when he did moved in here, and he didn’t eat to well either πŸ˜”. He was not in the best mental, emotional or physical health or “place” some weeks ago. But now he is more and less “back in business” again, smiling, eating …. and yes talking….a lot,- like he normally have done in his whole life πŸ˜…. So that’s a very good thing for me as a mammi to see, that my child, my son – blossoms again, finds himself again and the person he both is and wants to be πŸ’™. I know I did the correct thing , – to “put my life” in different ways and areas “on hold” for a while,- also my social life, for my oldest son 😊. Changes and challenges, – yes,- but all in all, also so worth it πŸ’™.

I have had some few friends for visit this month 😊. And Millie was here too 😊. I did have a very cozy Valentine’s day, – the best I can remember so fare in my life 🌹. And I got a very nice surprise present too,- some jewelry I really presage, and have a positive effect on my, my life and my mind, and some of them I’m using every day now πŸ’›. I have seen some good and positive changes for my oldest son πŸ’™. I have learned that I really presage my own time, my life,- and I m not going to “put” my plans, dreams, wishes, goals “on hold” for any other man ever again, just my sons are worthy that πŸ’™. I have actually had a bit time to think about that during February, – men and my life, relationship and what I want. I have also had some tiny “sweet” meetings this month when it comes to the “subject” men,- but I can tell you more about that ones an other time, an other day 😊. I got a new student in February, and I could actually got 3 more new students too. But I haven’t more time to teach more students at the moment. I got a interesting job offer at Malta as well in February,- but I don’t want to move any places at the moment. My life is busy, but good her in Spain 🧑. I like my life, I like my jobs πŸ₯°.

All in all,- my February has been a very busy month, but in it’s own way very good ❀. I’m Thankful for the different things February did show me and my life,- even it had mainly been work and my child that has taken most of my energies, my time and my focus this month 😊. So Thank you, February, – even you had been a very busy month you have teach me something about myself and how fare I can and will go in different areas in life,- and for whom too 😊. And Thank you, February, – for not bringing to many and to big changes and challenges into my life πŸ’š. I’m very grateful for the “wisdom” February in its own way did show me and gave me in my life 😊.

Welcome sweet March πŸ’›. I’m looking forward to meet you and experiences you too,- even I’m not sure what kind of suprices, changes, experiences, happenings, wisdom and challenges you will bring and give me πŸ’›. But there will be some,- that’s for sure 😊, and some very few I already do know a tiny bit about as well 😊. My oldest son and his friend are moving out in a couple of weeks,- and that doesn’t feel to bad at all 😊. I’m not crying over that at all πŸ˜…. It will be great to get “my life” back again πŸ₯°. There will also be some busy days with a lots of work too, in March, but also more time for socializing together with my friends 😊. And more time for my own things and stuff in my life, myself too 😊. And step by step, little by little I’m getting closer to reach the different things in my life I want and work for to reach,- slowly, but still “on my way ” ,- like the Spring slowly is on it’s way now in March πŸ₯°. I’m looking forward to meet you, March πŸ’›. I wish you Welcome πŸ’š

I hope your February was nice to you and did bring you a lots of happiness, joy, wisdom and good experiences too πŸ’›. And I hope you are looking forward to meet March and the different new experience this month can and will give and bring you in your life πŸ’›.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

A painting outside in my patio- called “Green growing heart ” and of course, – painted by me 😊. The Spring is a symbol of growing and new fresh starts πŸ’š. Like the rose in my photo is too, together with the Spring 🌹.

Thank you February for your wisdom, experiences, changes and challenges ❄ Welcome March- I’m not sure what you will bring me of wisdom, new experience in life, changes and challenges πŸ’›. But I do know, – I m looking forward to meet you πŸ’š.

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