And then it was Spain…. “closing down” … πŸŒž

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊, – even the world- situation is a bit strong at the moment 🌏 and I really hope all is fine with you all 🧑

This morning before I went to work I did write about Norway and the “lock down” that happen there yesterday. And I also did write about that we did still live very normal in Spain ,- I was on my way to work as normal …. the life was “normal” until today. And then things did happen very fast. So from midnight Spain will be closed for 15 days.

I did work to 18.00 this afternoon and my plan was to do the necessary food- shopping after, and so I did. But the differents from the food shop yesterday and today was quite very big. It was so many empty shelves in the store this afternoon. It was not like that yesterday. I did some shopping this afternoon, but not what I had planned.  I couldn’t find the food I had planned to buy. We anyway, still have food and drinks for the next days. I just need to be creative when I’m making the food 😊. And that can actually be both tasty and fun 😊.

The church- bells are ringing when I’m writing, and the whole atmosphere is very strange here, and in its own way also so silent. It’s actually eco between the buildings and walls outside when people around are talking,- and that’s not usual here.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do my work at my office from my home next week or at the office,- but I’m prepared for that I maybe need to pick up my job computer,- and install it all in my home for the next 15 days. The plan was that the whole office and all the different departments and companies are going to move into a new building in the beginning of April, next month, – but I don’t think that will happen now.

I was also in Torremollinos this morning for trying to close down my autonomo,- but that was not easy to do. They didn’t even let me into the tax- office building. They probably already at that point did knew a tiny bit about “the closing down” of Spain was on the “timetable”, but I didn’t know. I knew about this “closing down” around 17.00 this afternoon. One hour before I was finish at work. And my oldest son and his friend was going to the airport for picking up a rental car for their moving- plans. That didn’t happen either. They didn’t get the car,- and probably because the people at the airport also knew it was “something in the air”.

It is Friday the 13. today, – and today it did feel really like Friday the 13. too…..

I don’t know if the boys are moving out on Wednesday or not now. I do hope so, because they are going to move up to the mountains, fare away from people, and it felt a bit safe to have them there in this “time” we are going through now. There in the mountains in their own isolation. And even we are in “this time” we are in,- the patient for both them and me are in a tiny thread now. We do live very close up to each other, and we do live very different life as well,- both them and me need a tiny break from each other now. But that may not be happening before in 15 days. I don’t know. Anyway,- we have had a good chat all three of us how to do the best of this strange situation we all are living in, and how to manage two more weeks together if they can’t move to the mountains on Wednesday 😊. And to be honest,- in this situation we all are in,- this “livingsituation” in my home is actually a “big luxury problem” at the moment. We are very lucky, we have a home, a place to stay, eat, sleep, work 😊.

So,- that was a tiny bit from Spain today,- we are “locked down” for 15 days now. And it’s just to try to do the best of it all, and special following the instructions that the government gives us. I really hope people around her will do that, so the virus “calms down”.

I’m thinking so much about every one of you,- and I’m sending you all good thoughts during this special time we all are living in 🧑. I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today 🧑.

See you soon, – and all the best from me to you all 🧑

My oldest son and his friend on the way to the airport today,- and my hands covered with plastic gloves because I was going to take the train today (13.03.2020)

Spain is closing down during this midnight. It all changed very fast here from “more and less normal” to “lock down”. It’s a strange situations for all of us now. And my children do as they been told,- using masks and gloves 🧑.

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