It is a surreal experience to see Norway from the outside these days ….

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you 🧡,- special during this days we all in our own different ways are going through 🧡.

So fare here in Spain, in the area where I m living, we still live very normal. At least as normal as possible. But there’s restrictions different places like in different stores and at my job.

We need to wash our hands with antibacterial “all the time”,- something that should be natural in a situation like this. I have also a bottle of antibacterial on my desk, and in my home as well, and I m using it too. And in some of the stores there’s antibacterial for use before and after you have been in the store as well as plastic gloves to put on your hands. To be honest, – I actually feel stupid if I don’t use plastic gloves in the stores at the moment. And I should wish more people used them, but hopefully they do will very soon.

There’s still no panic and not to much panic shopping like “stockpile” shoppong for foods. At last not where I’m living. But it may be just around the corner, – so I m going to have an clever food shopping tomorrow 😊. That’s actually a good thing to not have to much money during to many years. I know how to shop food and make food when there’s not to much to make food from, and still not be hungry 😊. So,- in general it comes something good from most of the situations we are living through in our life, – like for me,- to be able to live by very little money.

I have been living on cauliflower soup and chicken every second day, or tomato soup and bread for over two months when there was not to much money to use at food…..and that’s not many months since either. But okay,- I got a bit tired of both cauliflower soup, tomato soup, bread and chicken for a while 😅,- but I was at least not hungry 😊. So it will probably be a bit more chicken, cauliflower soup, bread and tomato soup again for a while. But that’s still so much better then not eat at all 😊. It is cheap food, and a bit healthy too 😊.

But it was very strang to sit here in Spain, do my job, living my life and look at the news from Norway and see all the changes in Norway yesterday. See the country I’m from and was born in “closing down” and go into a “cirices”. It felt very surreal and unreal, but I know that’s the way it is.

I have been in contact with some of my family and friends in Norway,- and they I have been in contact with are just fine,- but feel of course that “all and everything” are suddenly “put on a big break” there in Norway,- as well as in other countries in the world.

It’s a strange feeling to go to my job, do my things, go home or go to the shop,- live my life,- and know that this is not “normal” for my friends and family in Norway to do these days. And it may just be a matter of time before it maybe is like that here as well. Not normal to go to work, to the store or visit friends. They are closing down a bit in the area every day around in Spain too,- but still not so much as in Norway or Italy. Fare away from so much …. yet. I know there’s some schools and kindergarten in the area that was closed down yesterday. So it is “closer” here too, every day. And in Madrid,- well there’s a lots of closing down at the moment.

I know many norwegians have travel back to Norway just the last days. The airplanes was filled up in just some hours. I’m not sure why they are travel back to Norway in a hurry. They will any way be in a home- quarantine for at least 2 weeks. All the people that are coming from outside from Norway need to be in a home- quarantine for two weeks now. But I think many travel back to Norway became they think the health- system is better in Norway…..but at the moment it’s not.

And maybe those people don’t work here? Just visiting Spain? I don’t know. I could not travel back to Norway now like that. I have my life here., my job, and special my children. And at the moment that feels very strange to have my life here and look what’s happen in Norway, but at the same time I’m glad I’m here in Spain. Spain is self-sufficient on so many products and raw materials, also in the area in which I live. And I have all my 3 children around me 🧡. That feels very good to know where they are and how they are 🧡. To be so close them in a situation like this.

It is a surreal situation, but that’s the situation we are surrounded by at the moment. For how long? I don’t know, I think no one knows for sure.

I wish you all a great day or evening wherever in the world you 🧡. I hope you all are as fine as possible 🧡 And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧡

See you soon 😊.

I’m an Norwegian that lives and works in Spain 😊,- and I can still go to my job, live my life and I feel very lucky and grateful for that 🧡At the same time it feels surreal to look at Norway from the “outside” these days.

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