What is it with all this toilet paper ? πŸ§»πŸ˜Š

Hi ❣It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this strange time we all are living in 🧑.

I’m a bit fascinated over this toilet paper panic both in Norway and in Spain 🧻😊. I can’t say anything about how it is in other countries because I actually don’t know,- but I know in both Norway and in Spain some of the things people really did empty the store shelves for now at days was toilet paper 🧻. And the Norwegian ones was a tiny bit worse then the Spanish ones 😊. Imagine to fight over toilet paper? πŸ˜… It’s crazy.

Toilet paper is in many ways an old “invention” as well as actually a fairly new and modern invention.  In Scandinavia, it was not common to use toilet paper until after World War II.  Before that “we” actually used newspapers to dry us in our sweet little butt, and before the newspapers made the “impression” on the population, we actually used our left hands and fingers to clean our little butt- hole.  And after we did wash and clean our hand and fingers as very well, and as good as possible πŸ’¦. So why all this Scandinavian panic for getting empty for toilet paper? And in Spain they already have bidet in more and less every toilet in the houses and homes,- so on need to stress out here either 🧻.


No one knows exactly when the very first toilet paper was invented, but it was by the Chinese and it was after the year 105, after the paper was invented.  The first written reference to toilet paper is from the year 589 when Officer Yan Zhituo wrote that he never used paper from “the first 4 and 5 classics” after toilet visits.  This is a collection of Confucian texts πŸ“œ.

China was also the first country to produce the first toilet paper on behalf of the “Empire Supply Agency”.  This happened in 1391, and 720,000 toilet paper was made a year at that time.  Each paper was two feet three feet, and only reserved for emperors 🀴.

In 1857, an American tried to make toilet paper, but the paper was no success.  Then an Englishman tried to produce toilet paper on a roll, but also that was a bad success.  On the other hand, some years later, 3 men with the same last name, Scott, managed to get a good start on the toilet paper cases in 1867. Even produced on rolls 🧻. And then the toilet paper on a roll was slightly and slowly “rolling” into our lifes and our toilet visits 😊. And obviously we really do like this toilet paper so much that that’s actually one of the first things that gets empty in the stores in a situation like we are in now at days. Its even some souls that’s manage to fight over the last toilet paper roll in the store πŸ™„.

On the sideline,- I need to admit that I’m still not sure which way the roll should hang on the roll.  Should the paper be out or against the wall?  To me it feels most natural for the paper to hang out, but to be honest I have no toilet roll holder on the wall. The roll stands close by the toilet or are lying in the bidet 😊🧻.

In many countries it is quite common to use a bidet that is used to wash the feet, buttocks and genitals.  I myself have a bidet in my bathroom which I use for toilet paper holder πŸ˜….  But I’m no longer a stranger to using it to wash both my butt and my vagina in it if I run out of toilet paper.  I should be so honest that I am not very used to using it, but one day maybe have to be the first? 😊 And maybe that day will be one of the days in this “lock down”- situation? I choose to use my money on food instead of toilet paper, that’s for sure. It’s many different solutions to get my butt clean any way 😊.

When my kids were little I washed their butt in the sink, and I did until they were so big that their butt couldn’t fit in the sink anymore.  Of course I washed the sink well afterwards.  Their kids’ buttocks became faster clean when I washed them in the sink than to dry them with toilet paper. With toilet paper I could dry them “forever”, something both not me or my kids did have the time to do πŸ˜…. So a butt wash in the sink was so much easier, faster and cleaner 😊.

I will admit that I do not like to run out of toilet paper myself, but I do not hoard.  I just make sure there is always more than enough, always 😊.  And there are two reasons for that.  Two “own experiences” that I would prefer to avoid. And in this “experiences” it’s not even me that run out of toilet paper either 🧻.

In both experiences of running out of toilet paper, others are running out, not me – but I learned something about being a “spectator” and “involved” – if you can say it that way 😊.

The first story is about my teenage boyfriend.  He sat in the toilet and had done po, and then he ran out of toilet paper, and asked me to go buy more.  The store wasn’t exactly around the corner, it was a long walk, and it took some time before I was back with toilet paper.  He sat on the toilet all the time, and was quite weird and exhausted when I came back with toilet paper to him 😳.  I decided then that I would not experience such a thing if I could avoid it 🧻. I was just 17 or 18 years old at that time.  And after that experience I have always made sure that there is enough toilet paper in my toilet or bathroom. 

The second experience was when my ex-husband and I were on holiday in Greece.  On an outing, he got acute diarrhea, and there was no ordinary toilet nearby, only these fine holes in the ground, and a pitcher of water to wipe the stump with.  Well, let me say it wasn’t enough, so I had to run in the forest and try to find leaves for him to use.  He did walked very strange for several days afterwards πŸ˜….  I think I found some hard and uncomfortable leaves to do the “cleaning job” -πŸ˜… – but not on purpose, I was just a little stressed.  After that “experience”, I also always have some antibacterial and small napkins with me in my handbag, or wipes 😊.

None of these experiences were critical or serious, or scary, and only unpleasant to others, not me.  Still, it is these two experiences that make me not want to run out of toilet paper.  I still have lots of toilet paper in my home, and I didn’t stock toilet paper yesterday.  I have just make sure that there is enough toilet paper in my home long before yesterday,- like I already have done for many years 😊.  Now, I might run out if toilet paper in these times of crisis we all are living in,- but I still have the bid I can use.  So my butt will be both clean, pretty and smell good ,- even with no toilet paper to use 😊.

And when I was a child and together with my family on different outings in the woods and fields my dad picked soft leaves for me that I could wipe myself in the stump with πŸ€πŸƒ. So,- there’s an other “solution ” too if I run out of toilet paper 😊.

But still,- what is it with all this toilet paper? The shopping and the fighting over it? I think there need to be some kind of “stories” behind all this panic shopping of toilet paper,- but I have no idea what kind of stories 🧻😊. Maybe you have a story why toilet paper is so important to buy so much of when there’s a cirices going on? Even fighting for 😊. Then you are very welcome to share it,- you want 😊. My stories are not very much to brag about,- but that’s why I don’t like to get out of toilet paper 🧻. At the same time,- I’m not worried about finding a solution to get my butt nice and clean if so happen πŸ§»πŸƒπŸ˜Š.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑 ….with or without toilet paper (ps- leafs also do the cleaning job as well as water πŸ˜‰). And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

My toilet paper in my bidet,- “lined” up for the photo πŸ˜…πŸ§»

Why all this panic over getting empty for toilet paper? 🧻 What’s the different stories behind? The reasons for this panic ? 😳 I need to admit I don’t like to be empty for toilet paper either, – but okay,- if it happens there’s other solutions to make my butt my nice and clean 😊.

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