In distress, the naked woman learns to spin / weave wool πŸ§ΆπŸ˜Š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊I hope all is fine with you 🧑

I was actually not sure what headline I should use or choose today because it was two headlines that could fit my text, and probably more too 😊.

I did choose this headline “In distress, the naked woman learns to spin / weave wool”. It is actually en expression we use in Norway, and on it’s own way it tells that when it’s hard time you find a solution on different things. Like a naked woman don’t want to be naked she learns to weave wool so she can get clothes on her naked body, and don’t be cold 😊. And since I like to knit and I like to be creative, and in a way we all live in a “distress” at the moment, this headline was best for me and my text today 😊.

There’s empty for face maskes in the stores and farmacia now. Face maskes to cover the nose and mouth. But there’s a recommendation that you can use a old t-shirt to cover it if you haven’t get or got any facemask.  At least it will have about 60% more efficiency than nothing in front of your mouth and nose.  An old t-shirt is basically cotton-lined, so I thought “why not knit a mask for my nose and mouth with cotton yarn then?” 😊 🧢 And yes, of course I have already knit a face mask too. It’s finish and ready for use 😊.

And of course I did tell someone about my “clever idea”, becauseI actually thoughtit was clever, – and some of them was actually just laughing about my idea πŸ™„. And they also said “You can’t knit everything”,,- but “yes, I think I can knit many different things”,- so I did try to knit a face mask and it went very well too 😊. So here my other choice for my headline comes in,- “Whoever laughs last laughs best”,- because I have actually got questions about knitting masks to cover the nose and mouth after, from others 😊. And to be honest,- my idea is not to bad at all 😊. I’m going to tell you and show you as best as I can how to knit a face mask 😊.

I’m not good to make, create or write knit recipes at all, it all are in my head when I’m knitting πŸ˜…,- so I hope you will be able to understand how to knit a face mask, if you also want to have one for to cover your mouth and nose 😊.

Knit recipe for face mask 🧢

What you need is: left over yarn in 100% cotton, not to thick yarn, and you don’t use very much yarn either for a face mask. Use yarn that’s normally use to knitting needles size 2 or 3.

Cast on 36 stitches, knit back and forth in garter at for 4 rounds.  Bead stitch is like this: a straight, a purl, a straight, a purl.  Knit out the needle, then knit the other way.  Knit the purl stitch over the straight stitch. When you have dome this 4 times, keep 4 stitches in every end of the knitting needle. Here you continue knit purl knitting, with switch every second. In the middle you continue knit straight, back and forward until you have the size you want. Then you do the same as in the beginning, – kit purl all over 4 times 🧢. When it’s all finished I did sew the strings into for keeping the mask on my face 😊.

πŸ™„ I hope you got “something” out of this ? 😳 One thing is that I’m not good to write, explain or make knit recipes,- and other thing is to also then try to explain it all in English as well πŸ™„πŸ˜³. Anyway, – I’m going to show you some photos, and hopefully you will be a bit “wiser” πŸ˜…. But, yeah,- I know I m not good to explain this at all πŸ˜”.

This is a finish knit face mask for covering the nose and mouth 😊. Size is : 11 cm * 20 cm

You can wash cotton at high temperature.  But I also bought panty linings that I glue on the inside of the bandage.  This can be changed, and of course it is possible to glue in two if you wish, or feel it is safer. But I personally recommend you to just use one psnty linings in.

Panty linings inside the face mask for extra protection, and then its not necessary to wash it all the time either 😊

So, yes,- I did my face mask this way. I’m going to knit some more as well, my son in the middle, two of his friends, and my daughter and her boyfriend have also asked me to knit face mask for them. And of course that’s fine for me to do. The challenge is how to deliver the face masks to them? We are in quarantine for the next two weeks, and are not allowed to go outside except from in very few and special cases like buy food, go to the farmacia, the gas- station for gasoline or gas to the hot- water, to the hospital or be an assistant for someone that needs help. Or let your dog ho to the toilet outside in the park. Or go to work if you can’t work from your home. But,- I’m still going to knit some fancy face mask for them anyway,- and will probably find a solution for how to deliver them. You know,- the military are also watching over us so we do as we are told. The helicopters are actually flying over us to watch after us, as well as take a look that all and everyone are doing as they are told. Staying in their home.

What did you think about my knit face mask idea? Not so stupid after all? 😊 Is it something that you could be able to use, or knit ? At the moment it’s safety before fashion, style and vanity for me,- but still I can try to knit some fancy, fashion and stylish face mask 😊🧢

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Homemade knit face mask knit by me, and created for safety and not fashion 😊

Homemade knit face mask, knit in cotton. Made by me, and made for safety, not fashion 😊. It’s safe, soft, clean and easy to both make, wear and use 😊. I have tried to explain how in my post,- but how well I did it is an other “case” πŸ˜….

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