With all honor and respect πŸ§‘

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days we all are into 🧑.

I’m fine, still healthy as fare as I know,- and I am still go to the office to do most of my work there 😊. I’m one of the few left in the office now,- but I think it’s just a matter of time before I get my office computer installed in my home. To be honest,- I feel a bit lucky that have the opportunity to go to the office and not have all my work at home. Then I getting outside a bit during the days 😊.

We are not allowed to go or move around very much from our home here in Spain,- so it feels a bit like a kind of freedom to be able to still go to my job 😊. It’s police everywhere and the military are helping out as well. Over us there’s flying drones to watch that no one does what they should not be doing, – walk out. It’s just in very specific errands we are allowed to go out from our home. And then one by one, not in groups at two or more people together, and with at least one meter distance between the people.

We can go to the food store, but in many foodstores there are guards that looks after us that we use gloves and cover our nose and mouth. We can go to the farmacia and the hospital, gas station and tobacco stores. And of course out with the dogs, but just so the dog can go to the toilet. Not any long walks of any kind πŸ•. And we need to have all our identification documents with us like passport, NIE- number, residential paper, and if you go to work, also document from your job. And when you are out with your dog, also remember the paper on your dog as well πŸ“œ.

It’s good the weather is a bit unstable at the moment, then it’s easier to stay indoors and inside, at the same time I have been reading somewhere that the coronavirus is not to happy in + 28 degrees or more…. 🌑

Every evening at 20.00 we all, or probably not all, but many are out on our balconies and clapping for the doctors, nurses and all other kind of health professionals that’s doing an amazing, fantastic job this days ❀. A job we even actually can’t imagine how hard it is to do ❀. The clapping, the songs, the music is to honor and respect for the great and amazing job they all are doing for all of us ❀. I think it’s a very nice act to do. A act with honor and respect for the job they all are doing …. for us ❀.

From our place and balcony, – music, clapping, songs to honor and respect for all the health professionals ❀….. but I hope we at the same time can give some good thoughts to the ones that also works in the different stores, the police and military too ❀.

But let’s not forget all the people that’s working in all the different stores where all and everywhere also are doing an incredible amazing job to just “keep the wheels going” in our society this days and weeks ❀. They are there in the stores so we can go there get and buy food and other things we need this days. And they can be infected by the virus every, every time they are dealing with a costumer 🧑. So let’s not forget them either when we are clapping, singing and playing music on our balconies at 20.00 in the evenings ❀. They doing the same great job for us, but just a different job ❀. They actually “keep the wheels going around” in our society this days ❀.

I know they also have starting with the clapping in Norway now one of the last days, but in Norway the clapping start at 18.00 in the afternoon 🧑. And I hope you all up there in Norway don’t forget all the people in the different stores when you are clapping this evening ❀. It’s because of them you can buy all the toilet paper you need πŸ˜‰. And of course all the food and drinks too ❀.

And then we have all the police, safety guards and military that also are doing a great job during this days to just keep us all safe. Safe from getting the virus, safe from being infected, safe from infected other people around us ,- and also keep the new law we are dealing with “up and running” ❀. Let’s not forget about them either when we all are clapping this evening,- even it’s st 18.00 or 20.00 this evening ❀. There’s a couple of colourful souls out there that really need all our honor and respect from all the rest of us during this days and weeks, during this time we all are going through together ❀.

They all do different kinds of jobs,- but at the same time,- it all goes down to save our lives in one or another way and direction. Our health at the hospitals, our hunger at the stores, our safety in the society ❀. With honor and respect I’m going to clap for each and one of you, this evening ❀ to all the colourful souls out there that using all their energies, and their time, to make us all safe in one or another way during the time we all a living in 🧑.

If you are clapping this evening for all the amazing health professionals we have this evening, – please do some clapping for all the ones in our food stores too, and farmacia as well, and to the police, safety guards and military that also doing a great job for just to keep us all healthy and safe, but just in different ways and directions ❀.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

Let’s remember all the colourful souls out there that doing an amazing job every day just to keep us all safe and healthy ❀

In Spain we are clapping at our balconies at 20.00 evenings with honor and respect for all the amazing health professionals who are doing a fantastic job ❀. But let’s not forget that there are also some other professional groups that also need our honor and respect this days ❀. Let’s remember all the amazing colourful souls that’s doing what they doing every day for just to keep us healthy and safety ❀.

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