Literally, – “mouth bindings” πŸ˜·

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days we all are in 🧑

In Norway we call menstrual binding just for binding, – so when I create and knit cover for the nose and mouth, and also using panty line in the knit mouth cover I’m making,- it’s actually literally “mouth binding” 😷. I don’t think it can be more literally then that 😊. I do use panty lines inside the face mask as extra protection, and this is possible to change too.

Of course this homemade, handmade knit mouth cover doesn’t cover as good as a P95 mask does, but it doesn’t cover less than a wipe or then a very ordinary facemaske either. Actually it’s cover more then a wipe, that’s for sure. And I did see a video online how you can make a face mask from wipes. Then I prefer my own knit mouth and nose cover instead of wipes, mine are made of 100 % cotton not wet paper πŸ˜‰. And I also know my mask is better then not using anything to cover your mouth and nose at all, and also better then a old t-shirt to do cover πŸ‘•.

Two of the face mask I did made for some of my colleagues 😷

Something to cover the mouth and nose is much better then nothing 😷. And here in Spain the government prefer that we cover our mouths and noses with something when we are outside, or in the food store, or farmacia. We also need to keep 1 meter distance from all around us, as well as there are people/ safety guards that’s looking after us that this is followed up as good as possible. So, yes, I do use my knit, homemade, handmade face mask when I’m outside or in the store, or drive my car or walk to the office 😷. I did find out that the police don’t stop me if I’m alone and also using cover for my mouth and nose 😊. And I really don’t want the police to stop me,- even I have all my papers in order. I think the Spanish police are actually a bit scary with their guns and batons 😳. I’m not used to that from Norway.

Some think it’s a stupid idea with knit mouth and nose cover, others did like it so much that they have “order” knit mouth and nose cover from me 🧢. So during the lasts days I have actually knit totally 17 face mask like this. I have one myself, and my son in the middle and two of his friends have also got one each, as well as my daughter and her boyfriend too 😷. The rest of the knit face masks is “delivered” to other friends of my children as well as some of my colleagues 🧢. I have given them all away,- I don’t want to charge or take payment for this. This is something that is necessary to use this days, weeks, even maybe months as a health care protection. My oldest son and his friend has their own face mask, and they have even order some special face mask online 😊. So that’s why they don’t have a knit, homemade and handmade face mask, made by mammi 😊.

My daughter and her boyfriend with their face masks 😷

Some also think I have created “my” face mask for fashion 😷. Something I in away can understand why they do think do, but I haven’t. All the face mask are knit in the same way, just with different colours. The reason why it’s different colours is just because I’m using leftover yarn. I actually don’t have more yarn of the same colours left anymore, and it’s a bit important that the face mask are made by 100 % cotton of any kind. And if I have made it for fashion, I have been a bit more creative,- that’s for sure 😊. Mixed a bit more with both colours, style and pattern 🧢. An other thing,- I felt I didn’t have any time to be creative. I just needed to knit as many as possible as fast as possible to give as fast I could to the ones that have asked me for a knit, cotton face mask 😊.

My son in the middle, – the one to the left,- and his two friends with their face masks 😷

I know it’s not so “popular” in Norway to use face masks as much as we do in Spain, but I should really wish they did. That’s also for many other countries too. It is a healthy protection for both you and the people around you, and the people you meet,- even when we need to keep one meter distance from each other. And health is the main factor and main focus this days πŸ’š. To not be exposed or exposing with the coronavirus.

So,- that’s what I have been doing during the last days, knit face masks, been at my office job and done my online job in my home as well 😊. So,- I’m still not being bored by being in quarantine,- also because I’m still so lucky that I actually can go to y work at the office and still have a bit normal routines in my daily life 😊. I’m thankful for that πŸ’›. Special because I know for every day I m also closer to just be able to work from my home, get all my screens and my computer from my office job installed in my home. And I like this “freedom” to be able to go to my job at the office 😊. A freedom I have never given so many thoughts before now 😊. But yes,- it is a freedom to be able to go to work when a whole country actually are in quarantine 😊.

My oldest son and his friend ordinary face masks,- they are hanging them outside after use every day 😷

I hope your life and days are nice to you,- and I hope you have some kind of freedom in your life too πŸ’›. Take care, and use common sense, use protection so the coronavirus doesn’t expose you and you are not exposing other people either πŸ’š.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Some of the face masks I have been knitting during the last days to my children, their friends and to some colleagues too 😷 with panty lines inside for extra protection 😊

My knit face mask doesn’t give the same protection as a P95 mask, but it gives more protection then no face mask at all 😷. During the last days I have been knitting face masks to my children, some of their friends, and even some colleagues too. Want to take a better look? There’s a couple of more photos in my post 😷😊🧢.

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