My “freedom”= a nice walk to the food store 😊 …and some few more πŸ’š

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧑

Last week my one of my “freedoms” in my life was to be able to go to work and work from the office together with some few others colleagues 😊. And I did really enjoyed my freedom to be able to do that. I enjoyed every day I didn’t had any “home- office” with this job,- even I actually do have my own home- office as well as my own work from home too 😊. But that’s because I have 2 different jobs,- just the way I want to have it. One in my home, for to be able, in my own way, to “built” up my dreams, and one job at the office so I get both being socializing a bit as well as have an regular income, and also a job I like to do 😊. That also a freedom for me,- to be able to work in both this ways 😊. Have my two jobs, one from my home and one at the office 😊.

That kind of freedom is over for me for a while now, – to be able to go to the office, – and it will be like this for at least to 12. April 2020 😊. That’s the way it is here in Spain at the moment. My last “freedom” in this “be able to go to work” changed this Friday afternoon when I got my working computer and screens installed in my home. But that’s fine, – I have been lucky for a week, and also more lucky than many other people in Spain 😊. And I’m very grateful for having this one week of this kind of freedom in my life at the moment πŸ’›.

Freedom and the feeling of freedom is different from person to person, and what kind of different situations we have been living through, and the different experiences we have in life.

Also my freedom is like that- different from different life situations and life experiences. And I still feel I have my freedom, it has just been changed a bit during the last week and days 😊. Now I just need to find and focus on others kind of freedoms in my life 😊. And now one of my freedom is to be able to go to the food store. Last week I did have two “freedoms”,- go to the office and work from there, and go to the food store as well. Now it’s the food store that will be my kind of freedom πŸ‘. Or the gas station or the farmacia 😊.

Today its Sunday, so my new freedom is a tiny bit different from yesterday and for tomorrow 😊. Because all the food stores are closed today πŸ˜…. If I really want to go out for a tiny trip today I can drive my car to the gas station and fuel a bit gasoline on my car πŸš—. That will also give me some time on my own, away from the two young men in my home πŸ˜… It can give me maybe 10 or 15 minutes on my own, because the gas station is a bit close to my home.

Or I can drive to a gas station that is a bit fare away from my home,- but then I can get some challenges with the police and I don’t want that, that’s for sure 😊. If they are stopping me and asking me what I doing, and I tell them I’m just going to fuel my car …… 50 km from my home …. πŸ˜…… I will get some tiny troubles. What am I doing 50 km away from my home, when it’s a gas station 5 minutes away from my home? πŸ€” Taking a “timeout” from my oldest son and his friend? πŸ˜‡ The police are not going “buy” that one, and I can get arrested or get a big fee too 😳. So I’m not going to do that 😊. But still I have this tiny, nice little freedom to fuel my car, and have around 15 minutes on my own 😊. The thing is, my car actually don’t need fuel at the moment πŸ˜…. I don’t need to use my car at the moment. But I can change one of my gas bottles, I have one that’s empty,- but I’m going to wait a bit, until a day where I really do need 15 minutes on my own, or really need to change the gas bottle 😊. I can’t use up my freedom either 😊. I need to save some of it 😊.

Or I can take a walk to the farmacia, but “the challenge” here is just that I actually don’t need any medicine of any kind at the moment. I can buy some allergy pills, but I already have enough, and I can say I needed the allergy pills because I’m allergic to dogs,- something that’s actually true. And at the moment I do live together with a dog as well, my oldest son’s dog. But “the challenge” here can be,- I’m not allowed to have any kind of animals in my apartment. I have it written very clear in my rental contract. ( … the moment it’s the way it is,- I can’t put the dog on the street either, and the plan was that my son should have been moved out last Sunday…..but Spain did stopped up a bit last Sunday…… ). So I leave that trip to the farmacia to an other day too 😊. A day when I actually really need the farmacia, and a nice, long walk 😊.

I also can walk my son’s dog, but it’s actually not allowed to walk other peoples dogs at the moment. Let me put it this way,- people have tried it out, and it’s not allowed at the moment. It’s just the owner of the dog that can take a tiny trip with the dog, and then the tiny little trip it’s just so the dog can go to the toilet 🐢. But…… I can say to the police that my son is sick, that’s why I’m walking the dog for him. But I’m not sure what kind of sickness he should have. One thing is for sure,- I can’t say it’s fever and headaches, – then they maybe are picking up my healthy son and put him at the hospital 😳.

So mainly at the moment my freedom will be to able to go to the food store and buy some food- and that feels great too,- because I can do that a couple of times during the day 😊. Special if I m clever and make a good plan 😊.

I can choose a food store a bit fare away from my home,- but then the “gas station situation” can “pop- up”. Why do I shop food in a food store that’s kilometres away from my home…… when it’s actually some different food store very close to my home? πŸ˜…

But what I can do,- is to take a couple of trips to the food store during the day 😊. I can take one trip around 10.00 and just buy some eggs and milk, and then a new trip around 16.00 for buying some meat and potatoes, and a last trip around 20.00 because I did forget to buy water and bread 😊. And I can actually do that 6 days a week, several times a day, – and it’s a nice opportunity and a good freedom to have during this lock down and quarantine here in Spain 😊.

Here you can see our restrictions in Spain, in a short summary 😊.

Except from this freedoms I have actually some more and other ones freedoms too, in my home 😊. I can be outside in my back patio, and I can be outside at my balcony 😊. I can walk around in my pyjamas all day long and still do both of my jobs 😊. It’s just the young men in my home that’s see me anyway 😊. But….. I m not going to “use” that kind of “freedom” to much. It’s very important to have routines, even more important now when its “lock down” and most of our life are actually in our homes. More and less 24/7.

I can read, watch TV, well, when its raining it’s a bit difficult to watch the TV. It’s no function at all, but I can watch a movie then. I can knit as long as I still have enough yarn to knit with, and I can paint as long as I still have something to paint on, like glass bottles or canvas, and of course painting too 😊. I can do some work out as well… my bedroom, because we did moved out my work out things from the guests room yesterday so I at least can try to do some kind of work out during this quarantine time we have in front of us. A happy and healthy body is a happy and healthy mind too πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ.

And I can do couple of more things as well. Like for example learn more Spanish πŸ“š,- be my own teacher for my self 😊. And I have my jobs,- my working- time and schedules I need to follow up too 😊. That’s a freedom also, to have a job πŸ’š. And my 3 lovely children are healthy, that’s also a very important freedom for me to have ❀.

So,- actually to be able to do all this things during the quarantine, and the days and weeks we are going through are also a kind of freedom,- at least for me πŸ’š. I just need to find the freedom in the days we are going through 😊. But,- the most important freedom of all,- is to get rid of this coronavirus and get our normal days and lifes back on track again ❀.

Freedom is so many different things, and it is also various from person to person. But this is my kind of freedom at the moment πŸ’š. And I’m very grateful for having all this freedoms in my life 🧑. I choose Positive Focus,- and I choose to focus on the different freedoms I actually have. I have more freedoms in my life then many other people have. I’m lucky and I’m grateful ❀.

What kind of freedoms do you have during this days and weeks, during this coronavirus time and Covid19- time? I really hope you will be able to find some kind of freedoms in your days and life,- even it can be a bit difficult to see the freedom πŸ’š.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

One of my freedoms is to be able to enjoy this lovely start on a new day 🧑

We have a different understanding and experiences about what freedom is πŸ’š. It’s depends about what we have been through in our life πŸ’›. One of my freedoms at the moment is to be able to enjoy a lovely start on a new day 🌞. But I’m very lucky πŸ€, because I have actually a couple of more freedoms in my life as well,- even we have some restrictions to follow here Spain 😊. Do you want to know a bit about both my freedoms and the different restrictions? You are very welcome to read my post 😊.

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