Does the coronavirus behaves differently in North of Europe then South of Europe? πŸ€”πŸ˜·

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you all during the time we all are going through 🧑

I’m from North of Europe, from Norway to be correctly, but I live in South of Europe, in Spain 🌞. And there’s a couple of differences between Norway and Spain. There’s different climate, different cultures, different languages, different traditions, different histories, and different people…….and different ways to behave….. it’s actually like this all over the world 🌏. At the same time we are also all so similar all over the world, – we are “built” more and less the same way, we can smile, cry, talk, walk,- most of us,- and we can get sick too. The flu is the flu, headache is headache, cancer is cancer no matter where in the world we are living.

And there’s a tiny little “thing” that is “all over the world” at the moment. A tiny little thing that’s actually also behave exactly the same no matter where in the world “it” is. It’s called coronavirus and if you get ill by this virus you get the illness called Covid19. But at the same time it seems that this virus changes “behaviour” from North of Europe to South of Europe. Why? πŸ€”

Let me put it this way,- in South of Europe/Spain we have a bit different restrictions to live by then in North of Europe/Norway, just because of the coronavirus,- and in my mind that’s probably because the virus behave differently when it comes to Norway πŸ˜‰.

In Norway they did closed down universities, schools and kindergartens. Because of the coronavirus, and for some reason this virus doesn’t like to be at the Norwegian playgrounds or the streets where the children are playing, – so the playgrounds are actually still open, and the kids are playing together in the streets. You see, the playgrounds in Norway are so boring that the virus don’t “go” there, it’s just the kids that are in the playgrounds. And the kids can play together there, or in the streets instead of the kindergarten then. Here in Spain the virus likes to be “everywhere”, so here most “things” are closed down, even the beaches are closed down πŸ–.

In Norway the virus don’t like “daylight” to much either, so in some cases the bars and restaurants are open until maximum 21.00 in the evenings. The coronavirus are actually not “showing up” before after 21.00 for some reasons πŸ€”. The virus doesn’t like to drink a cold beer before after 21.00 in the afternoon, so it’s okay to have the bar or restaurant open until then.

And of course some souls also “feel” that they actually deserve a cold beer. They have been inside in their home for a long week, and that’s really boring πŸ™„. And the virus just stays home, because the virus still doesn’t like beer before after 21.00 in the evening, like I mention πŸ˜‰. Here in Spain it’s not a bar or a restaurant that’s open, only some for home- delivery. ( and some at the hotel’s where some tourists are living in quarantine or because their flights are cancelled).

And since so many people have got home office in Norway now they need to have some “work from home clothes” too, and the virus don’t mind that. It doesn’t care very much about clothes or being in the Norwegian stores anyway. So there’s still some clothes stores and shopping centres that are open. The virus obviously don’t like the Norwegian shopping centre very well either. So it will not shows up there.

If you have been out for a travel outside Norway’s borders you need to stay home for two weeks in “home quarantine”, but some think that’s so incredibly boring too, and obviously the virus think so too, so some souls take a walk and three outside anyway, and maybe even bring the virus with them as well. So the virus don’t get bored either.

Politicians in Norway love to debate.  A good debate is so much better than a little bit of action. Maybe the politicians think the virus gets probably so bored about all this debate that is will just “disappear” ?

And for some reasons it’s still this mentality for some Norwegian souls that “this can’t happen to me, I’m not going to get the virus, and of course I don’t have the virus either, – you know it’s me“,- so “I do what ever I want to do”.

For some reason the virus do like to be in bigger social and public settings in Norway, that’s actually a bit similar with Spain. So all big events are stopped. But different events with not more than 30- 50 people or actually a bit more are okay in Norway. In Spain we are not allowed to be more than 30 to 50 people in the food store. It depends a bit about how big the store is. I’m actually not sure if they have any restrictions about how many people they can have in a food store at the moment in Norway.

Im standing in line to the food store. It’s a security guard with the door that counts costumers, so it won’t be more than it is allowed,- and also gives us gloves in case some one has forgotten that.

Anyway,- the virus will not be a problem in events as long it is a “small” group on around maximum 50 people in Norway. The virus in Norway dont like to smaller groups. And in Norway the virus really hate private parties. So, since it’s not allowed to have some fun public after skiing after parties now after using the day skiing centre at the mountain, let’s just have a private one instead in one of the private cabins. The virus in Norway don’t like private parties. So let’s get the party “up and running” with around 20 people.

And of course the ones who have a cabin should be allowed to travel to their cabin in the mountains in the weekends and, special in Easter too. It’s their freedom to use this, it’s “my cabin“. If some do not allowed the one to use their own cabin, the person just using some legal rights and find some laws he/she can use about the human rights and “the detention” πŸ™„. Because the virus don’t like that either, private cabins.

And of course it is the costume service agent mistakes that all the flights from different destinations and back to Norway are cancelled. So the flights costumers have all the rights to just yell and smell to the costumer service agent as well, and ask the person to put in a new flight, because, of course, this costumer service agent can do that,- special when, for example as in Spain, the border is closed down – still the costumer service agent can just open the border up and put in a new flight. …..just for the one and only costumer. Not at problem at all.

It’s actually so sorry for some people that they also need to complain a bit about the bad costumer service for the cancellation of the flights, that some people really need to get “their sad story” out in the newspaper so they are sure everyone can read and “feel” how bad their situation is, and how bad treatment they did get from the costumer service agent. And of course the costumer service agent are keeping secrets for the costumers as well, just to be bad. Because when something just happen 5 minutes ago, the costumer still expect that the costumer service agent should have knew about all and everything at least a week in front, and told this to the costumer, informed the customer about the situation. You see,- a costumer service agent can actually look into the future, and obviously like to “put” the costumers in trouble, and also like to have 200 angry customers on the phone, – and can just use magic to get the coronavirus away, and the flights “back on track” again πŸ˜‰.

And when someone break a “restriction” in Norway the consequences are…..”just” more people that can get the coronavirus and Covid19…..but any consequences for the one that did break the “restrictions” will be …..not very much actually. Not a fee, not any arrest. Well,- that’s actually not totally true anymore, there are some fee if you are breaking the quarantine restrictions now…..but this fees did recently come.

When all this is “said” then everything is put a little “on the tip”, and a truth with modification about Norway and those who lives there.  Most people stay inside, and home,- but then some people think, belive and have an opinion that they are a little bit more important than others, a bit better, “deserve” a cold beer at the bar, and can do a bit more whatever they want to do, and that coronaviruses and what happens in our world community do not concern them.

It’s actually not so much like this in Spain. Some souls have been trying to break the restrictions, but the police are stopping them very fast. And it’s actually more tourists that’s breaking the restrictions then the one how lives here in Spain. So,- that’s why I do think that the coronavirus do behave differently in Norway then in Spain, because we have so differently restrictions to live by in the daily life at the moment,- even we all are dealing with the same virus, the same challenges and the same changes in our work- and lifesituations. Still we live and behave a bit differently from North of Europe to South of Europe. And yes,- people in Spain are also losing their jobs, they still don’t open the coffee- bar or restaurants.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Please follow the instructions for being inside, and stay home 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too

See you soon 😊

I couldn’t find any coronavirus in my home, but it can still be hidden somewhere. But I did find this small “monsters” as an imagination for the coronavirus.

Why does the coronavirus behaves differently from north to south of Europe? Are this small “monster” different up there in the north of Europe?

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