A curfew,- does it mean gate forbidden or forbidden gate? πŸ€”πŸšͺ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧑

It’s different understanding and also practice of the word “a curfew” around in the world. For me it’s most natural to take “a look” at the different understanding and practice between Norway and Spain, because I’m from Norway, but I’m living in Spain 🌻. And a curfew is a bit different from Norway and Spain.

In Spain is actually mean “you are not allowed to go out your gate or home except from in some very few and important cases or situations“. But in Norway I think it’s more like “I have a gate, but it’s forbidden with a gate, so I open it, and go out for a while. If my gate is open it’s more and less the same as not having a gate”.

So,- obviously – curfew is still practiced differently in different countries, and the penalty for breaking a curfew also varies greatly. Or it’s different understanding about what a curfew is?

In Norway, someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection and who has been sentenced to 2 weeks at home quarantine, but breaks this and goes out will, now, be punished with a fine of 2000 euros.  Apart from that, there are not many penalties for breaking a quarantine. But is this a curfew? Isn’t this a quarantine?

I’m reading about curfew in Norway through various media channels, both through news and different social channels, I even see pictures how the curfew is practiced in Norway, and how some Norwegians, use the word “curfew”. And it is very different than in Spain.  I’m not really sure if those who live in Norway really have a curfew, but just like to use the word?

In Norway they have people in different 2 weeks quarantine,- but do they live with curfew in Norway? Or is a quarantine and a curfew the same?

The impression I got through. to talk to family and friends in Norway, and through various channels is that the quarantine rules works in this way in Norway: a) self-elected / self-imposed quarantine home for 2 weeks for various, private reasons b) forced home quarantine by the state for 2 weeks after entering Norway  from abroad c) 2 weeks at home quarantine after coronavirus has been detected in the body, – or d) hospitalized because of the Covid19 disease. Something that is actually not a curfew! You need to be at the hospital if you get really sick from Covid19. But are a), b), c) (and d) a curfew? All the rest of the people who are not in the a), b), c) or d) group,- do you live with curfew? Do you actually have curfew?

Schools, kindergartens, universities, several different shops, companies, bars and restaurants, hairdressers and so one are closed in Norway.  Many have a home office now in Norway, and even more are without a job, or have been temporarily laid off in from their jobs.  This is still not a “curfew”. Or is it?

People are travelling to their cabins, are outside in the park for picnics, playing ping-pong in the park, and eating close together in groups. They are drinking a cold beer at restaurants or bars, even eat some pizza ….. before 21.00 in the evening. But that’s because the bar or restaurant are closing at 21.00 in the evening. People are going to the mountains in big groups for skiing. Kids are playing in the streets together. And so on….and they are actually doing a bit more then this together too….. in groups, outside their home,- so I actually don’t understand where the Norwegian “curfew” is? What are you, up there in Norway taking about when you say or write that you have “curfew”? When do you need to be back home from your picnic in the park? Or your jogging trip? Your skiing? Your walk? And so on…

The thing is, – many are also very good to “document” what they are doing outside their home with different photos at Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook, – so they can’t actually say “Oh, but I’m not doing this things“…..they just put a picture at Snapchat from great walking trip to the mountains together with friends…..and others just put a photo from their nice jogging trip into the forest, – and then at the same time use the word “curfew”. I really don’t understand 😳.

This is the general definition for what a curfew is,- and I have read it in both Norwegia, English and even translate it from Spanish so I should be as sure as possible to understand “curfew” as correctly as possible. But I can still have misunderstood the whole curfew definition 😳. A curfew is per definition is :”a ban on the civilian population from being outdoors at certain times wonders about unsettling circumstances in society, such as war, pandemics, state of emergency, or for other reasons. A curfew is declared by a government or public authority.  A curfew requires certain or all persons to return to their homes after a certain time or time period.  Persons who defy the curfew may be arrested by police, military or other law enforcement.  Violation of the curfew is punishable by fine or arrest.  A curfew is introduced to regain peace and order in society after unrest.” And like I did mention,- this is the general definition for what a curfew is. But,- like I did mention, – I can still have misunderstood what a curfew is.

So,- Im asking again, – what time does the Norwegian needs to be home? When can you take your jogging trip, or your walk at the mountains? What time do you need to be home from your picnic in the park or after your nice cold beer on a bar or restaurant? Ect.ect. And what are the “punishments” if you’re not going home at the time you should be home? Oh,- that’s correct, – there’s no time …..you can choose when you want to have your picnic in the park, or when you want to take your jogging trip, or your walk at the mountains….or play ping-pong the park with your friends……isn’t correct? Or did I miss or misunderstood something? …. I’m still confused about the Norwegian “curfew”.

Like I have mention before, – it is not all people in Norway that’s lives like this in the time we are in, many people stay home, they stays inside, they are following the norwegian government “recommendation” (ps– recommendations….) , – but many behave actually like this. Do what they want, when they want, where they want,- and in the same sentence use the word “I have curfew”.

Let’s try to not mixed the words “curfew” and “quarantine” to much – even it can be understood as the same thing. And also not mix in the word “recommendation” in this. Because my question is actually very simple when it all comes to all. But the way I see it and understand it, without living in Norway, – just by reading news, watching news, talking with family and friends in Norway, and take some looks at all the great photos and pictures many are posting at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat you are not living with “curfew” in Norway. You are just using the word “curfew” in different forms, settings and situations.

Well,- that’s my personal and private opinion, and how I do understand the “curfew” situation from standing outside from “the curfew situation” in Norway. I can be wrong, of course,- because like I mention, – I don’t live in Norway,- I’m watching “all this from the outside”,- and can have got a totally wrong impression of the “curfew” situation in Norway.

I just know that “the curfew” here in Spain are being practice very different from the impression I have got for the different “information channels” about how “the curfew” is practicing in Norway.

That being said, I know that various municipalities in Norway have introduced their own rules, independent of the state, and also despite the state’s recommendations, closed municipal boundaries for both entrance and exit.  As well as set out different injunctions that the inhabitants of the municipality must adhere to to limit the transmission of the corona virus, and it has worked.

Another thing, – my text talks about curfew and what it means, the understanding, and how the term is used in Norway, and how the term curfew is put in the same context as the picnic in the park. 

I do NOT write about the risk of infection or quarantine, or coronavirus or Covid19 today, the main emphasis and main factor in my text is the use of the term “curfew” put in context with practice in Norway – simply because I see, hear and read quite a lot about the curfew  in Norway.  A Norwegian curfew that I haven’t quite understood yet …..

So,- my questions are “Do you have curfew in Norway?” Or do you just like to use the word “curfew”? “Have you been living with curfew during the last weeks?” My question is about curfew, not quarantine. And in case, there’s curfew in Norway, – “How is it practice then?”

I know many lives in quarantine in Norway for various reasons, and I know the government in Norway “recommends” people to stay and be home, – but is that a curfew?

Let me put it this way, – Does your joyful jogging trip ending with your hands in the police handcuffs, then straight into the police car and you get a big fee or even be arrested for this tiny little jogging trip? And do you have a time when you can be outside for a jogging trip? Or if you are buying just some beers in the food store, will you then get a fee at 600 euro because only the beers alone was “No Reason” to go to the food store? Does this happen in Norway? Or if you take a swimming trip in the public pool will the police be swimming after you just because it’s actually not allowed? Does this happen in Norway? Do you need to have all your ID documents with you, like for example passport, when you are at the food store in case the police are going to stopp you? Do you need to show the recipe to the police after being shopping in the food store? Can you be more then one person in your car? I’m still just asking……. just because I don’t understand the Norwegian curfew…..and it’s the Norwegian ones that use the word curfew for and at their life situation….in Norway…..it’s not me,- then I haven’t needed to ask …. πŸ˜‰

My gate into my home,- and I m just allowed to go through this gate in special situations and for necessary needs like go to the food store πŸ›

I do understand what a curfew means in Spain, and I do understand how to practice the Spanish curfew. But I’m not sure what the Norwegian curfew is…. I do read and hear about it,- but I still don’t understand the practice of it ….. in Norway…..

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