Oh,- my “old” mammi trick does still have a function πŸ˜ŠπŸ°

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧑

As you probably know I live together with my oldest son and one of his friends,- and it’s seems like “I’m home, mammi take care of it. I don’t have to much responsibility for to many things….like the dishes”. But,- I don’t like to have it that way at all. It’s two young men that’s lives here, they have both been living on their own, without any mammi taking care of their dish wash for a couple of years actually. And I like to have my kitchen clean, without any dish wash standing lining up for days πŸ™„. It’s not my plates or glasses, knives or spoons. Or,- that’s not totally true. It’s mine, but I haven’t use it. And I don’t want to have daily responsibility for someone else dirty kitchen stuff anymore. I’m very, very finish with that.

I have told them so many times- do your dishes, clean up the kitchen after use ! You are both old enough to do that! Take responsibility! Well,- it has happen two times I think, during this time they have been living here πŸ™„.

Unfortunately,- I do take the dishes and clean up the kitchen after a while, just because I don’t like a messy kitchen, and I don’t like to make any kind of food in a messy kitchen. And I need to eat.

I was so tired of coming home from my work to a kitchen filled up with plates, glasses, forks, knives from days behind πŸ™„. That one day, when I still was working at the office, I just let everything be for days….and I mean for days. Imagine how hard it was for me to not take it,- but if they should be able to make any kind of food there they actually needed to do it on their own. Clean the kitchen ! Yes,- I know I was “childish”,- but now at days when we live so close to each other there’s no room, time or space to “exploding” from my side. So after telling them, asking them so many times to clean up the kitchen after use, and they don’t do it. I needed to be a bit “childish” for at least trying to make an example.

The dishes after “the boys” have been at the kitchen, making food, eating…… Do you like to come into a kitchen like this when it’s nothing you have used of this? Well,- I don’t like it at all!

I did find my own “solution” to make food and eat, and left “their stuff” to them self. Then they actually did take the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen……but it just lasted for a couple of days 😳.

They are young adults, they have both been living on their own, they have both making food and still do, for them self. So what’s the problem with my kitchen? Why is it so difficult to clean up? It’s not just the dishes, it’s also the garbage. I really don’t understand why they don’t see that the garbage needs to be emptied? πŸ™„ So I was actually “childish” when it didn’t come to the garbage too,- and did try my very best to give a shit! Literally πŸ˜….

This needs to be emptied, – don’t you think so? Well,- after my mind it does πŸ™„

“To give a shit” did just last some days for me and for them too, and them we was back in their bad kitchen routines again 😳. Just leave everything to mammi, she takes it anyway. And yes I do,- it’s my home, my kitchen and I want to have it clean. And I can’t through out the boys either, not in this days we are in now. I can’t “yell and smell” and ask them to move out …..now…..

Some will probably think that the boys are very selfish, but I don’t think the problem is there. They have their own kitchen routines from their own home. And I know when it comes to my son, when he was both living on his own, and also together with his girlfriend it was in general clean, and it was him self that cleaned up. His room at the Prairie in Norway, as well as here in my home are clean, so I don’t understand why it is so difficult to just continue with the good routines in the kitchen, when he already have it from his own places? πŸ™„

I think this dish wash and garbage “challenge” here in my home is a) his friend has some else kitchen routines then both my son and me have,- that’s for sure, and obviously something I can’t do to much with at this point. I can’t “raise” an 28 year old young man, that’s not even my child. b) my son is home, and the first weeks he was living here after the breakup with his fiance he was a bit “down” , so, yes I did take a bit care of him and c) there’s also a tiny bit “I’m home with my mammi, the kitchen is my mammi’s responsibility here in this house”.

Anyway,- I can’t make to much problems out of this,- even its irritating me so incredibly much 😀. They want to move out, I want them to move out,- but we are stucked in quarantine and with curfew. They want to have their life in their home, and I want to have my home back. My clean kitchen back.

I know some souls out there will have different opinions and “advice” to my for both why it is this way in my kitchen, and how to deal with it. I haven’t asked for any kind of advice in this kitchen-situation in my home. And I havent raised my son to “deal with the kitchen” like this when he was younger and living permanently together with me either. So why it is like this, – I m not sure, I have asked both of the boys many times, but I haven’t got any good answers.

I did raise up my children in my way,- and it’s actually seems to be good enough for all 3 of them as long as they don’t live together with me anymore. We all raise up our children differently,- so what is a correct way to raise your children is not sure is the correct way for me to raise my children. And it can also be “the situation” we all are going through at the moment that’s affecting the boys, and why it’s so difficult for them to do two things,- clean up the kitchen and go out with the garbage. The rest the manage quite okay. Like keep their room in order, keep their bathroom in order wash their own clothes, pay their part of the electricity and water bills. It’s actually “just” the kitchen that’s the “challenge”.

What I actually want to tell you what I did when my children was younger to make them clean up “here and there and everywhere” in our home. I did bake. I did promise them cake, cakes that was easy for me to make and bake, if they did their part, as cleaning up the kitchen. So I have actually started with that one again. I’m baking something for the boys, this two young men, and then they need to clean up, both after me and them self in the kitchen,- and so fare this has actually been working out for the last week. Much better then “give a shit”!

I like to bake, but I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning up,- but as long as I want and actually need to have a clean kitchen, I also know that then I need to clean it. But now, this last week, I have promise them to bake a bit if they can clean up the kitchen both after me and them self. So fare, so good. Im baking 3 days a week, they are cleaning the kitchen 7 days a week. So fare it has been working out this solution. It was obviously the best solution to have a clean kitchen when it’s more people then me that’s using the kitchen.

And hopefully they, this two yong men are allowed to move out, and into their new home in the mountains in the end of next week 😍. Then this “kitchen- challenge” is over.

We do live with quarantine and curfew until at least the 12. April, but there is always an expectation, no matter what kind of “rules” there is. And we hope we have found the exception in the quarantine and curfew rules all of us in Spain are living with at the moment. The boys/ the young men should stay in their home, something that means they need to travel to their home. And their home is not here anymore 😊. They have an rental contract for their new home, with a date… and there’s 2 policemen living in our “street” and I have asked both of them for help,- “how can the young men get to their home in this situation, this quarantine and curfew situation” ? They are going to try to help us find a solution for this so my son and his friend can move out in the beginning of April. I don’t know if we will get any solution, but I really, really hope so,- for all three of us 😊.

Any way, – on the “making baking menu” this Wednesday was Norwegian homemade waffles, and I still have a clean kitchen without any garbage 😍. Some will think and mean this is not the correct way to get the young men take the responsibility for the kitchen,- but I don’t care as long as it working for me, and us 😊.

So my “old” “mammi trick” when I wanted them to do something they didn’t wanted to do when my children was small and younger, was to bake or make something they did like, and we did eat it together and enjoyed our company together, – after they have done their different kinds of “homework” as cleaning up, vacuum cleaning, take the dishes, wash the clothes and so on. Correct or not correct? I haven’t ask for any advice, it did work out then, and it does work out now at days,- and that’s actually the most important at the moment,- for all 3 of us 😊.

If you want to make and bake some Norwegian homemade waffles you will actually find the recipe under the category for homemade Norwegian food and recipes 😊. There you will also find some others different recipes for homemade food from the classic and traditional Norwegian kitchen 😊.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts during this different and difficult time we all are into, together 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

Norwegian homemade waffles as an “clean up the kitchen” medallion to the boys now at days 😊.

Correct or not correct….I actually don’t care …… I’m anyway so very tired of a messy kitchen and other peoples dishes …. so I now at days Im using baking as a trick to keep my kitchen clean. It did work out when my kids was younger, and it seems to still have a good function 😊.

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