This “Friday- feeling” every day…… πŸ™„πŸŒ»

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧑

I’m working from my home now, 100 %, more and less. Like many other people I did lost some hours on my “online social and healthcare support job” this week. We all did. But we all still have our job, just less hours om the shifts per week. Instead of being 4 person on a shift, we are now 2 person per shift. This, so all of us still will get some hours and some income, even it’s less to share at the moment. As it are for many different companies and people now at days.

I’m so lucky and I’m feeling very grateful for having a job, actually still 2 jobs 🧑. Two different jobs, and I enjoying them both 😊. I’m doing both my jobs from my home now, and I don’t have any students either now.

I’m not allowed to have any students in my home during this time we are in, and they are not allowed to leave their home either. I’m considering online studies with some of them, but I need to get my shifts for April at my “online social and healthcare support job” ready first,- and also ask my students if that could be a solution for them to have online lessons. I see what I will do during next week 😊. I should actually been studying a bit on my own,- Spanish. But it’s a tiny bit difficult to “keep up the good focus”, when my two ” “living” together partners” are “jumping up and down, here and there ” now and then πŸ˜…. It’s probably not easy for them either, to be “locked down” together with me 😊.

To work and stay so much home as we all are doing this days and weeks gives me a kind of “Friday- feeling” closely every day. I really need to try to shake it of me, because I like to have the “Frida- feeling” just on Firdays, not every day 😊. And now at days it’s even more important then before to have good routines, and a “Friday- feeling” 🧑.

I’m remember when I was a child my mam and dad filled up the bathtub with a lots of soap bubbles and nice hot water for me and my sister in the middle, every Friday πŸ›,- and me and my sister in the middle was bathing and playing together, and had a lots of fun 😊. After the bath we did get soft and clean pyjamas on, and evening food in the kitchen. We did eat something called “kavring med sukker og surmelk”/ in English it will be “dumpling with sugar and sour milk”. Every Friday the same cozy and nice routines, our lovely and homey “Fridays feeling” πŸ₯°. Every Friday the same nice and cozy end of a week, and start on a weekend 🧑. And I really did like it, it’s a great and good memorie from my childhood 🧑.

When I became a mammi myself I did continue with “the Friday feeling” because I wanted my children to have the same cozy and nice start on the weekend, and nice and cozy end on the week as I had when I was growing up πŸ₯°.

My children and me did eat homemade pizza or taco on the Fridays, and we did play Buzz or watch a movie together, and I did lightning up some candles too. We was sitting in the sofa together with some blanket around us during the wintertime, and also has some fire in the fireplace. In the summertime we did eat outside and played different types of games, or actually did swim in our swimming pool 😊. Yes we did had our own swimming pool when we did live in Norway at our Prairie 😊.

The summertime was in general not always so long and warm as here in Spain,- so it became many cozy and warm family Friday- feeling evenings inside our home, in our livingroom at our Prairie in Norway πŸ₯°.

When I was a teenager I did go in a choir in a teenager club in the weekends, together with some of my friends 😊. On Fridays we had choir practice, and after that, social settings with some food and different table- games., mingling around and talking and laughing together 😊. Also a nice and cozy end of a week, and great start on the weekend πŸ₯°.

When I became a bit older teenager, more like a young adult, at least I did think so myself πŸ˜…,- then it’s was a bit more party- time on the Friday evenings and nights, maybe even on Saturdays evenings and nights too 😊. And then I became a mammi in age 21,- and my Friday- feeling got a bit more family- focused again πŸ₯°.

So for me this “Friday- feeling” is a feeling of time for relaxing, and a timeout from a week with plans, work and following a schedule, as well as time together with my children, family and friends with a big touch of an relaxing and cozy atmosphere in. It’s timeout, it’s time together without to much “time limit”. And for me this Friday- feeling already starts before it’s actually is the Friday afternoon and evening 😊. And I can’t have that feeling every day now, even I’m working from my home, even the days and life is different.

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Routines are still important, at least for me, and the feeling of a difference between weeks and weekends are also important for me 😊.

So fare I had been able to shake away my Friday- feeling during this week, so I can enjoy the real Friday- feeling this Friday evening instead πŸ₯°. And I’m enjoying it with a glass of coca cola, some Spanish chocolate cake, some sweets and some nuts, and also watching a movie a comedy 😊. I have found my blanket, and lightning up some few candles and are just relaxing on my sofa this evening πŸ₯°. I feel relaxed, and have a nice and cozy end of this week, as well as a good and cozy start on the weekend πŸ₯°. And, – I’m available to enjoy my own company totally, create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere around me, – something that’s also important for me to do and have, also in a Friday evening 😊.

The boys/ young men/ my oldest son and his friend wouldn’t join me this Friday, they are probably working with some online stuff I don’t understand anything off any way. But I know they was a short trip to the store this afternoon, one by one with 10 minutes different between, and they did buy some coca cola, snacks and chips 😊. So I think they have a tiny “Friday- feeling” too 😊.

Do you have a kind of “Friday- feeling”? A cozy and nice end of the week, and a cozy and nice start on the weekend πŸ₯° ? An in case,- what’s a good “Friday- feeling” for you? πŸ₯°

I like the fact that’s a different between the week and the weekend, but I also like routines in my life too πŸ₯°.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. I hope your Friday will gives you a good and relaxing feeling,- even it’s a difficult lifesituation we all are living in at the moment 🧑. I’m sending you a lots of good thoughts 🧑. And Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

My “snacks” this Friday evening, for creating a cozy, nice and relaxing atmosphere…just for me 😊

I have had a tiny touch of “Friday- feeling” every day this week,- but I have been able to “shake it” off me 😊. I like to have the “Friday- feeling” just on Fridays as a nice end on a week, and a cozy start on the weekend πŸ₯°,- in my own company as well as together with my children, family and friends 🧑.

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