A couple of more knit hats, scarf and elf- socks πŸ˜ŠπŸ§Ά

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days and weeks we all are going through 🧑

It’s not easy to stay indoors “all the time” like we are doing in Spain at the moment,- but it’s really important to follow the rules and restrictions we are given 😊.

I’m not bored to be indoors and inside “all day long”,- but I need to admit it has been really nice with just a tiny little walk in the park or just around in the area where I’m living in. At the same time, most of the time we have been in quarantine and curfew here in the area I’m living in Spain it has actually been raining…. a lot β˜”. Hopefully there will be a possibility for a tiny walk in a couple of weeks, and then without to much rain as well 😊. I don’t mind to take a walk in the rain either now,- a tiny little walk had been a bit “luxury” mo matter what 😊.

But Im not bored to be “locked down” and inside my home “all day long” 😊. I’m very lucky that’s have a couple of things to do 😊.

I have my jobs, and a working- and time schedule I need to follow. I need to be on time to my work even I’m working from my home 😊. It’s actually not to difficult to manage 😊. I have my workout as well, and a TV and a lots of movies I can watch. To watch TV in my home when it’s raining it’s a “lost case”. The television want work πŸ™„. And I have also different books I can read too πŸ“š. And Spanish to study as well 😊.

I’m also a tiny bit creative soul, so I have been knitting a bit during the last weeks 🧢. I also like to paint, and I have two canvas I have started to paint on, and two empty. But because I’m not sure when I can buy some new canvas I’m just waiting a bit with my painting at the moment 😊. Just so I have something to do for maybe more rainy and curfew days 😊.

Lucky for me, I did get a lots of “left over yarn” from my mammi when she was visiting me in October 2019, and I have still a bit left from that 🧢. And I also had some yarn left from differents “project” I have been knitting to family and friends during the last months 🧢. My last “knitting- project” is now finish, and I’m already started on a new one,- and this time it is some knitting just for me and myself. That’s haven’t happened very often,- most of the time I knit to other people 😊. I have knit a couple of elf- socks to my self last Autumn, but that’s it. And they are very well used too 😊.

My last knitting project was to a student of my and his norwegian girlfriend 😊. He was, or maybe still is, my student because his plan was to move to Norway to his girlfriend in the end of April 2020. He also got a job in Norway, and the plan was to start in his new job in the beginning of May. So he wants and wanted to learn more Norwegian before he moved to Norway and started in his new job up there, in the North 😊.

Like the world situation is at the moment I’m not sure their plans will be realistic in April/May, but hopefully after some months at least 😊. I can see my student is so in love with his Norwegian girlfriend, it’s like his eyes are shining when he talks about her 😊. It’s a joy to see and listen to him as well 😊.

So I wanted to give them both something for their love, and for their living plans in Norway, and also because I like my student, and I like to give ❄. I started to knot to them before I did nee about the “lock down” in Spain. My pmsn was to give it all to my student on his last Norwegian lesson 🎁.

So I have been knitting a pink/ rosa sett with a hat, scarf and elf- sock to his girlfriend, and a blue, purple, grey sett with hat, scarf and elf- sock to him, my student ❄. The wintertime in Norway can be cold, and their plan is/ was to live on the West coast of Norway as well 😊. So some nice, warm, knit items can be good to have 😊.

Pink/ rosa knit sett to a Norwegian girl living in Norway 🧢

I didn’t had enough yarn to this Norwegian girlfriend so I need to be a bit creative and use some of the left over yarn I got from my mam. When I bought yarn to knit this to her I didn’t knew the stores was going to close down, or Spain at all. So that’s why it’s a bit mixed pink/rosa colours in the different items 🧢.

A knit hat, scarf and elf- socks to my student,- with plans for living in Norway ❄

I did had the same “challenge” with the yarn and colours for the different knit items to my student. I did bought some different blue coloured yarns, but really not enough. My plan was first to try and see the different blue colours combination before I started knit to him. But then the “lock down” “entered” Spain, and I just tried to be creative with the different yarns I had in my home 🧢.

To knit something to my self by leftover yarns it’s fine, because then it is just to me, and my use 😊. I can be creative in a bit different way to myself and my different knit items 🧢.

Anyway,- I hope ,- it’s also “the thoughts behind the act” that counts 😊. And it wasn’t to bad I think,- my students different knit items? Or what do you think? Should I just wait until the stores open again and knit in some other colours to him? 🧢

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Take care 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊

Knit hat, scarf and elf- sock to a couple that are hopefully “on the way to Norway” in a couple of months 😊

To be in quarantine and curfew, and have not the possibility to go outside can create some long days in between πŸ˜Šβ˜”,- then it’s good to have some knitting needles, different types of yarn and a bit creative mind 🧢. You find also this knit items in my post,- but no knit recipe, just some few photos 🧢😊.

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