“The silent week” πŸŒΎπŸŒΏ

Hi ❣ It’s so nice to see you,- like always 😊 I hope all is fine with you during this days, weeks and months we all are going through 🧑

The Easter week is called “The silent week” here in Spain, and this year it’s actually silent for real. Normally it’s not. Palm Sunday, the firs day in the Easter starts with parades from the churches, and people are standing in the streets and watching and waving with palm leafs 🌿. This years Palm Sunday the services of worship were shown live on television, and in some places, where possible, there was services on the roof of the church.  The pastor spoke in large speaker facilities so residents could hear the service of worship.

The crowd was not standing in the street waving palm leaves, but in the windows of their homes.  And the traditional incense bearers waved their incense lamps out of their windows in their homes πŸ•―.

This is the first time in hundreds of years that there have been no Easter parades in Spain.  They even held Easter parades during the Spanish Civil War wherever possible. So this is a long, long and deep religious and historical tradition for the Spanish people,- but they manage to keep the restrictions from the government and stayed home, stayed inside πŸ’›.

Then it’s suprices me a bit when they have so many arguments in Norway about the Easter and travel to their cabins in the mountains, for skiing and be with family and friends 😳. It’s not a very long tradition in Norway to be in the cabin on the mountains in the Easter holidays, and it’s not even a cultural or religious traditions either. So,- to be honest I have stopped reading the Norwegian news for some days now. Maybe the people in Norway are allowed to travel to their cabins in the mountains this Easter, maybe not. I actually don’t know.

I did take a tiny break from reading the news from Norway now,- because this “cabin Easter- discussion” became a bit to stupid for me,- special when I know what people in Spain and Italy are going through this Easter,- and they even agrees to sacrifice one of its most religious, cultural, and historical, and most important traditions to avoid more spread of the coronavirus.  Of course, there would be more spread of the virus in such Easter parades.  There are many people who goes closely into the parade, and there are many people standing close in the streets watching the parade.

So then this Norwegian whining about “allowed or not allowed to travel to their cabins in the mountains this Easter” became a bit to simple for me. But maybe whining is a bit typical Norwegian? The thought has been crossed my mind more than one time.

I don’t have very strong traditions during the Easter. When I was a child my family and me did travel to my grandparents in the mountains, and yes we did skiing and playing in the snow ❄. We did get Easter eggs from my grandmam and we did play table games together in the evenings. We had a really nice and cozy time in my grandparents home together with my sister and my parents πŸ’š. My youngest sister was not born st this time.

When my grandparents pasted away, our Easter traditions did change a bit. My parents still did take us children for skiing to the mountains, but then for day trips, and we still got the Easter eggs, but them from my mam πŸ’›.

When I became a mammi myself the Easter traditions did change a bit again 😊. Now it became a Holiday, and we used it at home as well as day trips in our area. Maybe on day to the beach, and an other day to the forest 🌲. And I did gave Easter eggs to my children πŸ’›. And we did enjoy the evenings with movies or different games. I know my sister in the middle and my youngest sister together with their children did start a nice traditions together some years ago with “egg- hunting”. But my children was then a bit to big and old to think this “egg-hunting” was fun 😊. So we haven’t been a part of that “tradition” 😊.

I’m actually a bit happy I don’t have to big, deep and long traditions for the Easter, not either religious ones. Its easier to accept the changes then. And challenges and changes, – well,- me and my children have had a couple of them on different areas in life,- also when it cames to for example different traditions during the different seasons like Easter or Christmas. Thing changes, life changes πŸ’šπŸ’›. That’s the way it is, – not always easy to understand or accept, but it’s still the way life is πŸ’š.

When it comes to religion,- I am a believer, but I choose to keep most of my beliefs for my self. For me a religious believe is something private and personal. I know some will be agree with me in this “case”, and some will not. Let’s just put it very easy down to,- we are then not agree 😊. But I’m probably going to write a tiny bit about my beliefs now and then in my blog,- because even when I mean its something that’s personal and private for me, its still also a part of me, and creates me to the person I’m 😊.

I’m just not interested in being a preacher, or telling others they believe in the wrong way or wrong religion.  I think, know and believe religion is both very easy, yet very complicated.  It all depends on several different life directions and view of life. I have study different religions, life directions and a view of life for 3 years, and have a bachelor’s degree in the subject. This are subjects that I find very interesting 😊. It’s history, it’s culture and it’s traditions,- and of course,- religion πŸ’›.

It’s has also been a bit silent from me the last days, and that’s not because we are in “the silent week” here in Spain, or because I’m sick. I’m still healthy and hopefully I’m going to continue being healthy too. At least I’m doing my very best to stay healthy 😊.

I have just been very tired. I get in general, very tired when it’s raining a lot, and when I don’t see the sun very much 🌞. I’m more and less like a tiny little bear during the wintertime, I like to sleep in my cave 🐻. It’s actually not wintertime anymore, but it has been raining more and less every day since the lock down in Spain, and it feels more like wintertime then Spring at the moment here in South of Spain β˜”. Actually it’s the “perfect” quarantine and curfew weather.

Even I have been so tired I have manage to do all my work in time and at time, as well as my workout and exercises. But I need to admit that this week it has been hard to motivate myself to do my exercises and workout πŸ˜…. But I have still manage it so fare, every day πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ. And sleep, I have been sleeping when I’m finish with all my necessary things on my daily “to do list” 😴.

We,- my oldest son and his friend has also been trying to find a legal moving solution for them during the last days 😊. So they can move into their own home in a legal way ,- and it’s seems that we have managed find a solution too 😊. At the moment they are allowed to move 16. April 🏑. I write “at the moment”,- because thing can change. We all know that 😊. But hopefully they will be able to move to their own home next week. If so,- I think that will be good for both them and me. When that’s said, – we all three are very agree that this “involuntary cohabitation” has worked surprisingly well. The first 4 weeks as “cohabitation” was planned, but the last 5- 6 weeks as “cohabitation” was not in our plan at all 😊.

I will try my very best to drop by here in my blog with a text and two, more and less every day. Hopefully the sun will show up soon too and give a bit more energy to me 🌞. We need the rain and we need the sun for both energy and life β˜”πŸŒž.

I hope your first days of this new and strange Easter has been as good for you as possible 🧑. We are all going through the same, changes and challenges, but still in very different ways. We all have our thoughts and feelings around the Corona- situation,- and also very different experiences. Take care during this days, weeks and months we all are going through, – together, but at the same time so differently 🧑.

I wish you a great day or evening wherever in the world you are 🧑. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today too 🧑.

See you soon 😊.

A Norwegian moose and a Spanish palm, – community and differences πŸ’š.  The same Easter days, yet so very different traditions πŸ’›.  I do not have deep Easter traditions myself, but I admire the Spanish people who agreed to leave their hundreds of years of cultural, historical, religious, and one of the most important faith traditions this year 🧑.

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